Online Jobs for Teens

24 Easy Online Jobs for Teenagers (18 & Younger)

Are you 18 or younger and looking for online jobs for teens? Maybe you’re a parent or guardian and need your teen to earn extra bucks and not always ask you for some.

It’s always good of someone to take care of some of their expenses in the teenage years. They could build a profitable side hustle online and be financially independent when a bit older.

Today, many teens have access to phones and computers. And there are numerous opportunities for them to make money online.

This list will make it easier to find the best online jobs that suit teenagers. It includes online survey sites for quick cash and other ways to get extra income.

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How to Make Money Online as a Teenager

If you’re ready to explore, here are the top ways for teens to earn money online:

1. Answer surveys online

Required age: 13 years or older

If you need an easy online job for 13-year-olds and above, answering online surveys may interest you. You simply share your opinion on a wide variety of topics and sectors and get paid.

The amount you earn per survey depends on aspects like how long it is. Longer surveys have higher rewards than shorter ones.

Your demographics like age and location also influence the survey opportunities you’ll get. However, you shouldn’t give false personal information to access more tasks. Be honest and you’ll be rewarded for it.

Here are the best survey sites to make money online as a teenager:

Most survey sites have additional tasks to complete. You can earn more this way. The rewards can be points redeemable for gift cards and cash or simply real money.

2. Watch videos

Required age: 13 years or older

It’s possible to watch ads and get paid online. Brands need people to view their content and learn about new products and services. So, they’re ready to reward you for it.

Most of the video content runs for a couple of minutes. In most cases, you won’t have to watch anything longer than 30 minutes.

You just need to watch a video to its completion to get reward points or real cash. In fact, you can let the video play while doing something else if it’s taking longer.

You can find video-watching tasks on several rewards sites and apps. Two of them are Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

3. Shop online

Required age: 13 years or older

If you’re a teen who shops for groceries and other items for yourself or the whole family, you might like this idea. You just buy stuff like usual and get cashback on your purchases.

There are several shopping rewards sites to choose from:

These sites work with your favorite stores like Amazon and Walmart to reward you for shopping. You can get cash or points depending on the site you use. Points are redeemable for PayPal money and gift cards.

Remember, you shouldn’t spend money unnecessarily while shopping online. You may be tempted to shop for more things to get higher rewards. But it’s good to only buy what’s needed.

4. Play games

Required age: 13 or older

Many teenagers like video games. If you’re among them, you can make money while at it. Lots of game companies need more players and are willing to pay you to play too.

Tasks that involve playing games are available on various reward websites that partner with such gaming companies. Some of the best gaming rewards sites are Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

You simply need to create an account and provide your profile information to access such opportunities. You can choose from a variety of online games like word games, card games, and strategy games. Taking on each gaming task you get is necessary if you want to maximize your earnings.

5. Test websites and apps

Required age: 18 years or older

If you use the Web frequently, you must know the basics of how sites and apps work. In that case, becoming a web and app tester is a suitable teen online job for you.

Testers simply go to a site or app like usual, use it, and give feedback on their experiences. You point out the aspects you like and whatever needs improvement.

A web or app testing job may require a written response or a screen recording with your voice while testing. You may also take part in a live interview, which pays more.

Here are a few of the top sites for testing websites and apps:

What you earn depends on factors like the test’s length. If it takes more time, you earn more. Also, thorough tests, like those with interviews, can pay higher.

6. Get paid for your reviews

Required age: 13 years or older

This is another great online job for teens where you write reviews on songs and other products. You just need to listen to a specific song and give your feedback. The artist will go through a review to know how they can make their product better.

One of the popular sites to review songs is Slicethepie. You just need to set up an account to access product reviewing jobs.

You select the category, listen to the track, and write about what you liked or didn’t like. It includes aspects like vocals and instrumental.

For products other than music, you need to check the photos and other information. If it’s clothing, for instance, you comment on the design, material, and more. Remember, better reviews mean higher earnings.

