How to Make 20 Dollars Fast

24 Ways to Make 20 Dollars Fast (in an hour or less)

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It’s not unusual to find yourself wondering how to make 20 dollars fast. It could be that you need to buy groceries or pay off a small debt. There are quite several things $20 can do!

Getting $20 right now isn’t supposed to be challenging. You can do it online using money-making apps that pay instantly and even in person. You may even make way more than 20 dollars if you put in the extra effort.

How to Make $20 Fast

Ready to start exploring? Here are the best ways to make $20 fast in a few minutes or an hour online and on the side.

1. Take survey jobs that pay cash

Take online surveys to make $20 fast

Let’s start with one of the easiest ways to get $20 fast through PayPal. If you like sharing your opinion, online surveys suit you. You simply answer various questions for a few minutes and get paid.

In most cases, survey sites reward you with a number of points for completing each survey. The reward comes from brands that pay for your feedback to better their products.

The amount you get depends on things like how long the survey is. Longer ones tend to pay more.

The following are some of the top survey sites to work with:

  • Swagbucks: You’re paid to answer surveys, complete polls, and more.
  • InboxDollars: Earn PayPal cash (not points) by taking online surveys and answering polls. You get a $5 bonus to start.
  • LifePoints: Get points, redeemable for PayPal cash, for your survey responses.

Completing each survey that you qualify for is essential for maximizing what you earn. Also, signing up with more than one survey site helps in accessing more opportunities.

2. Use Swagbucks to browse

This is yet another great way to earn from Swagbucks. You simply need to make Swagbucks your default search engine. This way, you earn more points every time and get paid for searching the Web.

The good thing is that nothing will affect the quality of your searches. You’ll still get the type of content you’re looking for like on a regular occasion. The Swagbucks search engine works with browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Get started with Swagbucks

3. Watch videos

Maybe videos are what entertain you the most online. It’s possible to make $20 instantly by completing tasks like watching videos on reward sites.

Swagbucks is one site where, besides taking surveys, you also get paid to watch videos. Most of them are entertaining to watch. And you only need several minutes to finish the task.

Another app that pays you for watching videos is InboxDollars. So, on top of your survey earnings, you also get rewarded for the videos you watch. This way, you’re sure of earning a quick 20 dollars.

Get started with InboxDollars

4. Use cashback apps when shopping

If you purchase groceries and other things frequently, using a cashback app is beneficial. You get rewards for simply buying stuff from stores partnering with a specific cashback platform.

A cashback app shares the commissions they get from brands for sending you their way. Most of these apps work with a lot of stores. And so, you don’t have to worry about not buying from your favorite store.

Many cashback apps pay you for your receipt. This means that you only need to shop for items on offer on the app and upload a picture of your receipt. Once they verify your purchase, you earn the cashback.

These are some of the best apps to earn rewards for shopping:

  • MyPoints: Earn cashback for shopping on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and many other retailers. You get a $10 Amazon gift card for your first purchase.
  • Fetch Rewards: This cashback app rewards you for receipts from any store.

Remember that you only need to buy the stuff you need when using cashback apps. This way, you’ll be making extra bucks without spending money unnecessarily.

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5. Get paid $20 to test apps and websites

Becoming an app and website tester is among the top ways to make $20 fast online. All you do is visit the app or site and test its usability.

You then give feedback based on your experiences while doing the test. In most cases, you’re required to write down your opinion and submit a screen-recorded video with your voice. So, you need a good microphone for the job.

One good web testing platform to find these jobs is UserTesting. Global brands use such platforms to get user feedback on their apps and web pages.

You’ll have to take a quick test before qualifying for the paid testing work on UserTesting. You also need to answer some questions so that the site can match you with relevant opportunities.

Because one 20-minute test pays you $10, you just need two to hit $20. There are also live interviews that pay more. You get paid after your feedback is approved.

How to Make $20 Fast in a Day

If you’re looking for ideas that can easily get you $20 or more per day, find them listed below.

6. Do freelance writing

Freelance writing to make $20 fast

Have some writing skills? Doing freelance jobs might be a perfect way for you to make money writing. It’s possible to make $20 online in as little as an hour with freelance writing.

