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Drop App Review: Can You Really Shop & Earn Cash Rewards?

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Nowadays, we have lots of cashback apps and even more popping up on the Internet. Many of them are great for earning shopping rewards. You may be wondering whether Drop is worth a try too.

It’s always nice to get free gift cards and PayPal money. If you like shopping or just do it frequently, you deserve to enjoy some rewards. For that reason, I came up with this Drop app review to answer your questions about it.

You’ll discover what Drop is all about, how to earn points on the app, how safe it is, and more. Let’s now get into the details!

What Is Drop?

Drop is an online platform and app that gives you rewards for shopping at the stores you like. The loyalty program was founded in 2015.

It started in Canada and has expanded to the US. The Drop community consists of more than 3 million members who are already earning.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying food or booking a flight. Drop has various offers for you to keep more of your cash. You earn points for every purchase you make using the app, available for both Android and iOS.

How Does Drop Work?

It’s quite simple how Drop works for shoppers. Here’s the process:

Get the Drop app

You first need to download the app from Google Play or AppStore, depending on your device type. Go here and you’ll be redirected to get the right app version for your phone.

From there, you just need to set up your account by filling out your information. You’ll get free points to start if you complete your Drop profile.

Link your bank account

This is an important step to start earning Drop rewards for shopping. You need to link your card with Drop to access premium in-app offers and perks.

Drop uses your purchase history to give you such offers. What’s more, you get bonus points for just adding your card.

Drop App Link Card Offers

If you’re wondering how to link a card on Drop, you can quickly do it on the app. You just need to search for your bank under the tab that says to link a card on your profile.

Your bank name will then appear. If it doesn’t, the reason could be that it’s unsupported or has some delays.

It’s possible to link more than one card. Keep in mind that you can always unlink your card at any time. If you’re uncomfortable with the linking, you’re free to try a few other ways to earn on Drop.

Shop at your favorite stores

You can choose any favorite from some of the stores working with Drop. It depends on the items or services you frequently spend money on.

Here’s a quick Drop app list of stores and other brands:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Starbucks
  • Sephora
  • Uber
  • Grubhub

You earn a specific number of points for completing the action of shopping with a particular brand. It may require you to spend a certain amount of money at a store within a specified period.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy anything out of your budget. You can simply choose offers on things that you need for the rewards.

Drop Shopping Rewards

Is Drop a Legit and Safe App?

It may be your concern as to whether Drop is really secure because there’s a linking of cards. The thing is, Drop is a safe online space for any shopper.

Your information is protected in several ways. This includes the fact that your bank credentials are encrypted with no susceptibility to interception and Drop is always open to assist with your queries.

So, Drop only uses your transactional data to reward you with points automatically and to the maximum. You won’t need to scan a product or upload a receipt like in other cashback apps.

Get the Drop app here

Ways to Earn Drop Points

The Drop app enables you to earn points in several ways. In case you’re eager to know, 1,000 points on Drop equal $1.

Here are the top ways to get points on Drop:

1. Card-linked offers

Drop gives you points for shopping with your linked card. You just need to make a purchase like usual and earn the reward.

One of the card-linked offers is Flash Deals. This kind of offer requires you to buy something before a specified deadline. You get 1,000 points for one purchase and it works both online and in-store.

You need to be an active user on Drop to spot the deal as soon as it’s available. It helps to allow Drop to send you notifications of any deals so that you don’t miss out.

2. In-app offers

You can find other in-app sign-ups and shopping offers on Drop for more points. You need to check an offer’s terms and conditions to avoid missing any details.

That’s because Drop has some offers with a minimum spending amount. This means that you need to spend that amount to get the rewards.

For instance, you may need to spend at least $50 at a specific store to get a specified number of points. However, many of the other offers don’t have such limits.

3. Take surveys

You may find survey offers to earn Drop points. You need to have completed your profile information. This makes it easier for Drop to match you with relevant ones.

You may find various surveys you qualify for. It helps to take on as many as you can to boost your earnings.

4. Play games

Playing games is yet another way to earn using Drop. You just need to go to the games section to see what’s available.

Follow the listed requirements for participating in a game. After that, get the game on your phone and start playing.

5. Referral program

The Drop app has a referral program to get rewards for inviting your friends. Chances are that you know someone or two who could use an app like Drop to earn and save on shopping.

