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16 Best Places to Sign up & Get Money Instantly (2024)

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Most people don’t know that they can get free money instantly for signing up. If you ever encountered any scam online, you may think it’s not possible at first.

The truth is that there are specific online platforms with sign-up bonuses that millions of people are already using. You just need to become a member too to enjoy the bonuses plus opportunities to make real instant cash.

In some cases, you’ll receive your rewards in the form of a gift card or a free product. It all depends on the platform that you use.

We’ll cover some of the most legit sites and apps to get paid to sign up and complete simple tasks online in this article. Read on to discover more.

Why Do These Sites and Apps Pay You for Signing Up?

Sign-up bonuses are simply incentives to get more users on a particular online platform. It could be a rewards site, a tasks app, a freelance platform, or even an online banking service, among others.

These sites know that your participation is valuable. That’s the reason they’ll reward you for joining them.

Once you’ve registered, activated your account, and gotten the bonus, you’ll access the kind of work the platform offers. It’s not uncommon to earn more bonuses along the way for being an active user on such sites and apps.

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Places to Sign up and Get Free Money Instantly

Now, here are the best sites and apps that give you free money when you sign up immediately.

1. Sign up with InboxDollars to get $5 instantly

InboxDollars sign-up page with bonus

One of the easiest ways to make money instantly is by joining InboxDollars. This online rewards platform offers you an incentive of $5 to sign up. You’ll need to confirm your email address to get the bonus.

You can do a variety of quick daily tasks on InboxDollars after activating your account. These include taking surveys, shopping online, and watching videos.

The amount of money you get for completing an activity is variable. For instance, you may find that lengthy surveys with specific requirements pay more than short and general ones. You can do as many tasks as you want to instantly withdraw your bonus plus earnings.

The good thing is that InboxDollars gives you real cash via PayPal or Visa. You can also request payment in gift cards if that’s what you prefer.

2. Sign up with Swagbucks to get $5 or $10 instantly

Swagbucks sign-up page

Swagbucks is among the best sites for taking surveys and other simple tasks. The online platform gives you a welcome bonus of 500 SB points, the equivalent of $5, for becoming a member. Creating a Swagbucks account takes just a few minutes.

Other Swagbucks opportunities apart from surveys are browsing to get paid, watching videos, and shopping. In fact, there’s a bonus of 1,000 SB points of $10 when you shop at a store featured on Swagbucks.

What you’ll earn per task depends on various factors. It’s possible to make $50 fast online using Swagbucks.

Taking on more tasks is necessary if you need to maximize your earnings. You can redeem your SB points for PayPal money or gift cards to Amazon and other stores.

3. Sign up with Acorns to get $10 instantly

Acorns sign-up page

Acorns is an investment app that can automatically invest your spare change for you. If that’s something you’re interested in, you can join the platform and earn a $10 sign-up bonus. Millions of users are already using the app to grow their money.

All you need to do is set up an Acorn account in under 3 minutes and make your first investment. Acorns allows you to invest as little as $5.

One of the best things about Acorns is that it suits beginners and “lazy” investors or savers. You don’t need special knowledge about investing to get started with Acorns. You get a chance to earn dividends while doing almost nothing.

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4. Sign up with Fundrise to get $10 instantly

Fundrise sign-up page with bonus

Did you know that you can invest in real estate online? Fundrise makes it possible to become a real estate investor and get paid. There’s a $10 bonus when you create an account and put up your first investment.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can join for free and begin your journey in real estate. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of money to start.

If you thought you needed a few million dollars to begin, well there’s news for you. You can invest $10 on Fundrise to start or $1,000 in the basic plan and get amazing returns within a specified period. There’s no better way to earn income while you sleep!

5. Sign up with MyPoints to get $10 instantly

MyPoints sign-up page with bonus

If you like shopping online, you may as well get the $10 bonus that MyPoints offers. MyPoints is a rewards site that pays users for shopping and other tasks.

The process to get this free money for signing up is simple. All you have to do is fill out your personal details on the sign-up page and start making purchases.

You need to spend $20 at any retailer on MyPoints. Still, it’s a much better approach rather than randomly shopping online as usual and getting no reward at all.

You’re free to also take surveys, watch videos, and play games to earn more redeemable points on MyPoints. You can turn the points into PayPal money for instant withdrawal or gift cards for shopping.

6. Sign up with Ibotta to get $20 instantly


Ibotta is yet another shopping rewards app with a sign-up bonus. You get $20 for creating your account using our special link and making your first purchase at any of the available stores.

You can quickly find offers from brands like Amazon and Target. Ibotta allows you to shop online or in-store and upload your receipts. Ibotta cashback is available on groceries and many other frequently bought items.