Some of the best places to find clients are freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. The only problem is that you’ll have to deal with the competition.

If you want to stand out, you need to offer good rates and submit great work. This is also how you’ll receive more jobs and recommendations. It also helps to have published some of your work somewhere for potential clients to see and decide on hiring you.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also useful for finding writing gigs. You just need to set up a professional account and know how to approach potential clients. You’ll also get offers if you actively use such platforms.

7. Find proofreading jobs

This is a suitable way to instantly get paid $20 or more for your language skills. If you understand grammar well and can spot mistakes, becoming a proofreader might interest you.

Among the best places to find proofreading jobs for beginners are freelance platforms and proofreading sites. You may need to prove your skills by taking tests while starting out.

Another idea is to set up your own professional website and list your services. You’ll need to promote it on social media to attract potential clients.

Whatever platform you use, it’s always good to have positive reviews. So, once you get your first job, strive to please your client.

Feel free to even take lower-paying tasks if that means receiving great reviews. That’s how you’ll become reputable, get more opportunities, and build a profitable business or side gig.

Check out this workshop if you need more information about starting a successful proofreading career.

8. Apply for transcription work

Can you type what you hear from an audio or video clip? That’s what transcription work involves. You convert the files into text that someone can read.

You just need to be good at typing along with some grammar understanding. If you can clearly understand specific accents, your work as a transcriber is much easier.

You can access transcription jobs through freelance websites and transcription sites like Scribie. There may be tests to take that prove you have the abilities.

The jobs range from professional transcription to simpler gigs like transcribing podcasts. You get paid per audio minute. It’s easy to get $20 fast online with just a rate of $0.10 per minute for a little over three hours of work.

If you want more information on how to start transcribing, check out this short course.

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9. Write slogans

Maybe you’re the type of person that can string words together to create something witty. If that’s the case, becoming a slogan writer may be perfect for you.

Many new companies need slogans. Some established brands also update theirs to ensure it passes their current message. They rely on slogan writers to craft the perfect slogan for them.

If you’re good with words, writing one slogan will just take a few minutes of your time. You could make a significant amount of extra cash if you know where to find the opportunities.

Some places to find slogan writing jobs are freelance marketplaces and social media. You may also participate in various contests online where the best slogan gets the reward.

10. Become a social media manager

If you know your way around social media, this online business idea from home may suit you. Social media managers simply manage and grow social media pages. Some of the tasks include posting content, responding to queries, and building relationships with other brands.

And so, having some social media marketing skills helps. You need to know how to get people to engage with your posts.

It’s much easier to get hired if you have your own page that’s doing well. If you’re clueless about social media strategies but need to join this workforce, taking some training is necessary.

You may be required to manage one account or a couple of them on different platforms. It depends on a brand’s needs and how established it is.

11. Pet sit

Pet sitting is a perfect way to make $20 fast if you like the company of pets. Whether you prefer cats, dogs, or both, there are several types of pet care to offer and get paid. It can be feeding, cuddling, walking, checking in on them, and more.

You need to know how to handle a pet to ensure its well-being. Better yet, it should be a pet you’ve ever owned and have experience with. More pet owners are likely to trust you this way.

If you become a sitter on Rover, the platform will connect you with pet owners nearby who need the services. You just need to set up a great profile, choose the pets you prefer, and select your available days and hours. Rover pays you per service depending on factors like the type of pet, services offered, and the duration of care.

12. Make $20 instantly as a grocery shopper

Grocery shopping to make $20 fast

If shopping is something you like, there is a way to get paid for doing it. You just need to shop for groceries that a customer ordered on their behalf.

If that interests you, then you need to become a shopper on Instacart. There are two options to work as an Instacart shopper.

In-store shoppers shop for groceries for someone else to pick them up. You work during specific hours and days in a particular store.

Full-service shoppers have to shop and then deliver the items to the customer. This second role requires you to have a car. You’re free to choose the work hours and days that work for you.

Your pay varies depending on the number and type of orders. Shoppers also get a chance to keep all they get from customer tips.