7. Become a freelance writer

Required age: 13 years or older

Maybe you’re good at writing and need to monetize your skills at the age of 13, 14, or 15 years. If that’s so, becoming a freelance writer suits you. It’s possible to find clients who need you to write articles, essays, and e-books for them.

Your work is easier if you’re knowledgeable of the topics you cover as a freelance writer. That could be tech, pets, or even education. If you specialize in one or a few related topics, clients are more likely to trust you as a pro.

Fiverr is one example of a site to find freelance writing jobs for 13-year-olds or older teens. You just need to be unique and offer good work to land opportunities. You get paid per project depending on your rates and the client’s needs.

8. Start a blog

Required age: 13 years or older

There are many reasons to blog as a teenager. Among the top ones is to create a new profitable income stream. If you put effort into your blog, it’s possible to make a living from it.

You just need a blogging topic or niche, a good domain name, and reliable web hosting to start blogging. One of the best web hosting services for beginner bloggers is Bluehost. You can quickly install the WordPress web builder through your Bluehost account and launch your new blog.

Keep in mind that you need some blog pages and posts for your target audience to see. You also need to promote your blog so that more people can know about it.

Don’t hesitate to read this blogging guide for beginners if you need more details. It covers the essentials of building a blog that makes money.

9. Make YouTube videos

Required age: 13 years or older

You must have already seen or are a fan of one of those teens making money on YouTube. You can do it too if you start a YouTube channel that targets a specific audience.

Keep in mind that you need parental consent to make YouTube videos if you’re aged between 13 and 17 years. Getting it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you plan to create appropriate video content.

The good thing is that you can create videos about a variety of things and get views. But you need to upload new content consistently to increase the number of viewers and subscribers. You can earn from ad revenue, promoting products and services, and memberships.

10. Launch a podcast

Required age: Depends on the online platform you use to podcast.

You’re never too young to have your own podcast. Doing it in your teenage years can be a great way to establish your brand online and generate income. You’ll be quite well off by the time you’re in your 20s.

A podcast can be about almost any topic. It could be about particular places or people, entertainment, or a skill. As long as it’s appropriate and can attract a good number of listeners, you’re good to go.

All you need are the necessary equipment and a podcast hosting platform. There are many free ones to use. But you can always inquire with your parents to take things to the next level.

11. Work as a proofreader

Required age: Depends on the online platform you use for getting jobs.

This is yet another way to make money as a teenager if you have grammar skills. You need to be someone with a keen eye that spots mistakes in writings. These can be unpublished articles, essays, or books.

It’s possible to find proofreading jobs online on freelance marketplaces, proofreading sites, or social media. Be sure to check the age requirements before signing up with any site.

You could also have your own proofreading sites. In this case, you list your services and promote them to potential clients.

If you need more information, here’s free proofreading training for beginners.

12. Find transcription jobs

Required age: 18 years or older

If you prefer an online job that involves typing what you hear, transcription is what you need to do. You simply convert audio and videos to text.

Among the best sites to make money as a teenager by transcribing are:

You may have to take some transcription tests to prove your abilities. But as long as you’re proficient in English and can comprehend popular accents, you’re good to go.

It’s also possible to find transcription jobs on various freelance and job search sites. You just need to know the requirements, apply, and submit good work. This way, you’ll get good reviews and access more opportunities.

Your earnings depend on the length of the file. You get paid for every minute of audio you transcribe.

Here is a transcription mini-course for free if you want more details.

13. Work as a pet sitter

Required age: 18 years or older

Pet sitting can be a perfect way to make money as a teenager if you like pets. Maybe you even own one or two of them and are really good at taking care of them. Whether your favorite pets are cats, dogs, or any other, your experience with pets is what pet owners need.

Many pet owners aren’t always home and need someone professional to care for their pets. You can either pet sit at your own place or at the owner’s home.

If you become a Rover sitter, you’ll access nearby pet sitting jobs online without stressing out. You only need a profile highlighting your experiences with pets to win the hearts of pet owners.

Rover allows you to choose which services to offer, pets to care for, and time to work. You’re paid after completing every pet sitting job on Rover.

