Online Jobs for Students to Earn Money

25 Best Online Jobs for Students to Earn Money (Working Part-Time)

College students have several hours of free time daily. There are many activities to participate in when not studying. But you can also find a part-time job online for students and make extra money for your needs.

Whether you need quick cash for expenses here and there or a side hustle to rely on for some time, you’re in the right place. Keep in mind that most of these ideas also work for high school students.

Now, let’s explore the best online jobs for students to earn money while working part-time. You can do it from your dorm, apartment, or even at home in your room. Most of them require little to zero experience and no investment.

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Quick and Easy Online Jobs for Students

We’ll start with the easiest online jobs that any student in college or high school can do without experience.

1. Completing surveys

Surveys are among the best online part-time jobs for students that require little effort. You just need to respond to questions depending on the topic or sector and earn quick rewards.

There are several legitimate sites for surveys to use online. They get paid by brands looking for user opinions and then share the amount with you.

Here are some of the best survey sites for students:

The reward you get depends on factors like how long a survey is. It could be several cents or a couple of dollars. It helps to take on any survey you qualify for on multiple survey sites to boost your earnings.

Keep in mind that many sites give you points for surveys. You’ll need enough of them before redeeming for PayPal cash or gift cards.

2. Website and app testing

If you know how to use websites and apps, web and app testing can be a great online student job for you. As a tester, you’re paid to test the usability of sites and apps.

You only need to go to a site or app as you would in a usual situation and share your experiences with the developers. This way, they’ll know how to make the experience better for other users.

One great online platform to find testing jobs is UserTesting. You just need to pass a quick practice test to join their community of testers. Your information is used to match you with relevant testing opportunities.

The site pays you $4 to $10 for tests depending on the time it takes. There are also live interviews where you can earn $30 to $120.

3. Taking on simple online tasks

There are various simple tasks to do online and get paid for it. Most of them are available on rewards or survey sites.

For Instance, Swagbucks allows you to earn by using it as a search engine, watching videos, and shopping online. InboxDollars pays you real money for playing games, reading emails, and shopping at your favorite online stores.

If you can take on these tasks, besides surveys, you’ll maximize your earnings from such money-making websites. You just need to remember to do them when free from your studies.

Keep in mind that you can be a member of more than one online earning platform. You’ll boost your income even more this way.

Best Remote Jobs for Students Online

Let’s explore some jobs that students can do remotely at home or anywhere else with little to no investment.

4. Slogan writing

Good at coming up with clever and meaningful phrases? If that’s so, slogan writing is a suitable online job to do at home as a student.

Brands are always looking for new or improved slogans that go well with their ideas. They’re willing to hire students who can craft catchy slogans that capture the attention of their target audience.

You can find slogan-writing jobs on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. You’re free to also use job search sites to find out whether there are such listings.

Your earnings depend on your rates and whatever a brand is willing to pay for the project. It could be $25 to $100 while starting out and hundreds of dollars when you’re an experienced professional. There are various slogan writing contests online that you can take part in for a chance to win big.

5. Freelance writing

If you can write long posts that people would love to read, freelance writing suits you. Many online platforms are always looking for high-quality articles on a variety of topics. It could be technology, education, or fitness.

Besides articles, you can also work on e-books, landing pages, or sales copies as a freelance writer. It all depends on your knowledge and how willing you are to learn.

Fiverr and other freelance sites are great for offering freelance services. You can also find freelance work on social networks like LinkedIn by applying for the posted remote positions.

Freelancer writers get paid either per hour or for a single project. You can make $15 to $50 per hour as a beginner freelance writer. If it’s a well-paying project, you could make $100 a day or more.

6. Transcribing

Prefer typing while listening? If that’s the case, you need to become a transcriber online.

Online transcribers are remote workers who convert audio into text. It could be a YouTube video, a meeting, or any other audio or video file.

Accuracy is an important aspect when it comes to transcription. That’s why you need the ability to comprehend a variety of accents and good typing skills to be a successful transcriber.

You can find online transcription jobs for students on freelance marketplaces. You simply need to list transcription as a service you offer and apply for relevant jobs. Transcription sites like Scribie are also great for finding such gigs.

The earnings depend on factors like a file’s length. You get paid per minute of audio. It can be anywhere between $0.10 and $1.00 per audio minute.

Check out this transcription mini-course on Transcribe Anywhere for more details.

7. Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the best online jobs for students with a keen eye for detail. Proofreaders simply correct mistakes in unpublished written content. It could be grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other errors.

Because of the work involved, you need good grammar skills to work as a proofreader. It works even better if you’re pursuing an English or related degree. But that’s not a necessity.

Freelance sites and job boards work well when it comes to finding proofreading jobs online. You could also check proofreading sites because they add new people to their team from time to time. They outsource the work to freelancers when they have more clients in need of proofreading services.

