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15 High Paying Online Jobs (Get Paid $30+ per Hour)

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High paying online jobs are the priority for many people who want to work from home. Finding one that suits your knowledge, skills, or interests shouldn’t be hard.

Most online jobs pay per hour, especially if you do them on a part-time basis. Your income goals can determine how many hours you need to work in a day or a week. Working full-time is also an option.

Of course, you need to put in as much effort as possible to increase your income from any job online. When you establish yourself and gain more experience, it becomes possible to work fewer hours and still get paid well.

Online Jobs That Pay Well

Below is a list of legitimate online jobs that pay well. What you earn may vary depending on factors like your experience. Most of them require little to no experience to start earning.

1. Writing

Online writing is a legit online job that anyone with writing skills can do. There are a variety of options to choose from.

They include content writing (like blog posts, e-books, newsletters) and copywriting (sales copies). All these types of writing jobs are available in various niches or topics.

You just need to have knowledge about what you write about as a freelancer. You can still do it if you’re ready to learn, work as a beginner, and get more experience.

Getting paid can be per hour or for a whole project. While starting out, you shouldn’t obsess over the best-paying writing jobs online. It’s a good strategy to take on various jobs with a focus on enhancing your skills and having previous work to show to other potential clients.

How much can I earn? $30 to $100 or more an hour

How to get started: Go to freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and set up your account. Social media like Facebook groups and LinkedIn can work better if you prefer less competition. Check this freelance writing guide for more information.

2. Proofreading

Prefer less writing and more correcting? If that’s so, proofreading is the online job you need. Your work as a proofreader is to ensure that writings are free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and other errors.

Proofreading skills are essential if you want to be a successful proofreader. You need good knowledge of writing mistakes and a sharp eye for detail.

Some proofreaders have a degree in English, journalism, or a related field. But it’s possible to succeed if you studied a different course.

That’s if you can demonstrate your understanding of written language. You could take a proofreading test if the option is available to show how competent you are.

How much can I earn? $25 an hour on average

How to get started: Check freelance sites, job boards, and proofreading sites online for open jobs. This proofreading training on Proofread Anywhere can benefit you if you need more details.

3. Transcribing

Another well-paying online job to do if you like typing is transcribing. A transcriber’s job is to write down what someone else is saying.

Transcription works best for people who can comprehend different accents and type fast. Your grammar skills also matter as the work you submit has to be accurate.

Some professional transcription work might require a degree. But in most cases online, you just need to prove your abilities to start working on gigs. You may need to go through a certification process and pass a transcription test first.

Most transcription jobs pay you per audio minute. But you’re free to charge your clients for each hour of work.

How much can I earn? $15 to $30 or more an hour

How to get started: Freelancing platforms, job search sites, and transcription sites like Scribie are great starting points. If you need to learn more, here’s a transcription mini-course for newbies on Transcribe Anywhere.

4. Bookkeeping

You can work as a remote or virtual bookkeeper if you like working with figures. Many business owners can’t do it themselves as it can be time-consuming. They need someone to free them from the extra stress.

As a bookkeeper, you’re involved in financial record keeping, processing payments, reconciling accounts, payroll processing, among other tasks. You need to know how to use a bookkeeping program or two, have math skills, and be a problem solver. Having marketing skills can help you land clients in need of bookkeeping services remotely.

A Finance, Economics, or accounting degree can be an advantage. But many remote positions don’t have such strict educational requirements. You can find one and work on a freelance, part-time, or full-time basis.

How much can I earn? $18 to $35 or more per hour

How to get started: Apply for jobs on freelance marketplaces like Upwork and job boards. You can charge much more if you establish your presence online as a virtual bookkeeper.

5. Tutoring

Tutoring can be a high paying job online for you if you’re good at a subject. Tutors assist students with homework, projects, test preparation, and other academic tasks.

College students, teachers, professors, and other experts can tutor online. It’s possible to get hired to tutor younger students if you have a high school diploma.

As long as you have listening and communication skills, working with learners won’t be a problem. You also need the knowledge of using tutoring equipment like video communication software.

Your level of education determines how you’ll earn. More experienced tutors usually get paid more.

How much can I earn? $25 to $75 or more per hour

How to get started: Apply to become a tutor on an online tutoring platform like Tutor.com.

6. Web development

Web development is an online job that can pay well if you know how to do it. Your work is just to create websites according to a client’s needs and get paid.

Nowadays, you don’t need coding knowledge to get started. But it helps to know the basics of web development like HTML and CSS.

There are numerous website builders that you can use on clients’ websites. One example is Elementor where you drag, drop, and adjust various items to build a WordPress site.

Learn how it works by checking video tutorials and you’ll be good to go. Keep in mind that every web builder has its pros and cons in terms of features, ease of use, site speed, and more.

How much can I earn? $25 to $50 per hour

How to get started: Offer web development services on freelancing marketplaces. Setting up your web developer portfolio site and promoting it is another good strategy.

7. Graphic design

If you have graphic design skills, you shouldn’t let them go to waste. There are many opportunities for graphic designers to make money online.

Some of the things a graphic designer can create are advertising material, motion graphics, logos, and infographics. You’re free to specialize in one or a few of these types of graphics. Specializing can be a great way to attract more of a specific type of client.

Graphic design can be self-taught. This means that it’s possible to find graphic design jobs without anyone asking whether you have a degree.

You can teach yourself how to use various elements and software. But it’s always good to take some training to enhance your skills and qualify for more gigs.

