The Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pictures Online

pros and cons of selling feet pictures online

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

Selling feet pics may be a surprising way to make money. But it’s becoming quite popular as more people, both women and men, are doing it to generate income on the side.

If you’re of legal age and live in a country where selling pictures of feet is within the law, you’re free to take it up as a side hustle. The good thing is that it’s legal in most countries across the globe.

You can turn it into a successful business if you know how to attract potential clients. They include feet lovers, online creators, digital marketers, and bloggers.

In case you want to learn more about this moneymaking idea, check out this article on how to sell feet pics.

For now, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of selling feet pics on the Internet.

The Pros of Selling Feet Pictures Online

While it may appear like an unusual side hustle or business, selling feet pics has its advantages. They include the following:

  • Low startup cost: If you need a way to make money using little effort, selling feet pictures might suit you. You only need a good camera and maybe some lighting equipment to capture the photos. Or, you can hire someone to take the pics for you to post online or send to your buyers.
  • Multiple sources of income: You get a chance to have more income streams to rely on. You’ll be more self-reliant and won’t need financial help from other people. You could even quit your boring and low-paying job if the side hustle takes off.
  • Extra money to pay off debt: Getting out of debt can be challenging if you have little or no extra income. So, when you make some sales from your feet pictures and videos, the money can go toward debt payment. And being debt-free is essential for building wealth achieving your other financial goals.
  • Extra money to save: Saving is another habit that can be quite difficult to adopt. But if you have more money than you require for your basic needs, it becomes easier to put any extras into savings. It can be your emergency fund or a retirement savings account like IRA.
  • Extra money to invest: Another advantage of selling feet pics is that you can start investing whatever excess income you generate. And many investments don’t require a lot of money. In fact, there are several ways to invest $100 and grow your money.
  • More money for fun activities: It could be that you want to treat your friends and family or go on a vacation but the lack of enough funds is holding you back. If selling feet pics is something you don’t mind, it may be the side hustle that enables you to have more fun.
  • A chance to build your brand: Unless you’re doing it anonymously, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with different buyers and attract loyal fans from various locations in the world. Once you’ve established your social media pages, you can even venture into new stuff that suits your audience.

The Cons of Selling Feet Pictures Online

Like many other side hustles, selling pictures of your feet has some downsides. They’re listed below:

  • You may have a hard time with buyer requests: As a seller of feet pics, you’ll have to deal with all sorts of buyers. These include those who don’t easily get satisfied. Some clients may also have weird requests.
  • Some potential clients are scammers: Many people love seeing feet photos and videos to relieve their stresses. Some of them aren’t really willing to pay for it. You may deliver their request and they end up not sending the payment.
  • Your content might be stolen: Similar to other types of content, feet pictures and videos can be stolen. It could be that the person stealing wants to use them on other websites and even dating apps. Or, they may sell your feet content to others online.
  • You might receive negative feedback: This can come from unsatisfied customers who didn’t like their experience with you. Also, people who don’t like what you’re doing might bash you on social media. They could negatively comment on your posts or criticize you in their own posts.
  • It may conflict with some religious practices: Because some religions are strict, you might not be able to sell your feet pics. But you don’t have to worry as there are many other ways to make extra money.

How to Ensure You Have a Good Experience Selling Feet Pictures

There are several steps you can take to make sure you’re enjoying more benefits when selling feet pics. Here are some of them:

  • Politely decline any buyer requests you don’t like.
  • Ask for payments first if you’re selling on regular online platforms like Instagram and check reviews before registering with new “feet only” photo-selling sites.
  • Add watermarks to your feet content (especially those not showing your face) before publishing them.
  • Accept that not everyone will like what you do online.
  • Be sure that selling feet pics won’t cause any problems where you live.

Wrapping It up

It’s possible to sell your feet content and make money online if you don’t mind doing it. From my research, it’s not the best or worst way to make money. Whether you need money desperately to cover your expenses or want to achieve your long-term financial goals, feel free to go for it.

Don’t forget to check out my detailed guide on selling feet pictures to make money instantly. You’ll find more tips on the subject and know exactly how to start the side hustle without stressing out.


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