What you earn for proofreading is quite similar to freelance writing and transcribing. You can set your hourly rates depending on how skilled you are.

Feel free to take this proofreading training on Proofread Anywhere for additional information.

8. Translating

You can apply for translating jobs if you comprehend two or more languages. While there are various online translating tools to use, many clients need human work for accuracy.

It’s possible to find online translation jobs using a freelancing site or job board. Most of them have serious requirements. So, you need to prove your abilities in both of the languages involved.

The best way to get more jobs as an online translator is to submit high-quality work. You’ll get good reviews and recommendations.

You can charge an hourly rate or get paid for the whole translation work. The average rate per hour is around $15.

9. Web designing/developing

If you have the skills, you can work as a web designer or developer on a part-time basis and get paid online. You don’t even need a lot of coding knowledge, although that’s an advantage.

There are many website builder themes online that you can use on a client’s website. They include Kadence which works well with open-source software like WordPress.

Many tutorials are available online on how to use such website builders. You just need to master them and start offering web development services.

You can find web designing and development jobs on various freelance sites. As long as you have some of your work to show, getting hired won’t be a problem.

Web designers and developers can be paid per hour or for an entire project. It can be something like $30 to $75 per hour on average.

10. Graphic designing

If working on graphics is your preference, you can be a graphic designer online. Your job will be to put together typography, images, and motion graphics to create attractive pieces of work. Graphic designers can develop designs for websites, advertisements, brochures, and more.

So, you need to be able to use various designing software tools like Adobe to take on such tasks. The good thing is that it’s possible to teach yourself if you’re new to it.

Some places to find graphic design jobs are freelance sites and social media. A potential client will most likely need to see some of your past works. That’s why you need some great samples when applying for graphic design jobs.

Your pay can be on an hourly basis or per project. Freelance graphic designers earn around $25 on average.

11. Logo designing

A logo designer is just like a graphic designer who mostly deals with logos. As a logo designer, you create unique and personalized imagery for brands to use.

You need knowledge of how a specific logo-making tool works. Tools such as Placeit make it easy to design logos. Having some marketing and advertising skills helps to ensure a logo attracts more consumers.

You can offer logo creation services online on freelancing websites or search for available jobs to apply. If a client can see some examples of the logos you make, they may hire you. You can earn a couple of dollars to hundreds of it per logo depending on your skills and a client’s needs.

12. Blogging

Blogging can be fun and rewarding. It’s a perfect part-time online job for a student who likes to share their knowledge with readers.

The good thing is that you can blog about almost anything. But you also need to consider the profitable side of it if you want to earn. Some examples of blogging niches are lifestyle, personal development, and travel.

You need a good domain name and web hosting to make your blog easily accessible from anywhere in the world. A recommended domain registrar and web hosting platform for new bloggers is Bluehost. You can quickly install WordPress through it and start building.

Your blog needs pages and great posts. Promoting your blog and boosting its traffic is also essential. This way, you make money from ads, affiliate products, and other blog monetization strategies.

Check out this “how to start a blog” guide for more details.

13. Creating YouTube videos

There are many YouTubers who are still studying in college or high school. It’s highly likely that you know one (or many) of them.

You can also be a YouTuber if you don’t mind making videos. YouTube channel ideas range from fun stuff like prank and challenge videos to more professional matters like money and tech.

In fact, it’s possible to have a faceless channel where you post informational videos or tutorials on how to do things. As long as you post new video content frequently, gaining views and subscriptions won’t be challenging.

YouTubers can earn from ads, product promotions, and fan memberships. It all depends on the type of channel you have and how popular it is.

14. Make money streaming

This is a great online money-making idea for students who like gaming. You simply live stream on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook and build a loyal audience.

Besides a streaming platform, you need appropriate streaming equipment. You also have to choose the games to play to become a video game streamer.

It can take some time and effort to make a decent income as a streamer. Successful streamers follow a schedule, make interactions, and vary their content.

You can monetize it all once you have a considerable number of viewers. Some monetization methods are getting donations, working with brands, and promoting your own or affiliate products.

15. Video editing

If you’re not into making videos, how about editing them? Many brands need video editors to create the best version of their videos.

It could be a brand looking for high-quality social media content like a Facebook video post. Or, you can find YouTubers in need of an editing service and offer it to them. You simply need to reach out if you see an opportunity.

Another idea is to go to freelancing marketplaces and employment sites to find this type of remote job for students. As long as you have the required skills and can prove it, finding work video-editing online is much possible. You can receive payments on an hourly basis or per each task.

16. Tutoring

Good at a subject or two? Working as a tutor online would be a perfect way for you to earn money as a student. You’ll be helping kids and other students improve their knowledge and grades.

You can be a tutor online on a tutoring platform like You just need to be a college sophomore pursuing a relevant 4-year degree in an accredited university.

