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15 Surefire Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Do you spend the better part of your free time on Facebook? Everything looks interesting and you can’t stop clicking and scrolling. While the whole idea is to become social, it’s good to learn how to make money on Facebook and ensure that it’s not just a time sucker.

A lot can change when you create another income stream off Facebook. Considering the huge number of active users on the platform, it shouldn’t be difficult to make it happen.

The extra cash goes a long way toward covering your essential expenses and even treating yourself. And who knows, you might even start an online business that allows you to quit your 9-5 grind.

How to Make Money on Facebook

If you’re ready to start exploring, here are some surefire ways to make money on Facebook:

1. Become a Facebook account manager.

You might be surprised by the number of brands and even individuals looking for someone to manage their Facebook accounts, pages, and groups. If you always spend your time on Facebook, it’s high time you started making some more money.

Having a degree in marketing or anything similar makes it easy to land such gigs. But your skills matter more. And you can learn about everything by taking one or two short courses on the subject.

Some of the tasks involved are posting content, interacting with users, and building brand relationships. Your job varies depending on individual client needs.

Most of the time, the hours are flexible enough to let you indulge in other activities. There are automation tools you can use to manage a social account.

For instance, Hootsuite enables you to bulk upload items, schedule posts, and manage conversations. As for replying to specific user queries, you can do it from anywhere.

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2. Find clients for your freelance business.

Many times, it’s difficult to stand out as a beginner on freelance marketplaces. But that isn’t reason enough to make you quit your freelancing dream.

You can find clients online on Facebook groups, pages, and even your friend list. The best chance of finding several of them in one place lies in joining niche-specific Facebook groups.

The groups can be about writing, photography, web design, or whatever your skill is. Remember to only be a member of a few serious ones whose notifications you’ll easily see.

After that, always look out for posts where someone is asking for help. Comment something useful and mention you’re open to providing more details. If someone reaches out, help as much as you can and make an offer.

Another way is to post your freelance services. Before doing that, it’s best to make a few other helpful posts. This approach makes you appear like a professional and not a random money-hungry person.

3. Generate leads for businesses on Facebook.

Lots of businesses rely on Facebook to boost their online presence and find customers. If you can find leads for any of them, some good cash is waiting for you.

Maybe you know a few Facebook friends who are looking for a good gym instructor. Or some couples that need relationship advice. Whatever it is, keeping your supply of leads constant is the best way to get the best out of this money-making idea.

While starting out, it might be challenging to land businesses that are willing to pay you. Establishing yourself as a lead generation service provider can take some time and effort. Luckily, there’s another way to get noticed and earn from leads right away.

Start by giving one or two free leads to the business you want to work with. They’re likely to respond and offer a deal. But if they don’t, pitch your offer to them.

4. Make money with Facebook video ads.

If you’re wondering how to generate cash with Facebook videos, ads are great for that. With the ad breaks that Facebook introduced not long ago, you can make money live streaming on the platform.

The ad formats are as follows:

  • Pre-roll ads that appear before a video starts.
  • Mid-roll ads that appear during the video.
  • Post-roll ads that appear after the video ends.
  • Static image ads that show under the content.

At the moment, Facebook allows you to monetize content that is 1-3 minutes with post-roll and image ads. However, the monetization requirements for in-stream ads include 10,000 page followers and 30,000 1-minute-long views on videos that last at least 3 minutes. The latter requirement applies to content published within the last 60 days.

You can check your eligibility under the monetization section in the Creator Studio. If you have interesting ideas that you can turn into appealing videos, better start building an audience today!

5. Turn your fans into supporters through subscriptions.

This is yet another way to generate money as a video creator on Facebook. Fan subscriptions allow you to deliver content while you get monthly recurring earnings from your fans.

Your page needs 10,000 followers or at least 250 return viewers. The other requirements are 50,000 post engagements and 180,000 watch minutes in the last 60 days. You can check your eligibility through the Creator Studio section.

After you activate the feature on your page, you’ll see an option to add a supporter call-to-action button to your posts. Anyone who pays the subscription fee can access your exclusive content and a badge, among other things.

Giving discounts on merchandise and other products can get you more supporters. You’re free to customize the price as you want to fit you and your community.

6. Get brand sponsorships and deals.

Brand sponsorships and deals are lucrative ways to make money on Facebook with a fan page. It’s a good strategy if you want to get paid for posting videos but aren’t eligible for in-stream ads and fan subscriptions.

It’s easier to get the attention of brands if you have viral content. A bigger following means better opportunities. But you can always reach out to the smaller companies and negotiate a deal with them while starting out.

The brands you choose to promote should align with your audiences’ interests. You can figure out their interests by analyzing the performance of your past posts. What you earn depends on your niche, audience size, engagement, and several other factors.

Aside from cash payments, you may get free products from sponsorships and deals. Remember to maintain your reputation when promoting anything. You don’t want to lose your fans by recommending untrustworthy brands.

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7. Market your brick-and-mortar business.

It’s easier to get more customers coming to your coffee shop, restaurant, or any other brick-and-mortar business by promoting it on Facebook. This is an indirect way to make money using Facebook.

First, you need to set up a page based on your business. Be sure to choose the right category to avoid misleading potential customers.

Also, it’s good to include a physical address and contact information so that people can quickly find your business. Don’t forget to fill out the operating hours.

Once your page is all done, it’s time to start creating content. Post beautiful pictures of your business’s interior and exterior to let people know what they’re missing.

You can even add photos of your employees and customers as they’re using your service. Just ensure that they’re okay with appearing in your posts.

