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How to Earn Money with Paid Online Surveys

Wondering how to use your free time to generate extra cash?

It’s simple. Share your opinion on the Internet!

While taking surveys for money won’t make you super-rich, it can quickly fix some of your financial problems. It could be paying a debt’s balance, self-investment, or buying someone a gift.

For such reasons, I came up with this detailed guide showing you how to earn money with paid online surveys. Here, you’ll find lots of useful information about getting the most out of such a simple money-making idea.

There are tons of lucrative side hustles for making money online but none of them are as easy as taking paid surveys.

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Why Are Online Surveys the Best Way to Make Money Fast?

Here are the reasons why you should take surveys for money:

  • They only take a few minutes.
  • They don’t require any special skills.
  • You only need an Internet connection.

You can pocket a significant sum of cash if you spend several hours each day taking surveys online.

How Do Paid Online Surveys Work?

At first, it may sound far-fetched that you can make money taking paid surveys on the Internet. However, it’s possible to generate some cash from it. So, why would someone pay to get your opinion?

Companies love to hear from their consumers. Online survey companies collect feedback from survey-takers to help such brands offer better products and services.

It’s this market research that the companies invest in. If they understand consumer behavior, they can make informed decisions about bringing their products into the market.  As a result, you earn rewards for your responses.

The 3 simple steps to earn money with paid online surveys are as follows:

1. Sign up with an online survey company.

The first step is to register for surveys from a legitimate survey company. You can do it through their site or app.

Most survey companies require individuals who fall under particular demographics. It can be age, profession, or location.

For instance, you can’t take a survey designed for adults practicing medicine in the United States while you’re a business graduate in another part of the world. Some companies require sensitive information to ensure that you’re really who they’re looking for.

It’s best to only go with the surveys that allow users with demographics similar to yours.

2. Take surveys when notified.

If your information matches a particular survey, most survey companies notify you through email. Keep in mind that some surveys have tight deadlines and you can miss an opportunity if you don’t check your emails frequently.

You should turn on notifications from the companies you use to always know about new online survey jobs. In most cases, you only have to click a link and answer some questions online. Other paid survey opportunities require you to try a product or service before submitting your responses.

3. Get your rewards.

Now that you’ve completed the survey, it’s time to get rewarded!

Many online survey companies have a minimum withdrawal threshold. It’s mostly only a few dollars. You may have to take one or two more surveys before getting the money in your PayPal or bank account.

Also, some companies reward you in the form of points or coins. Once you attain a specified amount of the rewards, you can redeem them for cash. Other than that, there are lots of items to choose from online when you earn coupons from surveys.

How Much Can You Earn Taking Surveys Online?

You won’t achieve all your big financial goals by doing survey jobs online. But you can make enough money each day to cover your small expenses.

Surveys are perfect for saving money quickly through online side jobs. You can use your earnings for discretionary spending or monthly expenses such as paying bills.

If you allow your money to accumulate, you can use it for something great in the near future. Settling student debts, paying off personal loans, and making investments are some ways to spend money from surveys wisely.

The amount of time spent taking surveys has an impact on what you earn. The other factors are the length of the surveys and the sites or apps you use. In the recent past, I’ve received survey jobs that pay between $3 and $5.

Depending on your knowledge, experience, and speed, you can earn $1-$300 a month from paid online surveys. A single survey can earn you up to $30. All this information is from various review sites and threads on social networks like Quora and Reddit.

The Best Online Survey Sites to Make Money in 2021

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular online survey site that allows users to earn points, called SB, for their opinions. SB is an authentic digital currency that you can redeem for real money or gift cards from merchants like Amazon and Walmart. For American users, 100 SB equals a dollar.

Aside from taking online surveys, users earn points by answering daily polls, watching videos, and signing up for a newsletter. The wide variety of ways to earn Swagbucks rewards makes it one of the largest and most reputable survey sites on the Internet.

According to Swagbucks, some users have made more than $1,000 in extra cash within a year. The daily earnings range from several cents to $100.

Anyone who uses it daily for one year can pocket a few hundred dollars. The lowest amount you can cash out is $25.

Start earning with Swagbucks

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another survey site to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts. You only have to complete your profile and let the company find survey matches for you.

