How to Make 400 Dollars Fast

How to Make 400 Dollars Fast (15 Legit Ways)

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If you’re eager to know how to make 400 dollars fast, you’re about to discover some great ideas. You’ll find earning opportunities to help you pay bills, eliminate debt, save for emergencies, and more.

But you have to know that making a quick 400 dollars takes quite an effort. You can do it in a week if you’re consistent.

It’s possible to even make 400 dollars in a day. But that’s mostly the case for a business or side hustle you’ve been working on for some time.


15 Ways to Make 400 Dollars in a Week or Less

If you’re ready to start exploring, here are the best ways to make $400 fast:

1. Start a blog

This is one of my favorite ways to make $400 in a week or a few days passively. Blogging may take some time to pay off. But the result can be highly rewarding.

The first thing to do is choose your blog topic. You’ll be able to target a particular audience this way and accelerate your blog’s growth. If you want to blog about something you don’t have knowledge of, you should at least be willing to educate yourself about it.

The next step is to find a domain name and web hosting service. Bluehost is recommended for new bloggers.

After that, you need to create some blog pages and posts. Once the blog is live, start promoting your content on social media. You can monetize your blog content once there’s significant site traffic.

Detailed information is in this blogging guide for beginners. Check it out to learn more about building a moneymaking blog.

2. Do freelance writing online

If you can write but prefer not to blog, this is another great option. You get paid to write content such as blog posts for other site owners.

Some freelance writers always take on a variety of tasks on different topics. But if you need to be seen as an authority, it helps to specialize in one or a few related topics. A client with a high-paying project is likely to pick you for it if you appear as an expert.

While you may face some competition, freelance marketplaces are great for finding jobs. Many clients opt to use such platforms as they can check a freelancer’s work samples, reviews, and ratings.

You need to pitch your services and employ some strategies like offering better prices to land your first client. Do good work and you’ll also have your first positive review. Social networks like LinkedIn are also good for finding freelance gigs.

3. Get paid to take surveys

It’s possible to make $400 online by taking surveys. You may not do it in a single day. But survey jobs are great for earning extra bucks without much effort.

You simply respond to questions that help brands in their market research. They pay to get user feedback and a survey company shares the money with you. You receive real money or points redeemable for PayPal cash and gift cards for each survey.

Here are some of the top survey sites to use:

You’re free to be on multiple survey sites. You can maximize your earnings by being an active user who completes every task you qualify for.

4. Test apps and websites

Need another way to make $400 fast online? That will be testing apps and websites. You get paid for your perspective about an app or website.

Brands always need to ensure that their users have great experiences with their products. For this job, they need you to use their app or site like usual and share your experiences. That includes the aspects you like and those which you feel need some improvement.

UserTesting is one online platform where you can be paid to test websites. You just need to answer their screening questions and take a short test. You’ll then be able to get real tests that pay.

Depending on a test, you’re required to provide a written response and a screen recording with your voice. Once your feedback gets approved, you receive your earnings.

5. Become a YouTuber

If you like creating videos, becoming a YouTuber is another perfect option to make $400 fast online. Of course, it takes quite a number of videos to make any money. But if you put in some work, you’ll be among the YouTubers getting paid.

One of the best things is that you can find an audience for almost any kind of video. Some YouTube niches are more profitable than others. You may get several thousand views and a bigger pay than someone with hundreds of thousands of views.

Remember, ad revenue is a monetization method with specific requirements. Only YouTubers with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months are eligible.

But you can monetize your YouTube videos by selling products and collaborating with brands. Many YouTubers make more money with such strategies.

6. Pet sit your way to a quick $400

Many of us like pets. It can be cats, dogs, or other less popular pets. If you’re a pet lover, this is a great chance for you.

Many pet owners hire pet sitters from time to time when not around. If you can handle or have experiences with a specific pet, that’s where you come in.

If you become a sitter on Rover, you get a chance to play with pets in your city and get paid. You just need a good profile that shows you’re experienced with particular pets.

Rover allows you to choose your preferred type of pet and when to work. You can offer several combined services for a chance to maximize your earnings.

Your job can involve staying with the pets at the owner’s home or at your place. You receive payments per completed service.

Join Rover here to start earning

7. Become a grocery shopper

Maybe shopping is an activity you like. Why not shop for others and get paid? That’s what you’ll be doing if you become a shopper on Instacart.

Instacart shoppers simply shop for groceries when a customer makes an order on the platform. You can work as an in-store shopper or a full-service shopper.

In-store shoppers only need to shop for the items. If you take this role, you’ll be working at a specific store for a specified time.

If you would like to shop and deliver groceries, the full-service role is for you. In this case, you need a car for transporting the items to customers.

Shoppers can choose when to work. Working more hours means that you’ll complete more orders and boost your earnings.

Join Instacart here to start earning

8. Work as a delivery driver

Want to make $400 fast as a driver or rider? If that’s so, working as a delivery driver is the right job for you. Your work is simply to collect and transport what people order.