13. Deliver food

Becoming a delivery person is another way to make $20 instantly if you have a car. It’s possible if you start working as a Dasher on DoorDash. DoorDash is one of the best apps that pay you to deliver food from local restaurants and stores.

In fact, the food ordering platform allows riders in select cities. This means that you can use your bike or scooter for picking up and delivering customer orders.

DoorDash allows you to pick when and where to work. You’re free to do delivery in your home place or a city you’re staying in for some time. You also choose which orders you want to fulfill.

The app pays you for each delivery. Your earnings are based on factors like the type of order and the distance you cover during delivery.

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14. Make some cash using your hobby

With so many hobbies to make money, earning $20 fast shouldn’t be tricky. If you love doing something, chances are that you’re good at it. This means that it’s possible to monetize the activity even for just a short while.

Maybe you like drawing or editing videos. You could find some gigs online through freelance sites and social media. In case it’s cooking or dancing you like, you can offer lessons virtually or in person.

Those are just a few examples of how you can turn your hobby into a profit. In fact, you may build a business out of it and earn day after day.

15. Trim your expenses

It can be that you have some high expenses taking a huge portion of your income. Besides making extra money, you could free up some cash by trimming the expenses and get $20.

You just need to cut or eliminate some of your unnecessary expenses. If you’ve been eating out a lot, for instance, you could cook at home and keep those 20 dollars.

Maybe you have numerous subscriptions you don’t even use. You could cancel them or share the costs with a friend or family member. Many companies with subscriptions allow account sharing.

16. Sell old and unwanted things for a quick $20

Have old CDs, mobile devices, or books? These are a few of the used items to sell online and make a quick 20 bucks. An easy approach is to list them online on marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, or eBay.

Be sure that your items are still usable before putting them on sale. This way, you’ll get happy customers and not unsatisfied ones who are likely to leave negative reviews.

Another idea here is to sell on Decluttr. The app allows users to sell various media and tech items. You just need to scan the item’s barcode using your phone camera and get a price estimation.

If it’s a tech item like a tablet, you’re required to fill out details like the model and condition. The next thing is to box it, attach the shipping label you’ll receive from Decluttr, and carry it to a shipping location. That’s all you need to do to complete an order and get paid.

17. Make some small investments

Even if you need to make 20 dollars fast, it’s possible that you have a smaller amount (or much larger) somewhere. Maybe it’s a budget for groceries and other essentials. There are some quick investments you can do with even $5 or $10 to get $20 in return.

An app like Acorns enables you to invest your spare change. So, if you need something worth $2.65, Acorns can round it off to $3 and invest the extra amount for you.

The app is great for beginners. You’ll be earning passively without having to do any complicated stuff. And you don’t need thousands to begin.

Get started with Acorns

18. Offer a home service

Wondering how to make $20 right now? Offering home services is an easy way to earn extra cash fast. Some of them are cleaning, TV mounting, and minor repairs.

TaskRabbit is among the best odd job apps to use for offering such services. As a Tasker, you decide which hours and rates work for you.

Many odd jobs usually don’t require a lot of skills and experience. But some of them, like sewing, involve specific machines and thus need experience.

So, be sure to only offer services you’re familiar with. This way, you’ll do a great job and even earn customer tips. You also get good reviews, making it easier to get hired again.

19. Help people move

If you can lift stuff, even heavy ones, this idea may be suitable for you. People are always moving. Most of them find it stressful and require a hand.

Dolly is an example of an app to offer moving help. Customers go to the platform to find professionals to deliver their personal and even business items.

The work of a Dolly Helper involves lifting, loading, and transporting goods. You need a truck or any larger vehicle for this role.

The other option, which requires no large vehicle, is Dolly Hands. You only need to offer moving help when assigned a task.

Dolly allows you to decide when you’ll be working. You choose which tasks you prefer and can work with other pros on the platform.

20. Sell your photography

Selling photos online can be profitable. If you’re a good photographer, people are likely to find your work interesting and worth using. It doesn’t matter if you use a camera or a decent phone to take photos.

Some online platforms to sell various images are stock photography sites like Shutterstock. You earn when people download your premium photos for use.

