Websites to Sell Stuff Locally

11 Best Websites to Sell Stuff (Locally, Online, and for Free)

Many people have stuff they don’t know they can sell for quick cash. Instead of letting things take up space in your home, you could find websites to sell stuff locally and get paid.

The Internet makes it easier to sell various items you don’t need. You can do it just using your phone. But you have to ensure that any online selling platform you use is legit.

If you want to actually get paid, you’ll find the best websites to sell stuff locally, online, and for free here. Plus, there are tips to follow to ensure both you and your buyers are satisfied.

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Websites to Sell Stuff Locally

Below is a list of legit online buying and selling sites. A good number of them are free to use. Also, some of the platforms have apps to sell your stuff easily and conveniently.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr - Sell used tech and media items

What can you sell? Used tech and media items

How do sellers get paid? Direct deposit, PayPal, check

Available in: USA

Decluttr is a great website to sell stuff locally for free if it falls in the tech or media categories. These include cell phones, CDs, DVDs, games, and books. The platform has already paid out hundreds of millions.

On the site, you need to choose which item you want to sell. You then pick a carrier and also select the item’s condition if it’s a device. It can either be in a good, poor, or faulty condition.

If it’s a media item like a book, you need to enter the barcode. The Decluttr app has a barcode scanner that makes the process simpler.

At this point, you’ll get a valuation of the item. If you check out, Decluttr emails you a shipping label. You just need to print it out and put it on the box of the item.

The next thing is to take the boxed item to a nearby shipping location. Once Decluttr inspects your item to ensure it’s usable, you paid.

Sell on Decluttr now

2. Gazelle

Gazelle - Sell used cell phones and electronics

What can you sell? Used cell phones and electronics

How do sellers get paid? Check, PayPal, Amazon e-gift card

Available in: USA

If you’re looking for the best site to sell used devices at no cost, Gazelle is one of them. The company has been operating since 2008 and is a leading e-commerce platform for mobile phones and other devices.

Some of the supported brands on Gazelle are Apple, Google, and Samsung. This means that you can trade your Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, or MacBook for cash.

The whole thing takes a few minutes. You simply select the type of device, carrier, and item condition to get an offer. Aspects like whether the device powers on, is fully functional, and has no cracks determine the price.

Gazelle emails you information on dropping off the item. The company has to inspect your device’s condition before you get paid. Lost or stolen devices aren’t allowed.

3. Swappa

Swappa - Sell used tech items

What can you sell? Used tech items

How do sellers get paid? PayPal, cash

Available in: USA

Need an online platform to sell directly to other users? If that’s so, Swappa might interest you. It’s a well-established site for selling phones, laptops, watches, and more.

Swappa reviews every listing on its marketplace. Some of the things Swappa looks at when approving listings are verification photos, serial numbers, criteria compliance, and seller history.

One of the requirements is that devices need to be fully functional. You can’t sell anything that has cracks, missing parts, or other faults. You’re also required to ship once someone purchases your listing.

Other than online, Swappa allows selling locally. It allows buyers and sellers to meet to ensure a smooth deal. This is also where cash payments come in.

While selling is free, buyers cover a small fee on top of a seller’s price. But you need to consider PayPal fees when setting prices.

4. eBay

eBay - Sell anything

What can you sell? Almost anything as long as it’s legal

How do sellers get paid? Bank

Available in: The majority of countries

eBay is an international online marketplace that you can use to sell stuff locally. It ranks among the likes of Amazon and has buyers and sellers worldwide. Sellers can sell a wide variety of items on eBay, either new or used.

eBay lets sellers create local listings. You simply need to select the local pickup option that doesn’t require you to ship. You then have to choose your preferred payment options such as Pay on pickup and other electronic ones.

Keep in mind that you’re required to give details on how a buyer will collect the item. The good thing is that there’s a proof of pickup feature that protects you as a seller.

eBay has various fees and selling costs. It mostly depends on what you’re selling. If you want to avoid unnecessary fees and be successful, following all of eBay’s selling policies is essential.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist - Sell anything

What can you sell? Almost anything legal

How do sellers get paid? Cash, personal check

Available in: The majority of countries

Craigslist is a classified advertisement platform and website for selling things locally. You can sell your unwanted items on the site, whether that’s a mobile device, a car, or something else.

The first thing you need to do is go to Craigslist. Choose your location, find the option to post to classifieds, and select “for sale by owner.” Pick a relevant category and enter more information about the posting.

It helps to provide enough information and photos. But you shouldn’t share more than what’s needed as Craigslist is also known for scams. Craigslist postings are free except for specific categories and locations.

When you publish the ad listing, interested people can reach out to you. You’ll meet the buyer in person at a public place for further discussions and the actual sale.

6. Facebook

What can you sell? Almost anything legal

How do sellers get paid? Any payment method, including cash, PayPal, and Facebook Messenger

Available in: Almost all countries

Facebook is a popular social network and also one of the best websites to sell stuff. You can quickly find local buyers because of the platform’s high number of daily active users.

Facebook buy-and-sell groups are great for finding buyers. There are many local groups on Facebook to use. You just need your account to list an item for sale.

You can also sell items on a Facebook page. While selling is free, paying for Facebook ads is an option to reach more people.

As if those aren’t enough, there’s Facebook Marketplace. Simply look for the “Sell” button in your account, add photos, and the price. You’re free to also publish your Marketplace listing on groups or your profile.

You can agree with the buyer on the payment and how they get the item. If you meet in person, do it at some public place.