You can earn something between $0.20 and $3.50 from each survey on Survey Junkie. Again, longer surveys are worth more earnings than shorter ones. Your demographics also play a role in what you earn.

Taking online surveys isn’t the only way to earn money on Survey Junkie. Signing up, completing your profile, and confirming your email address gets you free points.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. You get paid through PayPal or gift cards.

Sign up with Survey Junkie

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an online survey company with multiple ways of earning extra cash. As a member, you get paid to take surveys, watch InboxDollars videos, and complete cash offers.

You can also get paid to read emails from brands relevant to your demographics. For instance, a homeowner may see content related to electrical or plumbing services.

Most of the tasks on InboxDollars have payouts ranging from a few cents to several bucks. You’re better off finishing all the activities with higher earnings first.

There is a $5 bonus for signing up with InboxDollars. But you can’t cash it out until you hit the $30 minimum withdrawal threshold. Payment options include PayPal, Visa, Check, and gift cards.

Earn $5 Bonus with InboxDollars

4. LifePoints

MySurvey and Global Test Market, two older survey markets, merged to form LifePoints. Lifepoints lets you earn cash and rewards by completing various tasks and surveys.

The most common type of task on LifePoints is surveys. You only get survey jobs that are relevant to you. Other tasks are testing products for free and diary entries.

Generally, you get 20 to 100 points for completing a task on LifePoints. The points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or Amazon vouchers. Also, new users earn 10 LifePoints for joining the online survey site.

LifePoints has a minimum reward threshold of 550 points ($5). Be sure to spend your earned points within 3 years or else they’ll expire.

Get 10 LifePoints for free

5. Opinion Outpost

With Opinion Outpost, you take online surveys and earn rewards that can be redeemed for cash and gift cards. When joining the site, you have to fill out some personal questions so that you’re matched with relevant surveys.

You earn Opinion Outpost points by taking surveys on your dashboard, referring friends, and responding to email offers. One point equals 10 cents on Opinion Outpost. Earnings range from 50 cents to $5 per survey.

One way to spend your Opinion Outpost points is by cashing them out through PayPal. A minimum of 100 points ($10) is required in this case. You can also redeem the points for Amazon and iTunes gift cards.

Join Opinion Outpost

What are Some Tips to Earn More Money Taking Online Surveys?

Now that you know how to earn money with paid online surveys, you want to make sure that you maximize your earnings. You can quickly boost your income by taking surveys during your free time.

The tips below will help you generate more cash while saving you time.

1. Always complete your profile.

You may be a member of a particular survey site but never get any tasks. In such a case, check if your profile is 100 percent complete.

Online survey companies use your demographics to find surveys for you. It’s essential to submit correct details regarding your age, profession, and location. Depending on the site you use, more information may be needed.

2. Don’t join too many online survey sites.

Joining multiple survey sites is essential for getting more survey jobs and earning more money. But you shouldn’t overdo this strategy.

Your chances of getting scammed are higher if you become a member of too many unverified sites. It’s best to only join a few legit ones and spend your time filling out surveys from them.

Moreover, it’s challenging to manage tens of accounts at once. You won’t have time to focus on the opportunities that really matter.

3. Refer your friends.

Most online survey companies have referral programs that let users earn cash by inviting others. If you have a friend list or fan base, you can increase your earnings by promoting a particular survey site to them.

There are many social networks and online forums where you can find people to join the sites through your referral links. Internet groups and forums about making money online or taking online surveys are good places to start.

A good strategy for sharing links is giving people a reason to follow them. You don’t want to appear like a spammer!

4. Keep your profile up-to-date.

An interesting profile attracts more online survey opportunities. If something changes in your life, adding the details to your profile can earn you more survey invitations.

Let’s say you relocated to another place. You can get surveys tailored for people in your new location by updating the information on your profile.

The same applies to buying something new. Chances are that you’ll find more surveys related to the product.

5. Create time for taking paid online surveys.

The best way to earn more money by taking surveys online is to set aside some time for the activity. Completing several surveys each day goes a long way toward improving your financial situation. This approach is necessary because a single task can’t make you a significant amount of cash.

Having “survey time” in your schedule can also save you some hours. You won’t have to stare at your screen for the 30 minutes a survey takes when you can do it within half the time.

And that’s how you become more productive taking surveys online!

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