Ibotta gives you a chance to enjoy numerous other bonuses, big deals, and new retailers as a member. You can directly withdraw your earnings to your bank account, PayPal, or in the form of gift cards.

7. Sign up with Upromise to get $30.29 instantly

Upromise sign-up page with bonus

Upromise is a rewards platform that directly sends what you earn to a college savings plan. If you or someone close to you is looking to go to college, this is the site you need to get money instantly.

What you do is join Upromise for free and connect your college savings plan. Upromise gives you $30.29 just for signing up.

This comes from the $5.29 you get for email verification and $25 for 529 account linking. You can then shop, dine, and discover deals that reward you for purchasing.

Your rewards go to your college account. Upromise gives you a chance to avoid high student debt as you’ll have set aside some money for college.

8. Sign up with BeFrugal to get $10 instantly

BeFrugal sign-up page with bonus

If you need another cashback site that offers you a bonus to sign up, BeFrugal suits you. You simply need to join using your information and begin shopping to get the $10 bonus.

BeFrugal has over 5,000 stores from which you can choose. You can get rewarded for purchasing from eBay, Macy’s, Best Buy, and other retailers. BeFrugal has among the highest cashback amounts you could find online.

Another great thing about BeFrugal is the instant withdrawal of earnings. Plus, there are several payment methods. These are PayPal, direct deposit, check, Venmo, Zelle, or gift cards.

9. Sign up with Drop to get $5 instantly


Drop is a cashback app with lots of offers for shoppers. There’s a $5 sign-up bonus if you join Drop.

You just need to set up a profile, link your card, and start shopping. You can find numerous card-linked offers to spend less when buying things. That’s whether you want to order food, book a trip, or any other expense.

You’re free to also complete surveys, play games, and participate in the referral program. All these are opportunities to get the maximum earnings from Drop.

You can redeem Drop points for gift cards to any store you like. This Drop app review has more details about earning cash rewards for shopping on the app.

10. Sign up with Tada to Get $10 instantly

Tada sign-up page with bonus

Tada is just like MyPoints and other apps with rewards for shopping. There’s a $10 welcome bonus on Tada for new members.

All you need to do is register and spend $25 at any store you see on the app on the stuff you need. Tada has a few other ways to earn points.

You could take polls and answer surveys on Tada. Tada will send you email notifications when new surveys come up.

Most of the survey tasks take a few minutes to do and longer ones can pay up to $50. Your points can be redeemed for PayPal money, checks, or gift cards.

11. Sign up with Rakuten to get $10 instantly

Rakuten sign-up page with bonus

Rakuten is a shopping rewards site and app that gives a $10 sign-up bonus to new members. It’s a great platform to get free money for signing up to shop.

Rakuten collaborates with thousands of stores like Walmart, Groupon, and PetSmart to help shoppers get cashback on purchases. You can quickly find your favorite retailers or even some good ones you didn’t know about.

There are lots of in-app daily deals to enjoy on Rakuten. Whether you frequently buy new clothing, pet supplies, or travel, Rakuten is here to reward you.

Your rewards will vary depending on the type and number of orders you make. Rakuten pays you through PayPal or check.

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12. Sign up with Fusion Cash to get $5 instantly

Fusion Cash sign-up page with bonus

Fusion Cash is a survey website with several earning opportunities. You can get $5 as free sign-up money when you join the platform. You just have to confirm your email address and complete a quick survey to receive the bonus.

You can access the available survey jobs on Fusion Cash by frequently signing in. As if that’s not enough, other ways to earn like shopping and watching videos exist on Fusion Cash.

These can be great additions to what you’ve gotten as a bonus. Fusion Cash pays you through PayPal, direct deposit, or check.

13. Sign up with Branded Surveys to get $1 instantly

Branded Surveys sign-up page with bonus

Branded Surveys is a well-established survey platform for earning rewards. The site gives you a sign-up bonus of $1 if you create a new account. While this amount isn’t much, Branded Surveys has various tasks you can do quickly and easily.

What you have to do is create a profile and start taking surveys. Branded Surveys uses your details to know you better and offer you relevant survey jobs.

You get points when you complete each earning activity. Take as many surveys as available to rack up your points. You can redeem them for cash via PayPal or virtual gift cards.

14. Sign up with PointClub to get $5 instantly

Point Club sign-up page with bonus

If taking surveys and taking part in polls is something interesting to you, PointClub is another “get paid to sign up” website to try. The site gives you a $5 sign-up bonus, which is 5,000 points. You only need to complete the onboarding tasks such as email verification and training surveys.