Drop can give you 5,000 points for every of the first 10 people you invite. You just need to locate your unique code in your account and share it with some friends.

If you haven’t yet, download the app and start earning on Drop here.

How to Redeem Drop Points

Every 1,000 points you get means that you have earned $1. At the moment, the minimum payout is $25. So, you need points equivalent to that to get a reward.

You can get there faster by using the app for daily expenses. You’re free to also complete other paying tasks on the platform to maximize your earnings.

Bear in mind that your points are redeemable for gift cards. You can choose any of the gift card rewards starting from $25 to $100.

It’s possible to get gift cards to the stores of your choice, including those that you didn’t earn points from. You receive your redeemed reward within 3 business days.

Drop App Gift Cards

Here are apps to earn free PayPal money in case you need those too.

How Does Drop Make Money?

The way in which shopping rewards platforms like Drop make money is quite easy to understand. Drop earns money by sending you to shop at your favorite stores.

These stores pay Drop a commission for bringing you to them. They also get exposed to more shoppers using the Drop app.

The commission rates may vary depending on the type of offer. That’s, for instance, how much a shopper spends on the purchases.

Now, Drop shares the rewards with you in the form of points. That’s if you use the app to make your purchases. You can then redeem your points for gift cards and you’ll have earned and also saved money.

Drop App: Pros and Cons

Drop has its benefits and downsides too when it comes to shopping for cashback.


  • Free app to get rewarded for shopping: You get offers and deals while being paid to shop. It’s a quick way to earn extra bucks.
  • Automatic rewards: If you link a card, you get rewards automatically every time you shop for online or in-store offers. There’s no scanning of receipts. It doesn’t get easier than that.
  • More ways to earn: Not many shopping rewards apps have additional ways to get points. With Drop, you can find opportunities to play games and take surveys. That’s on top of shopping and referring your friends to shop and earn too.
  • Good support: Drop has a good customer service team to answer any of your questions. These include queries like missing a reward or anything else. There’s even a Support Chatbot to submit your feedback and start conversations.


  • No way to donate or share rewards: Some users may want to redeem their rewards for donations. The redemption method isn’t there at the moment.
  • Maintenance fee: You’re charged a “maintenance fee” of 2,500 points for 6 or more months of inactivity. But still, that’s a long time of being inactive. If you’re not the most active user, at least use the app several times a month.

Drop App FAQs

We’ll cover the frequently asked questions about Drop below.

Does Drop actually work?

Yes, Drop is an app that works well for shoppers. You receive rewards for using your favorite brands to buy products and services.

Whether you like ordering items from Postmates, buying groceries at Kroger, or reserving flights using Expedia, Drop suits you. You just need to connect your card to get automatic rewards.

How do I save on Drop?

If you want to save money on shopping, you can use Drop to earn cashback rewards. Even though you’ll be spending on purchases, you get points that you can redeem for free gift cards.

You can use the gift cards at the store you choose and not pay for some of your upcoming purchases. And so, you save the money you’d have used if you didn’t shop with Drop.

Do drop points expire?

Drop points don’t expire. However, it’s good to always redeem them once you qualify for redemption. If you’re saving points for a bigger reward, pay attention to your progress on the app.

That’s because you may forget about the points. As mentioned earlier, Drop will have to take some of them back if you’re inactive for a long period.

Does Drop have a sign-up bonus?

Yes, you get 5,000 points for using a referral code to sign up. These points are equivalent to $5.

If you’re ready to get started, click here to start using Drop. Don’t forget to add your cards to access card-linked offers for higher points.

How can I earn more points on Drop?

The answer is simple. You just need to be an active user of the app. Allow for Drop notifications and open the app frequently, even daily if you can.

Take advantage of any offers that give you points. Do more tasks that you’re qualified for to accelerate your point accumulation and redeem them for huge rewards.

Is Drop Worth It? (Wrapping It Up)

You definitely need the Drop app if you want automatic rewards any time you spend money. You can redeem the points for gift cards and not spend money on some of your purchases at your favorite brands.

The good thing is that there are various earning opportunities on Drop. If you stay active, you can access new offers and bonuses before anyone else does.

And now, here are even more legit money making apps to use!

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