7. OfferUp

What can you sell? Anything

How do sellers get paid? Cash, bank deposit

Available in: USA

Looking for the best site to connect with local buyers? If that’s the case, OfferUp is worth checking out. It competes with other marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

You just need to post your item and interested buyers can message you. You do this through the OfferUp app. OfferUp allows you to pay for promotions to reach more people.

It’s possible to sell locally in person or ship items through OfferUp. The first option is where you meet a buyer to finalize the sale. They check the item and then pay you directly in cash.

In the other option, you’re required to ship items and the buyer evaluates them. Once the sale is final, you get paid via a transfer to your deposit account.

You have to mark an item as sold after each sale. Both you and the buyer can rate each other.

8. Nextdoor

What can you sell? Homemade goods and other items

How do sellers get paid? PayPal, Venmo, or any other

Available in: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, among other countries

Nextdoor is a hyperlocal social network that allows users to get local tips, buy and sell, and more. People can sell items as well as services to their neighbors on the platform for free.

Listing an item for sale on Nextdoor is an easy process. There’s a category called Finds to which users can post items.

You just have to add details about your item such as title, description, and price. It’s mandatory to have at least one product photo. Nextdoor even allows you to choose neighbors to whom you want your items shown.

Because an item post expires after 30 days, you need to renew it if you don’t get a sale. When it comes to meeting your buyers, they can pay you using safe methods like payment apps.

9. VarageSale

What can you sell? Any regular items

How do sellers get paid? Cash or any electronic payment method you prefer

Available in: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and a few other countries

VarageSale is another good place to buy and sell items locally. Joining, participating in the community, and using its apps is free.

All you need to do is post your items for interested people to buy. Buyers can message you for an agreement. You then need to reserve the item for the buyer by selecting their name and the price.

The next step is to meet with them. The buyer checks the item to ensure it’s what they need.

They can complete the transaction right away if using a mobile device. In case they don’t, you can still mark items as sold on your end.

10. Vinted

What can you sell? Clothing and accessories

How do sellers get paid? Bank

Available in: USA, UK, Germany, Austria, France, and several other countries

If you need a website to sell stuff for free as well as exchange new or used items, Vinted suits you. Vinted is a global secondhand community with millions of members from various locations.

The process of selling is easy. You just need to add your item with photos, a description, and a price. There are various item conditions you can choose such as whether it’s new, has tags, or has been used.

If an item doesn’t meet a buyer’s expectation, they’re free to cancel the order. That’s why sellers need to point out any flaws.

When you get an order, you just have to box the item, put on a shipping label, and take it to the drop-off point. You get paid to your wallet in full when the buyer confirms their purchase.

11. 5miles

What can you sell? Used cars, furniture, electronics, among other things

How do sellers get paid? Bank

Available in: USA

5miles is an online platform for buying and selling things locally. Hundreds of thousands of sellers already use it to make money from their used stuff.

Selling on 5miles only requires you to add photos, a short description, and the price of the item. 5miles uses your location to help you reach potential buyers nearby.

A user who likes your listed item can make an offer if they want to pay a different price. There’s the option for chatting between buyers and sellers.

You can meet in person for the buyer to pick up the item. There’s a secure online payment via the 5miles wallet that a buyer can use and the money goes to your balance. As long as you provide an excellent service to increase your ratings, finding more buyers won’t be an issue.

While the listing is free in most cases, you may have to pay a small fee for additional listings in categories like automobiles and auto parts.

Where Can I Sell My Stuff Online for Free?

Social networks like Facebook are great places to sell stuff online for free. You can either post items on Facebook Marketplace, buy and sell groups, or your profile.

Other places to sell at no cost are local selling websites. Some of these sites are:

  • Nextdoor
  • VarageSale
  • Vinted

If you use these platforms, you keep everything you earn from sales. In some cases, it’s the buyer that pays extra as a service fee.

How Do I Sell Things Online Locally?

Here are the simple steps to sell things locally online:

  • Pick a suitable online selling platform: Every site has its pros and cons when it comes to selling. Some of them are free while others charge a fee. Some have secure payments while others don’t.
  • Ensure your items are usable: Someone may be tempted to sell a faulty used item online if they really need money. But that’s not a good move as you’ll destroy your reputation. If you want to list a used item with some flaws, be sure to point them out.
  • Add high-resolution photos: Potential buyers are more likely to pick items with good photos. Be sure to take several of them for your listing. It helps if the images show an item from various angles.
  • Set realistic prices: If you’re selling a used item, you can’t sell it at the price of a new one. Feel free to browse similar items on different platforms when unsure about pricing.
  • Treat your buyers right: You should offer your buyers and even potential ones good customer service. Reply to chats on time in a clear manner and when you have to meet, don’t keep them waiting. They’ll write good things about you and even come back again.

How to Sell Online without Getting Scammed?

It’s not uncommon to meet dishonest customers when selling stuff online. Here are some tips to sell your stuff locally without getting scammed:

  • Use trustworthy sites to sell: There are many online platforms to use for selling, some of which are shady. If you find a new one, check reviews first before listing your items for sale.
  • Check the buyer’s profile: Ensure that it’s a real person you’re doing business with and not a time-waster. Most sites have chat options to know more about a particular user.
  • Meet your buyers if that’s an option: If a particular site doesn’t have its own payment system, you should meet your buyers to complete a sale. In this case, ensure you also go to a public place. Cash payments are usually great.

Wrapping It up

Now, you know which websites are the best to sell stuff. Selling your unwanted things should be a smooth process for you.

You can use multiple websites to sell stuff locally if you have more items. You’re free to try another platform if one seems not to work for you. Check your success rate on each one and you’ll know where to go in the future.

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