14. Tutor online

Required age: Depends on the online platform you use to get jobs.

Maybe you’re good at one or a few subjects in school. Working as a tutor can be a great way for you to make money online as a teen.

You can find nearby tutoring jobs by checking job search sites. Social media is also perfect for finding parents who need young tutors for their kids and teens.

You can also use a tutoring website to find gigs. For instance, sophomores (18 to 19 years) can join a platform like as tutors and make money in college. You just need to be pursuing a degree at an accredited university.

Most tutoring jobs offer hourly pay. Working more hours can be a great boost to your online tutoring earnings.

15. Become a social media manager

Required age: 13 years or older

Many teens like using social media. It could be Facebook, Instagram, or any other. In fact, becoming a Pinterest manager is one great way to make money on social media.

You can manage one or a few social media pages for brands and get paid. You just need your mobile device and a good social media strategy. If you can help a brand set up and grow its online presence, they’ll be willing to hire you for it.

You need to reach out to brands or look for jobs on social media itself. Job search sites are also good for finding social media management jobs. Don’t forget to set up your own pages and promote your service there too.

16. Do delivery jobs

Required age: 18 years or older

Have access to a car, bike, or scooter? If so, the best teen online job for you is doing delivery jobs. As a delivery person, you simply need to pick up and deliver items as required by a customer.

One of the top ways to go about it is to become a Dasher on DoorDash. You just need to sign up, consent to a background check, and get approved to start working.

The company allows you to choose your available time and work location. Even if you’re in a city away from home, you can still work as a Dasher there.

DoorDash pays you for each delivery job you complete. Your pay depends on how demanding a specific task is.

17. Sell handmade items

Required age: 18 years or older

If you have the skills to make crafts, selling them online for extra income is the best approach. It could be knitting, crotchet, or beadwork. Many people love buying items that are unique to them.

One of the best places to sell handmade items is Etsy. You just need to open a shop and create listings of your items. You can then promote your shop online or on Etsy itself to get your products in front of more eyes.

While the required age to open an Etsy shop is 18 years, you can do it if you’re 13 to 17 years. You just need your parent or guardian to create the account on your behalf.

18. Sell your unused stuff

Required age: Depends on the online platform you use to sell.

It’s possible that you have books, CDs, games, or gadgets you no longer use. A good way to make money online would be to sell them. It can be a great teenage side hustle if you have access to lots of them.

One of the best approaches here is to sell on Decluttr, which requires being at least 18 years. The site allows you to sell tech and media items by just using your mobile phone.

You simply submit a product’s barcode to get a price estimation. If it’s a tech item like an Android device or games console, you need to also provide information about the model and condition.

Once Decluttr emails you a shipping label, you simply print it out and attach it to the box. You then take the boxed item to a shipping location. Decluttr pays you after checking your items.

19. Sell custom products

Required age: 16 years or older

It could be that you have the skills to create various designs online. In that case, selling products with your art on them can be a great online job for you.

It’s possible to have your artwork on products like t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. You won’t even have to buy any items in bulk beforehand.

There are various print-on-demand companies online to use. An example is Redbubble.

You set up a seller account, upload your designs on various products, and list them for sale. The company produces the products when a customer orders and you get the profit.

Don’t know how to create designs? Placeit is here to help!

20. Sell notes online

Required age: 16 years or older

Every hardworking teenager has notes they own and use for studies. You can turn your hard work into cash by selling your notes online.

One place to sell notes, textbook summaries, essays, and assignments is Stuvia. The site allows you to quickly create a selling account, set prices, and upload your study documents. You generate earnings from each sale you get and still remain to be the owner.

One advantage of the Stuvia is that you’re free to sell any study document indefinitely. You can get sales any day, even on weekends.

It’s essential to use catchy titles and descriptions on your documents to be easily found. Getting more good reviews improves your reputation.

21. Sell photos

Required age: 18 years or older

If you have a good camera and photography skills, selling photos is among the best way to make money online. You can sell photos of nature, animals, people doing everyday things, among others.

