How to make quick money in one day

How to Make Quick Money in a Day (15 Legit Ways)

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It’s not uncommon to be in need of fast cash. If you want to know how to make quick money in one day or less, there are numerous ideas that work.

Quick money can help with daily purchases, bills, debt payments, and much more. This article is all about the quickest moneymaking ideas that anyone can implement right away.


15 Ways to Make Quick Money in One Day

Now, let’s explore how you can make quick money online and at home legally and legitimately.

1. Get paid to sign up

There are quite a number of sites and apps to sign up and get money instantly. These sign-up bonuses are usually incentives to bring in more members to a specific platform.

You may not always be able to instantly withdraw a bonus. Some sites require you to perform another action within a particular period of time.

Still, this is a guaranteed way to get free money. Many times, you don’t have to deposit anything at all. You simply need to do as instructed to cash out the money.

One of the best places for sign-up bonuses is a rewards platform like Ibotta. You get $20 for signing up, verifying your email address, and taking on the available shopping offers. You can earn extra cash rewards when you shop, dine, and make purchases.

2. Do survey jobs online

Another great way to make quick cash in a day is to do survey jobs. In fact, it’s possible to get your earnings in an hour or a few minutes.

Surveys can be about a wide variety of topics. Brands usually create them for market research. If you answer surveys, you’ll be among the millions of people helping big companies improve their products and services.

Among the top survey sites to join is InboxDollars. You even get a $5 registration bonus.

Be sure to provide accurate personal details. This way, you’ll only receive survey tasks that align with your occupation, location, and interests.

You won’t have to lie in surveys. Being honest in your responses is essential for receiving the rewards, influencing brand decisions, and getting more survey opportunities.

3. Browse for quick money

You can get easy cash fast by browsing the Internet. It doesn’t even require you to free up time for it.

Because we’re always searching for things online, you might as well get paid for it. Plus, you don’t need any skills to start. All you require is your phone or computer.

Swagbucks is one online platform to browse for money that pays well. You just need to make Swagbucks your default search engine. The good thing is that it works with all the popular web browsers and your searches will bring great results as usual.

Millions of people also use Swagbucks to take surveys and complete other quick daily tasks. You too can start participating and earn more instant points that are redeemable for PayPal money or free gift cards.

4. Shop and get quick cash rewards

Did you know that you can make money quickly by shopping online? That’s possible with the help of cashback platforms.

Many stores pay these platforms for bringing in more customers. And the cashback site or app simply shares the commissions with their shoppers.

If you want a well-paying cashback platform, check out MyPoints. The shopping rewards site even gives you a gift card worth $10 for making your first purchase. You can use that to get even more items of your choice.

One great thing about MyPoints is that it partners with lots of retailers. You can find those stores you always use when shopping.

MyPoints also has other ways to earn such as taking surveys. Such tasks can increase your earnings and give you a chance to receive payouts faster via PayPal or gift cards.

5. Pet sit

Have a history with pets? You could become a pet sitter and make quick money at home as a parent or teenager.

Pet owners can get quite busy and lack the time to feed, walk, and offer other types of care to their pets. That’s the reason they hire pet sitters.

Pet sitting can be done at your home or at the pet owner’s place, which is sometimes called house sitting. Depending on the owner’s needs, you may have to check in on a pet or spend the night with it.

Rover is among the best places online to find local pet-sitting jobs. You get a chance to connect with pet owners nearby and get guaranteed payments for your services.

All you need to do is set up your pet sitter profile, select the pets you can care for, and choose your available times. You get paid after successfully completing a service.

6. Rent out your storage

Most people have storage spaces they don’t use. That can be a basement, shed, garage, spare room, or any other. If you’re one of them, renting it out is the best quick moneymaking idea for you.

The best way to find people in need of storage is by listing your space online. That’s where comes in. It’s an online platform that allows you to sell your storage space to people nearby.

When you list your space, renters can reserve it and contact you to reach an agreement. You’re allowed to meet them in person before storing their stuff.

You will receive payments as long as the renter keeps their things at your place. Your charges depend on factors like the type, size, and quality of storage you have.

7. Sell used phones and other items

Have any mobile devices, CDs, or games you no longer need? The best way to get quick cash would be to sell them online.

Decluttr is perfect for selling tech and media items you don’t use. Hundreds of millions have already been paid out to customers. Your stuff just needs to be in usable condition for you to get paid.

What you do is go to the selling page or open the app, choose the item to sell, enter the barcode, and get an estimated price.  You have to select the product’s condition if it’s a device like a phone.

You’ll then be required to put on the shipping label from Decluttr and take the boxed item to a shipping location. If your item meets the standards, you’ll receive your payment.

8. Sell a skill online

Selling a skill can make you quick money in a day if you’re good at it. There are lots of services anyone can offer online and get paid. These include online marketing, web design, and video editing.