An app like Foap is also great for sharing your photos and getting paid. You’re connected with individuals and brands looking to purchase photos like yours. The app has “Missions” which you can take part in by submitting high-quality images for higher rewards.

There’s the option to set up your own website for selling photos and photography services. Just remember that promoting it well is how you’ll attract more eyes.

21. Sell pictures of feet

Want to get $20 fast on CashApp, Venmo, or PayPal? Selling feet pictures is a quick and easy way to get paid online right away.

In the side hustle, your customers range from individuals to brands looking for feet content. You can sell photos and even videos of feet using social media, stock photography sites, and “feet only” photo-selling platforms.

You’re free to start with your phone for taking photos. But it helps to invest in photography equipment when the side gig takes off. You can charge a few dollars to $100 for one or multiple photos.

Keep in mind that you need to be of legal age in your country and be the owner of the content. Also, be sure that it’s not illegal to do such a side hustle from where you are. But selling feet pics is legal in the majority of countries.

22. Rent out your storage space

Whether you have an unused shed, basement, or any other storage, renting it out is the way to go. You won’t wonder how to make $20 fast in a day or hour because you’ll be earning passive income.

You may be wondering how to let people know that you have extra storage up for renting. While the word of mouth helps, going online makes things easier.

If you list your space on Neighbor, you get a chance to reach suitable renters in your location. Many people in search of storage use such an app.

Neighbor allows renters and space owners to communicate and even meet. The renter gets to see the storage space and you get to know what you’ll be storing before the agreement.

They then pay for a storage period of 30 days. You receive the payment for every month you keep someone’s items safe.

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23. Make $20 fast as a dating profile writer

Got matchmaking skills going to waste? You could utilize them by helping people create good dating profiles. Most profiles take only a few sentences and you’re done.

You can list such services on a freelance marketplace. This way, people browsing such platforms looking for a writer like you can find you. You’re also free to search related terms on the same platforms to find gigs.

Another idea would be to connect with users of dating apps. Tell them how you can better their profiles and you may land some tasks. You could sign up with one or two apps yourself and set up a profile that stands out to prove your abilities.

24. Borrow $20 from your friend or a family member

This is probably the easiest way to get $20 fast if you need money desperately. As long as you’re someone who does favors too, it won’t be hard to get the money from your close ones.

You may even help them in another way to return the favor. You could offer a small service that doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Remember that it’s a good habit to pay back even such a small amount unless they’ve told you not to. This way, they’re likely to help you again in the future either financially or in some other way.

FAQs on Making 20 Dollars Fast

How to Get 20 Dollars in 5 Minutes?

While getting $20 in 5 minutes won’t be easy for everyone, it’s possible. You can earn such an amount in several minutes by signing up with a rewards site like InboxDollars.

You just have to activate your account to get the $5 sign-up bonus and access simple tasks. Some of these tasks involve taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. The more tasks you complete, the higher your overall earnings will be.

A quicker way to get $20 in a few minutes would be to take a loan. You can borrow from someone or use an instant loan app if you really need the cash in such a short time.

How to Get 20 Dollars on PayPal Free?

You can get a quick $20 via PayPal by doing a variety of online jobs. Most platforms for online jobs have the option to receive payouts through PayPal. They include survey sites, cashback platforms, and other task apps.

Most of these get-paid-to websites have instant sign-up bonuses that you can top up with your earnings from doing simple tasks on your phone. This means that you can easily hit the minimum threshold and quickly withdraw to your PayPal account.

How to Turn $20 into $100?

Once you’ve earned $20 fast, you may need ideas to grow the money. If you want to turn $20 into $100, the best approach is to invest. You don’t need a lot of money to start investing.

Also, investing can also take many forms. It’s not just about stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrency. You could invest $20 in the following easy ways:

  • Grow your small side hustle or business
  • Buy an item at $20 and resell it at a higher value
  • Lend it to someone and get it back with interest

Wrapping up on How to Get 20 Dollars Now

It’s time to get those 20 dollars and even more. Implement the idea that you like the most and are confident will work for you.

Don’t hesitate to use multiple ways to make an instant $20. But they shouldn’t be too many that you get overwhelmed. That’s how you’ll achieve and go past the income goal.

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