8. Sell your items online.

The Facebook marketplace enables users to discover, buy, and sell items. You get a chance to boost your reach and make more sales as a seller on the platform.

Because it’s still a new concept, only merchants in selected countries are eligible. If you’re from a country where the Facebook marketplace isn’t available yet, there are some other options for you.

You can sell your products through your Facebook profile, page, or buy/sell groups. Facebook groups are perfect for reaching a broad audience. Most of them are local ones and you can find them by searching for something like “[your city/country] + selling group” on Facebook.

Remember that buy/sell groups differ from regular groups. So, don’t post an item in a group where buying and selling aren’t allowed. But you can always chat privately with potential customers once you spot them in the groups.

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9. Promote other people’s products and services (affiliate marketing).

Don’t have your own products and services? There’s still a chance to make money on Facebook as an affiliate marketer.

In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission for each sale you make while promoting someone else’s products. The commission rates vary depending on the platform you use. Some of these affiliate marketplaces are:

Some individuals and companies usually run affiliate programs on their websites. In such cases, you can earn more because no third party is involved.

You can promote your affiliate links on your Facebook timeline, page, or group. It’s best to only promote something that the majority of your friends or fans may like.

For instance, you shouldn’t share a parenting product while no one on your friend list has a kid. If you find a good product and know a few people who might like it, send them personalized messages.

10. Drive traffic from Facebook to your site.

Facebook can be a great source of traffic when you’re starting your blog. If you have a significant number of followers, you can convert them into blog readers and then customers. It’s also possible to direct people to your online store, landing page, or YouTube channel.

The first step is to customize your Facebook page to boost website clicks. For instance, you can set the call-to-action button to “Learn More” and add a link to your site. If it’s an online store, a “Shop Now” button is the best option.

Consistently posting new content strengthens your brand and helps you build loyal fans. This approach is necessary because your audience may not see your content if you only post once in a while. Make every post shareable to reach more people.

Don’t forget that appealing texts and high-quality images are essential for boosting your engagement rate. That’s how you get more people to click your links.

11. Find students for your e-course.

Because of its popularity, Facebook is a great platform for finding students for an e-course. There are lots of people looking to learn new skills and strategies in a wide variety of niches. Some of these niches are finance, health, and relationships.

If you’re good at anything, you only have to start a course on a platform like Teachable and then use Facebook to promote it. Post about it on your timeline or page once in a while to find students among your friends and followers.

An even better way is to build a community through a Facebook group. In this case, you share useful tips with the members and build some authority as a result. More people will be willing to purchase your e-course once they see value in what you’re selling.

You can supplement it all with Facebook ads if you have a budget for it.

12. Buy Facebook stocks.

Buying stocks is one way that investors can earn money from Facebook. And the process is simple.

The first step is to perform your due diligence to determine if the investment suits your needs. After that, open a brokerage account through an online broker.

Once you have the account, deposit money, search for Facebook shares, and choose the number of shares you want to buy. Monitor your investment regularly to know how it’s performing.

While the Facebook company is a social media giant, it has experienced some bad times in the past. So, investing in Facebook and similar stocks can have some risks too.

On the positive side, Facebook isn’t going anywhere soon. And advertisers will continue to rely on it to reach more people. Buying Facebook stocks may not be a great idea, but it isn’t a bad idea either.

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13. Build chat-bots for businesses.

A Facebook Bot is a program that automatically performs various tasks on Facebook. Chatbots are useful for sending automated responses to users through Messenger. One with AI capabilities can even perform its tasks like a human.

Many businesses are turning to chatbots to boost their sales and customer experience. And you can make good sums of cash creating bots for them.

If you want to become a bot developer, programming skills can go a long way. But it doesn’t require lots of knowledge to build one today. Tools such as Chatfuel help non-skilled developers to create AI chatbots on Facebook.

One way to find clients is to pitch your services to those who haven’t implemented bots in their brands yet. Also, participating in chatbot discussions in Facebook groups is useful for getting bot development side jobs.

14. Get paid on Facebook through the bug bounty program.

The Facebook Bug Bounty Program enables security researchers to get paid for reporting vulnerabilities on the platform. It has been around since 2011 and paid out close to $2 million.

Through the program, the Facebook Company can fix security issues before the public experiences them. The minimum monetary reward is $500.

Keep in mind that you’re only awarded a bounty for valid reports. Some low-risk issues don’t qualify for a bounty.

However, low-risk issues that help Facebook to discover bigger risks may receive significant rewards. So, be sure that it’s not just a spam post or a friend sending you suspicious links.

Bug hunting is a good way to monetize web hacking skills. If you want to learn how to become a bug bounty hunter, there are many free resources to check out online.

15. Create Facebook apps.

Creating an app on Facebook can bring you closer to new opportunities. It’s possible to build a career out of it.

You must be registered as an app developer on Facebook to access their app development tools. After signing up, go to the Apps panel, choose your app type, set a name, and start building it.

The next step involves testing your application with test accounts that simulate real users. Once everything is set, you only need to switch it into live mode. At this point, Facebook users will be able to access it.

If the app is good and helpful to the users, you get a chance to make money off it. So, ensure you fine-tune the app as much as you can.

Start Earning on Facebook

And that’s it! That’s how to make money on Facebook using your account, page, or group.

By now, you should have decided on one or side hustle ideas to try out from this list. As you’ve seen, most of them don’t require investments. You only need what you already have.

Put some time and effort into whatever you choose and enjoy the extra cash. You might even achieve the financial goals you’ve always desired to.

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