If you want more points, it would help to be an active PointClub user. This means logging in daily to check if new tasks you qualify for are available. PointClub points are redeemable for PayPal cash and gift cards.

15. Sign up with Opinion Inn to get $10 instantly

Opinion Inn sign-up page with bonus

Opinion Inn enables users to share their opinions for instant cash. While not as popular as InboxDollars, the site offers a sign-up bonus of $10.

You simply need to register an account, complete your profile, and answer surveys. The surveys you receive are according to the information you provide when joining. You get a chance to even test new products before they hit the market.

Opinion Inn claims to offer as much as $100 to respondents participating in specific research. Be sure to always check your emails for survey invitations from Opinion Inn. You get paid through PayPal.

16. Sign up with Trim and get free money


Need another site to sign up and get money instantly? Trim gives you a chance to immediately free up cash from your expenses. While it doesn’t work like the other mentioned sites with sign-up bonuses, it gives you a chance to lower your spending.

What Trim does is that it helps you negotiate your bills and get rid of unused subscriptions. You may get an instant $5, $10, $25, or much more if you start using Trim. It all depends on your spending habits.

Where Can I Get Free Money for Signing Up?

You can get free money by signing up with a variety of reward sites. Some of the online platforms with registration bonuses are listed below:

Remember to complete any required actions for receiving the bonuses. Check your confirmation email and click on it, complete your profile, or do any mentioned task.

Get Paid to Sign Up Tips

The following tips are useful in ensuring that you get free money upon signing up with these platforms:

Activate your account

Many online platforms need their users to verify some of their details to fully become members. Be sure to activate your account if a site or app asks you to.

You may be required to click a link sent to your email address to confirm that you’re a real user. This way you won’t miss your bonus money.

Do other tasks

You may be tempted to just sign up, get the bonus, and then leave a site or app. Many online platforms don’t allow that.

In most cases, you’ll be able to see the bonus in your dashboard after registration and completing your profile. But some companies have requirements such that you have to perform an action to withdraw the bonus.

There’s nothing wrong with doing easy tasks to meet the withdrawal requirements. You’ll be making more money as a matter of fact.

Use multiple earning platforms

Maybe you want to sign up and earn $100 fast online. This is possible if you register on more than one earning platform.

Most of the sites and apps have an instant sign-up bonus with no deposit. So, you can join as many as you wish for bonuses as long as you meet the requirements if any.

You also get a chance to boost your income by taking on earning opportunities from various platforms online.

Is Signing Up to Get Free Money Instantly Sustainable?

While you can get paid instantly for just signing up on sites, you can’t fully rely on it as an income source. It’s just but a way to get some quick bucks in a few hours or a day. Sooner rather than later, you may run out of sites and apps that give you free money for signing up.

What should you do then?

Luckily, signing up isn’t the only way to get free cash on most platforms. If it’s a get-paid-to site or app, you’ll find other ways to supplement your registration bonus. You’re then able to top up and withdraw your bonuses instantly and continue earning from simple tasks over a long period.

This site also covers many other ways to earn extra money while working from anywhere. It doesn’t matter which place you live or whether you’re in your bedroom, on the sofa, or somewhere outside!

More Quick and Easy Ways to Get Free Money

Besides signing up for bonuses, it’s possible to make money online doing other things that are equally simple. I’ll share some of the best things you can do online just by using your phone and getting paid.

  • Sharing your opinion: You can make money by simply giving your perspective about specific topics that interest you. This can happen with the help of survey sites.
  • Playing mobile games: Do you have a favorite mobile game or genre? Maybe for you, that’s racing, simulators, or quizzes. It’s possible to play and win real money for hitting specific levels in qualifying games on a get-paid-to-play site.
  • Browsing: Some apps can pay you for simply surfing the Web. These platforms just need to access information like the sites you visit, ads you view, and things you buy for market research purposes and pay you for your time.
  • Reading emails: You can also earn by opening emails from specific rewards sites. What happens is that most of these emails are promotional. So, since they may be advertising something that would capture your interest, they pay you to be more willing to open it.
  • Shopping online or in-store: Use a cashback platform anytime you shop to get some of your money back. You get redeemable points and other rewards like gift cards to use in the store and save money.

Remember, most of the sites with sign-up bonuses that I listed earlier in the article offer these paid activities. So, don’t just sign up and stop there. Instead, search for additional opportunities from a particular app to boost your earnings and you’ll be able to withdraw as soon as possible.

Wrapping It up

You’ve now discovered all the best places to get instant sign-up bonuses online. What you need to do is join the platforms you like and become an active participant.

Keep in mind that bonus amounts may change from time to time in some cases. Take action right away as it may not be a guarantee in the future.

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