Survey Junkie - Is It Legit?

Is Survey Junkie Legit? Here’s How Much You Can Make a Day

Taking surveys is among the easiest ways to earn money online. With so many survey sites out there, you may be wondering how legit Survey Junkie is.

Maybe you’ve tried several sites before and didn’t make any money. Or, you’re totally new to online surveys and need a platform that really pays you for your time.

The truth is, there are quite a number of good sites to earn from surveys. But does Survey Junkie really pay you?

In this Survey Junkie review, you’ll discover whether the site is to be trusted, how much you can earn a day, and more. Keep reading to know more!

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What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an online market research platform where users can take surveys for money. The platform was founded in 2013.

Now, it’s a well-known survey money-making site owned by DISQO. DISQO partners with various brands for consumer insights and Survey Junkie makes it all happen.

Survey Junkie’s members make their voices heard by sharing their opinions about the brands they love. It’s a chance to influence big brand decisions and help in the making of better products and services.

Is Survey Junkie Legit?

Survey Junkie is a legit survey site that you can trust when it comes to earning money online quickly and easily. Over 10 million people use the site.

Survey Junkie has been paying its members since its beginning. That explains why more people continue to use it for extra bucks from their opinions.

Currently, the Survey Junkie app has a rating of over 4 stars and more than 30,000 reviews on Google Play. As for the number of downloads, it’s over 1 million.

On Trustpilot, the platform also has a rating of over 4 stars and 30,000 plus reviews. The majority of Survey Junkie’s reviews on Trustpilot are excellent.

It’s also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. What all of this means is that you can trust Survey Junkie.

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

If you’ve been eager to know how to get started with Survey Junkie, here are the easy steps:

Register an account

You just need to go to this page to create a new account. The requirements to join are 16 years of age at the minimum and being a resident of the US, Canada, or Australia. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook, or Google.

You’ll then fill out details like your zip code, country, birthday, gender, name, and password. You can then log into your Survey Junkie account.

Your information helps Survey Junkie find the best surveys for you. You’ll find earning opportunities depending on demographics like your age and location. For that reason, completing your profile is essential.

Take surveys

Once you get a survey you qualify for, you just need to answer the questions and get paid. You can do it anywhere and anytime using your phone or even your computer.

The good thing about Survey Junkie is that Surveys are optional. If you don’t like a particular survey, you can leave it out.

You’re also free not to continue with a survey even after starting it. But completed surveys are the only ones that the platform pays you for.

Get rewards

Survey Junkies gives you points for every survey you complete. It depends on factors such as the length of a survey.

This means that long surveys come with more points than shorter surveys. But most of them just take several minutes to finish.

You can redeem your points once you have enough of them in your account.

Ways to Participate and Earn on Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers you two levels of participating when you join the community.

SJ Opinion

This is where you’re paid for your opinion. You take surveys and take part in focus groups to earn rewards.

It’s a popular way to earn from Survey Junkie. As long as your details match what a researcher wants, you’re qualified to take a survey. You can find the available surveys on your dashboard.

SJ Pulse

SJ Pulse gives you a chance to make money online from your digital browsing behavior. As an SJ Pulse user, you share things like your Internet searches, web visits, and shopping activities for rewards. You can join the people already getting rewards this way through the mobile app and browser extension of Survey Junkie.

If you don’t mind sharing your online activities, SJ Pulse can be a great boost to your earnings. And of course, your information is secured when you opt in to this earning opportunity.

Click here to start earning with Survey Junkie

Is Survey Junkie Safe?

You may want to know whether it’s safe to share your information with Survey Junkie. The answer is, it’s safe to use the Survey Junkie app and browser extension.

Survey Junkie protects any data you share. Your responses are only for market research purposes. They’re part of the survey results that help brands serve you and many others better.

The same goes for your digital browsing activity when you take part in SJ Pulse. All of it undergoes encryption to ensure your privacy isn’t violated by any party. Plus, the company regularly updates its security systems to ensure that there’s no loss, misuse, or alteration of data.

How to Get Paid on Survey Junkie

Let’s explore how many points you need and how to redeem them on Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie points to dollars

One point on Survey Junkie is equivalent to one cent or $0.01. The minimum to cash out on Survey Junkie is $10. It means that you need 1,000 points to start redeeming.

How to redeem Survey Junkie points

There are three options to redeem points and cash out on Survey Junkie.

  • PayPal: This is a popular way to receive your earnings from Survey Junkie in money. You just need to add your PayPal account details and wait for verification. It’s available in all the countries.
  • Bank transfer: You can choose to get your rewards in cash by requesting a bank transfer. Bank transfers are completely safe. But the option is only available in the US, meaning that you need a US bank account and routing number.
  • Gift cards: If you prefer getting a gift card, Survey Junkie can process one for you to a popular store like Amazon. The redemption method is available to users in the US.

Survey Junkie Redeem Points

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How Much Can You Earn on Survey Junkie?

Most survey jobs pay you several cents to a couple of bucks. You can make $3 to $10 in an hour on Survey Junkie. It’s around the same amount ($3 to $10) a day if you just spend one hour or less on the platform daily.