Delivering food as a DoorDash driver is one great option. In fact, DoorDash is among the best delivery services to work for. You can join and work if you have a car, scooter, or bicycle in select locations.

DoorDash drivers or Dashers can work anywhere and anytime. You could even do it on weekends if you like in a city you’re just staying in for a while.

Also, there are peak times which you need to pay attention to if you want to make more money. They include lunch and dinner hours when people are busy ordering.

Check out this Instacart vs DoorDash comparison if you need more details on the two companies.

Join DoorDash here to start earning

9. Rent out a car for $400 or more

If you own a car, renting it out is how you can make $400 a week. People are always looking for more comfortable solutions when taking trips to wherever.

An easy option is to list your car online for rent. And the best places to go are car-sharing marketplaces like Turo. Most car renters trust such online platforms to find reliable cars for their trips.

With Turo, you simply share a car you’re not using that much with others to make extra bucks. You’re free to even list multiple cars and make a fortune in the car-renting business. You then accept trips, have a chat with your guests, and get paid.

The good thing is that you can choose your schedule. If you have more hours to rent out your car, your earnings can also increase.

10. Sell any unwanted items

There’s a chance that you have some items you no longer use. If that’s the case, it’s a great idea to sell them. Besides making quick bucks, you’ll be decluttering and helping someone who needs them.

Facebook marketplace, Amazon, and eBay are just but a few places to sell used stuff online. Ensure that they’re still usable before listing them for sale. This way, you’ll spare yourself negative reviews and a bad reputation.

Decluttr makes it all simpler. You can sell old CDs, DVDs, games, and devices effortlessly using your phone.

You just need to submit an item’s barcode to get a valuation. If it’s a device like an iPhone, you also need to select the model and its current condition.

Decluttr will email you a shipping label to put on the box you use on the item. You then deliver it to a shipping location and get paid when Decluttr inspects your items.

Sell your used items on Decluttr here

11. Get an investment app

Investing is among the best ways to earn passive income. You won’t have to wonder how to get $400 fast if you have your money growing somewhere. And investment apps have made everything easier for new investors.

For instance, Acorns invests your spare change for you. Its round-up system rounds off your purchases via card to the next higher dollar. This way, the difference will be put aside for investment purposes.

You don’t need a lot of investment knowledge to use Acorns. You can watch your balance grow without doing anything complex.

The app will reinvest the dividends you earn to keep your balance growing. You can withdraw funds anytime you wish using the Acorns mobile or web app.

Invest with Acorns here

12. Teach English online

Have teaching qualifications and don’t mind helping others become fluent in English? While English is popular, many people in non-English speaking countries would use a teacher. You could work as an English teacher online and make $400 or more in a week.

One idea is to teach English on VIPKid. Your work will be to educate kids from various regions on English. You choose when to work and can do it right from your home. It could be in the living room or anywhere else you think fits you and your students.

You get a ready-made lesson plan to work with. The best part is that VIPKid ensures that all teachers are fairly compensated for every hour of teaching.

13. Make $400 with influencer marketing

If you have a significant number of followers online, it’s possible to earn money as an influencer. As an influencer, brands pay you to post content about them. Some popular platforms for influencers are Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Influencers get paid per post or several posts depending on their follower count and engagement. You may have to show some proof of engagement rates before brands choose to collaborate with you.

That’s why it’s essential to focus on growing your social media presence. This way, you’ll attract more brands and barely have to do any pitching.

On top of sponsored posts, you’re free to promote products as an affiliate. Some affiliate networks to check are ShareASale and Amazon Associates. In this case, you earn commissions when your fans buy or register using your unique links or codes.

14. Become a social media manager

Another option to make money on social media is to offer management services. For instance, brands can pay you to post high-quality content on their Facebook page and interact with comments. You can even become a Pinterest manager and get paid to pin.

Social media marketing skills come in handy if you want to succeed here. Brands that hire you will expect some growth in their social media pages. They’ll expect more likes, followers, shares, and visits to their websites.

There are numerous short courses on social media management to take if you want more knowledge. The brands you reach out to are likely to hire you if you have the qualifications.

15. Apply for virtual assistant work

Need to make $400 a week offering remote administrative services? Becoming a virtual assistant may be perfect for you. The tasks you’ll be doing largely depend on who your ideal client is. Some examples of services to offer as a VA are bookkeeping, customer service, and even managing a team of other VAs.

Because you’re offering services remotely, your clients are likely to be online business owners. It could be a blogger, an online coach, or a seller.

You need to promote your VA services on relevant platforms where your ideal clients are. Some examples are Facebook groups and LinkedIn.

Having a website that highlights your services and even accomplishments as a VA is an advantage. You’ll appear professional and someone to be trusted.

Wrapping up on How to Get 400 Dollars

Whether you need 400 dollars by tomorrow or in a week, you now have some ideas. You just need to put in the effort required to get ahold of the money.

You’re free to use multiple ways to ensure you actually reach the income goal. For example, you could freelance and blog or test websites and take surveys. Just be sure it doesn’t affect your focus.

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