How much can I earn? $15 to $35 per hour

How to get started: Join a freelance site as a graphic designer and list your services in your profile. Clients can also find you if you establish a graphic design portfolio site.

8. Virtual assistant

Offering services as a virtual assistant is another way to get paid well online. These are remote tasks like bookkeeping, reputation management, and online marketing. It all depends on the goals your client has and where they need assistance.

But you don’t need to know how to do all these tasks to perfection. You can specialize in offering specific services as a VA and find clients in need of them.

You don’t need specific education to become a VA. But some skills can help you succeed. They include computer literacy, good verbal and written communication, and being organized. Because the work is remote, you can work for online business owners like bloggers, coaches, and course creators.

How much can I earn? $10 to amounts over $50 an hour

How to get started: Having an online presence like Instagram or a website is essential. You can apply for jobs on social media and job sites or pitch to potential clients.

9. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is among the highest paying online jobs. The reason is there are many Internet users that businesses are trying to reach.

Most business owners don’t have the skills or time to find leads and customers. That’s why they hire experienced people to do the job.

Digital marketing is broad. Some of the categories are search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing. You can take on one or a few of them, enhance your skills, and work on becoming a successful digital marketer. There are lots of digital marketing courses including free ones.

How much can I earn? $3,500 to $10,000 or more a month depending on your specialty

How to get started: Have an online presence like a well-established site or blog for SEO or an Instagram page for social media marketing. Pitching your services on job sites and social networks also helps.

10. Social media management

Need an online job that pays well from home as you work on your favorite social media platform? If that’s so, becoming a social media manager may interest you. You’re free to offer Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest management services online.

In most cases, a Pinterest manager’s work is to post high-quality social media content, engage with fans, and establish relationships with other brands. That’s why you need skills like marketing, good communication, and customer service.

One of the best ways to get hired is to show your qualifications. You could take some online training to build your social media management skills.

How much can I earn? $2,500 to $5,000 or more a month

How to get started: Build an online presence on social media and even your website. This way, more businesses will find you and your pitches can easily be successful.

11. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves getting paid to post content about brands and products. It helps businesses increase brand awareness, get more traffic, and boost sales.

You can be an influencer if you have a significant number of fans on social networks like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. If you don’t, you have to work on that first to get more brands willing to work with you.

As a beginner, pick a niche and post relevant content to acquire a targeted audience. You need to be consistent and stay in the know about social media trends. That’s how you’ll have enough followers with good engagement rates.

How much can I earn? While the pay varies depending on how established you are, an average influencer can earn around $5,000 per month. Big influencers can make the same in a week or a day.

How to get started: Get more fans on social media and let brands know that you’re open to collaborations.

12. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best-paying online jobs that also require significant effort. If you become a blogger, you need to regularly post content for your readers.

The first steps of blogging are choosing a blog topic and getting a domain name with web hosting. Bluehost is a recommended domain registrar and web hosting company for new blogs. It enables you to install WordPress in easy steps and start structuring your blog.

You then need to add relevant blog pages and posts. If you optimize your blog for search engines and promote it on social media, you’ll get the traffic needed for monetization. You make money blogging from promoting stuff, posting sponsored content, ads, and more.

How much can I earn? It varies. A well-established blog can make thousands of dollars up to 6 figures monthly.

How to get started: Check this guide on how to start a money making blog.

13. YouTube

Having a YouTube channel suits you if you like creating videos. You can have a channel about almost any topic and get YouTube viewership.

It goes without saying that there’s a lot of competition on YouTube. You need to be unique and consistent to stand out and get noticed. While some YouTubers just wake up one day to one of their videos going viral, it can take a while.

Ad revenue is a common way of earning on YouTube. But there are other ways that can pay even better. These include brand sponsorships, channel memberships, and selling products.

How much can I earn? It varies. Some YouTubers make millions a year.

How to get started: If you’re new, find tutorials on YouTube on how to start and build a successful YouTube channel.

14. Selling an online course

Have interesting and useful information that people can pay for? Selling an online course is what you need to do if that’s the case.

The good thing is that there’s a wide variety of topics to create a course about. You just need to find an audience for the knowledge you want to share.

You can test a course’s marketability by asking online, checking for competition, and doing keyword research. If it appears that there’s significant demand, go ahead and plan your course.

Another important thing is choosing a suitable platform for creating and selling your course. It has to be a smooth process if you have no tech skills.

How much can I earn? The pay varies. A course creator can make $1,000 a month or as high as $1 million a year.

How to get started: Check this Teachable workshop on how to start creating your new online course.

15. Podcasting

If you don’t mind talking for long hours, podcasting is the legitimate online job you need. You simply create an episodic series of audio that people can download and listen to.

Many people listen to podcasts that teach new things, to be up-to-date, or for inspiration. For that reason, you need to be strategic when picking podcast topics for your target audience.

You need the necessary podcasting equipment, software, and an online platform to use. Many affordable podcast hosting options are available.

One popular podcast monetization method is promoting and selling stuff. You can also make money directly from your listeners.

How much can I earn? The pay varies. Some podcasters make $2,500 while others make $15,000 or more a month.

How to get started: Check out podcasting guides online for more details.

Wrapping It up

You wanted to discover online jobs that pay the most. Hope you now have. Proceed with any idea you like to start earning.

You’re free to go with more than one high paying online job. But it’s important to avoid getting overwhelmed. Work on whatever you choose and you’ll get the results.

It might require you to invest your time and even some money. But anything to build a profitable online business!

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