Your monthly earnings can be around $100 to $300 or more. It all depends on how many surveys you do every day. Taking on every survey you qualify for is how you’ll boost your earnings.

Besides surveys, you could also share your Internet activities with Survey Junkie to earn more.

How Does Survey Junkie Make Money?

Survey Junkie, like other survey companies, collaborates with brands for market research purposes. Brands need user opinions on their products and services. They can get them using a platform like Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie has millions of members like you who are ready to answer surveys. The research company provides the questions and later analyzes the survey results. These results are valuable and help the company to make better products and offer high-quality services.

That’s why these companies pay Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie shares a portion of the money with all the participants of a particular survey. The same thing happens in the case of sharing browsing behaviors.

Survey Junkie Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Survey Junkie for surveys.


  • Trusted survey site: The Survey Junkie app has good ratings and reviews on Google Play. The site is also well-rated on Trustpilot. On top of it all, it’s accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • More than one way to earn: Some survey sites only pay you to take surveys. Survey Junkie has another option involving the sharing of your digital browsing activities. You can earn more points this way.
  • No expiry of points for active users: Your Survey Junkie points won’t expire as long as you’re an active user. This is quite satisfying, unlike in other platforms where unused points expire automatically after a specific period.
  • Multiple ways to cash out: You can redeem your earned points for e-gift cards to a popular store or real money through PayPal or bank transfer.


  • Age requirement: You need to be at least 16 years to use Survey Junkie. However, this can be an advantage for such older teens because some survey sites need you to be 18 or above.
  • Country limitations: You need to be a resident of the US, Canada, or Australia to take paid surveys on Survey Junkie.
  • Inactivity results in point expiration: If you don’t log into your account for 12 months, Survey Junkie takes back your earned points.

Survey Junkie Alternatives

Survey Junkie is a great app and site to make money if you’re 16 years of age or older. It’s trusted, rated well, and has lots of active members already earning.

There are other legitimate survey sites like Survey Junkie that you can use. Some of the best ones are listed below:

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a popular survey company that also has other ways to earn rewards. They include using Swagbucks to search online, watch videos, and shop online.
  • InboxDollars: Another widely-used rewards site to earn real money from surveys. InboxDollars also gives you PayPal cash for playing games, reading emails, and shopping on the Web. There’s a $5 bonus for setting up an account.
  • MyPoints: This is a great online platform known for its shopping rewards. The other earning opportunities are completing surveys and watching videos.
  • LifePoints: Get paid for sharing your opinion on various brands. Most of the surveys are quick.
  • American Consumer Panel: Answer opinion survey online about new products, ads, and more.

Remember, it’s fine to use multiple sites for surveys. You get a chance to maximize your survey earnings. If you use any other site, especially newer ones, always check their reputation first to be sure of getting paid.

Survey Junkie FAQs

Here are the answers to the additional questions that people ask.

Does Survey Junkie really pay out?

Yes, Survey Junkie pays you in cash or gift cards depending on your preferred redemption method. You just need to meet the minimum point requirements for cashing out.

Also, it’s essential to ensure that you provide the correct payment details to avoid any inconveniences. Only use your real PayPal account or bank account for receiving earnings from Survey Junkie.

Who can use Survey Junkie?

The minimum age to use Survey Junkie is 16. Also, you must be residing in the US, Canada, or Australia to access the surveys.

So, yes. An under 18 can use Survey Junkie. That’s if you’re at least 16. This means that 13-year-olds cannot join Survey Junkie at the moment.

Can I trust Survey Junkie with my information?

You can trust Survey Junkie with your details because the platform encrypts user data. Survey Junkie has security measures in place to ensure that your information can’t get lost, misused, or altered.

If you Survey Junkie’s reviews, you’ll find that many users are happy with the platform. You just need to become a member too to start earning.

Is Survey Junkie a good way to make money?

Survey Junkie is a great way to make quick cash on the side online. You’ll have some money for daily expenses. You won’t worry about paying for groceries or clearing a small debt.

But you won’t be rich from taking surveys on Survey Junkie or any other survey site for that matter. If you need to boost your income using your phone, here are other apps that pay you instantly.

How much can you make on Survey Junkie a day?

Several factors determine your daily Survey Junkie earnings. A few of them are the available surveys and how much each one of them pays.

Your demographics determine the surveys you’ll see on your dashboard. If the surveys are lengthy, they usually pay more.

That being said, you can make around $3 to $10 a day on Survey Junkie. It can be higher depending on the survey opportunities available to you. If you want to earn more, it helps to check in daily and finish every survey.

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What are some Survey Junkie hacks?

There are several ways to make more money as a Survey Junkie user. Here are some Survey Junkie hacks to use:

  • Visit the app or site frequently to avoid missing out on surveys you qualify for.
  • Join SJ pulse to earn passively while browsing the Internet.
  • Invite your friends too and earn extra points.

Survey Junkie Review (Wrapping It up)

Now, you have your answer to “Is Survey Junkie legit and safe?” The survey company is worth a try for sure if you need to supplement your daily income.

You just need to be an active member to keep earning from Survey Junkie. Go to your account frequently to check any new surveys.

Feel free to also try other ways to make extra money. These are essential if you want to achieve your financial goals and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

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