If you don’t have a skill or feel like you aren’t good enough, you‘re free to teach yourself first. There are many YouTube tutorials and paid resources to use online.

You can use online service platforms like Fiverr to sell a skill. You need to get as many good reviews and ratings as possible to stand out.

Setting up your own website for offering a service is also great as there won’t be competition. But you still need to promote your site on social networks and through blogging to get well-targeted clients.

9. Do drop servicing

Maybe you can get customers but don’t know how to offer a service to them. Why not hire someone else for it and share a portion of the earnings with them? That’s what’s called drop servicing.

For instance, you can find a client paying $100 to get a job done. You then go to an online platform for buying and selling services and hire a professional willing to take $50. The profits are yours to keep.

Remember, the client doesn’t have to know that you outsourced. You could also even put together a team of experts in a particular area and get more tasks done.

Some places to find clients include social media, online forums, and freelance marketplaces. You might even want to create ads to reach more people in need of a specific service online.

10. Find leads for businesses

This almost works the same way as drop servicing. But in this case, it’s about products. You find a potential customer, connect them with a brand, and get paid.

Now, it won’t be easy to get a brand to pay you upfront. That’s why giving them some results can help you get into business.

You could send a few leads to a particular brand for free. The company may reach out or you can do that yourself and propose a deal. If they think it’s beneficial, they’ll be willing to pay a reasonable amount for every potential customer you send their way.

Some strategies to find leads are social media promotions, blogging, and building an email list. You can get paid per lead or a particular amount for a specified period.

11. Make logos for brands

Another quick way to make money in a day or less is logo creation. Many companies in need of logos come up every day. Some older brands also change their logos.

You don’t need a lot of graphic design skills as there are many tools you can use online. While free software may work, it’s always best to use paid ones with more features. It makes your work easier and faster.

One of the most efficient logo makers online is Placeit. You can create logos for different sectors, whether it’s clothing, gaming, finance, or any other. You get templates to use that you can also adjust as per the needs of a client.

As for finding brands, some places to check are freelance sites and social media. Provide them with a high-quality logo and you’ll get great reviews and more jobs.

12. Write content for websites

If you have some writing skills, you can earn fast cash by becoming a writer online. Many websites are available on the Internet and they need new content from time to time. Most website owners hire freelancers to provide web content for them.

It could be informational articles for blogs, product reviews for online stores, or sales copies for landing pages. You can choose your writing niche based on your knowledge and interests. Specializing in one or a few topics or sectors will position you as an expert.

Freelance platforms like Upwork and social media sites are great for finding online writing jobs. It helps if you first publish some of your writing online for potential clients to see. This way, they can hire you if they like your writing style.

As a freelance writer, you can get paid per hour or for an entire project. It depends on you and your client’s preferences.

13. Take on odd jobs

Maybe you don’t mind using your muscles a bit to make quick money. Some homeowners prefer hiring people for odd jobs online like heavy lifting, mounting of equipment, and cleaning.

Many odd jobs don’t require a lot of expertise. You just need to use some of your energy.

But in some cases, a job will require tools and machines. If that’s so, be sure that you know how to handle the machinery to avoid poor work and injuries.

An example of a popular odd job app to use is TaskRabbit. You can use it to find tasks in your location. You’re allowed to pick your time of work and adjust your rates. TaskRabbit lets you keep all your earnings plus customer tips.

14. Use your hobby to make quick money

Most of us have hobbies. They’re what keep us occupied in our free time. No one is stopping you from monetizing your hobby.

There’s a huge list of moneymaking hobbies to earn income from home. They include photography, gaming, and gardening. For instance, you can take photos for brands as a photographer, stream video games as a gamer, or sell herbs as a gardener.

Some hobbies are easier to earn from than others. But chances are that you’re good at doing that activity you like and can make money if you start treating it like a business. Find product and service ideas based on your hobby, price them, and start promoting.

15. Cut your expenses

This isn’t a way to make quick money in a day but rather an idea to free up money fast. It’s possible that you’re using more money than required for a particular expense.

It could be food where you’re eating out and ordering meals for delivery a lot. You can start cooking at home more and save the extra money for something else.

Or, it can be a bill or old subscription taking up a lot of your income. It’s possible to get rid of high expenses using Trim.

This financial management tool helps you negotiate bills and cancels your unused subscriptions for you automatically. It’s useful for finding ideas to reduce your living costs and save more.

Wrapping It up

Whatever the amount of money you want to make quickly in one day, you now have some great ideas. Use them to boost your daily income and never be broke again.

Remember, using multiple ways to make quick money can help you reach your income goals faster. Just be sure that there aren’t too many to affect your focus and hence the ability to actually earn.

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