You just need to upload your work on a stock photography marketplace like Shutterstock. Any time someone downloads your premium photos, you earn a specific amount. You need to submit as many photos as possible to earn more from the downloads.

Another idea is to set up your own photo-selling or photography service website. If you market it well, you’ll get more sales and photography gigs.

22. Make logos for brands

Required age: 13 years or older

Many teenagers have a creative side. If yours is making logos, that’s the online job you need to generate income as a teen.

New brands need logos that visually represent their brands. Some older companies also change their logos to portray their new ideas.

There’s a variety of software to use for making logo designs. If you’re a total newbie, you just need an easy tool to master and get started.

You can find logo creation jobs on freelance platforms and job boards. It helps to have samples of your work ready so that clients can quickly decide about hiring you. If you get good reviews and ratings, finding more work won’t be a problem.

23. Become an influencer

Required age: 13 years or older

It’s highly likely that you know some teen influencers. You can make money too by becoming one.

What an influencer does is simply create sponsored posts and get paid. You collaborate with relevant brands to help them reach a new audience.

That’s why it’s essential to have a significant number of followers on the social network you want to use. It can be Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

If your page is quite popular, brands can notice you and reach out for collaborations. You can also be the one to get in touch and see whether they need influencer marketing. What you charge depends on factors like your page’s popularity and engagement plus the required number of sponsored posts.

24. Get paid to review calls

Reviewing calls is another quick and easy online job for teens. You listen to calls, answer simple questions, and get paid.

One of the companies to get hired for this kind of work is Humanatic. Clients use the company to get a review of their calls. Humanatic provides analytical reports and valuable data to help boost customer service and sales.

While starting out, you get simple tasks on reviewing calls to learn how it all works. You can then access new and bigger earning opportunities as you advance.

Remember, you won’t need to make or pick up calls or have live conversations. Plus, you choose when to log in and work depending on your schedule. Humanatic pays you weekly via PayPal.

Useful Tips to Make Money Online as a Teenager

As a teen, you’re expected to focus on your education. Making money should only be a thing you do on the side when free.

Below are some tips to succeed at online jobs for teens:

Use your free time to do online jobs

Unless you’re not a school-goer, you’ll have schoolwork to focus on most of the time. So, use your time when free to take on an online job that suits you.

Depending on your income goals, you could cancel some fun activities to focus on making some money. If you put the time and effort into it, you can have a successful side hustle or business to rely on in the days to come.

Check the reviews of sites and apps for making money

You may be a victim of a scam if you’ve never experienced one before. And frankly, many teens haven’t.

So, you should watch out for malicious websites before agreeing to take on a task. Check what people are saying about a specific money making site online and then decide to register.

Check age requirements and terms of use

Many popular online platforms are legit for making money. But you also need to ensure that you’re of the required age to use the platform.

It’s good to be honest about your age to avoid any penalties. It won’t hurt that much to wait and meet the age requirements while exploring other money-making ideas for teens.

Get consent from your parents or guardians

It’s good to let your parents know about any jobs you want to do as a teen. This way, they’ll help you get more information and even set up your accounts online.

Sometimes, an idea may require you to invest some money. Your parents can help you raise the money to kickstart your new online side hustle.

Also, there is the issue of payments. You don’t want your hard-earned money to stay unused on a site because you can’t withdraw it.

Many sites allow you to give the financial information of your parents so that you can receive funds. This way, the adult acts as the primary account holder, like in the case of PayPal. The reason is that some of the listed online jobs require a PayPal account.

Save and invest

It’s easy to be tempted to blow through whatever you earn online as a teenager. But practicing the habits of saving and investing at a young age is essential.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your earnings. You only need to set aside a portion of the money for meaningful fun activities and let the rest of it grow.

Wrapping up on Online Teen Jobs

You were eager to know how to make money online as a teenager. Now, you have everything you need.

Implement an idea or two you like to start earning. You won’t be broke as a teen or when older if you begin the journey today.

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