Another simple requirement is having appropriate tech equipment. They include a computer of specified specs, an Internet connection, and a webcam or integrated camera.

The amount you make from tutoring depends on the subject and your experience. Expect around $25 an hour. Advanced subjects that require more experience come with higher pay.

17. Social media management

It could be that you know how to use social media to get people’s attention. If that’s so, social media management is the online student job that you need.

Many businesses need more social media followers, engagement, and conversions. That’s why they need a pro to help them grow their online presence. It could be Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other.

You can simply get in touch with potential clients anytime you spot the opportunity. They’re likely to hire you if you show them part of your social media strategy.

Your earnings as a social media manager depend on factors like your expertise and how much work is done. Managing more pages means higher earnings. You can have a team to help you with some of the work.

18. Virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is another remote job for students that requires no investment. Your job as a VA is to offer various admin services depending on a client’s needs. These include managing emails, scheduling meetings online, and writing.

You can choose when you’re available to work and inform your client about it. Potential clients are mostly people doing online businesses. They include bloggers, online course sellers, and coaches.

It’s possible to find VA work by pitching your services to such people when applicable. They may be in need of a VA and hire you. You can also reach out to other VAs to be part of their team.

It’s essential to establish your brand online as a VA. This way, potential clients can know about you and make proposals if interested in working with you. Your skills and the type of businesses you work with are some factors that determine your VA earnings.

19. Digital marketing

If you’re good at marketing stuff online, this is the job you need. Your work as a digital marketer is to help brands get more engagement, traffic, and sales.

Digital marketing requires you to be really skilled. You need to know how it works and even get certifications for it. If you’re a total newbie, getting some training would help.

You need an online presence that shows you’re really good at what you do. This means high-quality social media pages and even a website with good traffic levels.

Clients can approach you if they see the digital marketing services you offer online. You’re free to also reach out to potentials with ideas of how you can help them grow.

20. Influencer

Like spending time on social media? You can become an influencer and make extra money.

Influencers are people who get paid by brands for posting sponsored content. It’s likely that you’ve come across such posts when checking your favorite celebs.

But you don’t need to be popular to get sponsored post opportunities. However, you need a significant following on the online platform you want to use.

If a particular brand likes your social media content and engagements, they can reach out with such an offer. You’re free to also contact relevant companies and find out whether they can pay you for promoting their products. You can agree on the pay per post, a set of posts, or a specific period.

Part-Time Jobs for Students

These are some other student jobs where you sell a product or service online and get paid.

21. Pet sitting

Maybe you’re a pet lover and own (or have ever owned) some pets. You can offer to care for other people’s cats, dogs, or any other pets when they’re busy.

While the work isn’t complicated, some experience in pet care goes a long way. It will be much easier if you’re looking after pets you know how to handle.

Joining Rover as a sitter is the best way to get started. The online platform makes it easier for you to find pet-sitting jobs near you.

You simply need a Rover profile to get started. Rover allows you to choose when to work, the services to offer, and the pets you prefer.

You get paid per job. What you earn as a sitter depends on how many hours you work and the number of services you offer.

22. Delivering items

Delivering items is a perfect online job for students to earn money from their cars. In fact, some delivery services allow you to do it using your bicycle or scooter.

One of them is DoorDash. You just need to become a Dasher to access delivery jobs nearby. In most cases, you deliver food from restaurants to customers.

DoorDash is great as it allows you to pick your working hours, days, and place. You only need to do some deliveries when you’re free, even on the weekends.

Dashers earn for every delivery they make. It can be $2 to over $10. The pay varies because some customer orders require more effort than others.

23. Grocery shopping

Yes, you can be paid to shop. But you’ll be doing it for others rather than your own needs.

One of the best ways to get paid to shop for groceries is to work as an Instacart shopper. The company enables customers to get groceries quickly and shoppers to earn extra cash for their services.

You could be an in-store shopper and work in a specific store for a specified period. Or, join as a full-service shopper where you shop and deliver. The latter role requires you to have a car for picking up and carrying the groceries to buyers.

Shoppers choose when to work. This means that you can do it on the days you’re not in school. Your pay per hour is dependent on things like the type of orders you take on.

24. Selling online

If you like selling things, you can become an online seller to earn extra income. Marketplaces like Amazon allow new sellers to join their platforms every day.

You can choose to either resell existing products or create your own brand. There are various products you can sell online for a profit. They fall into the categories of physical and digital products.

Also, it’s possible to sell used stuff online. This approach is easier as you’ll have fewer things to worry about.

For instance, you become a seller on Decluttr if you have used tech and media items. They include old CDs, DVDs, books, games, and gadgets. They just need to be still usable.

25. Creating an online store

You may prefer having your own store and controlling what you sell plus the prices. The idea works well for custom products like branded t-shirts, phone cases, and mugs. You could also sell your handmade items online through your own store.

You just need to get a store name depending on what you want to sell. Online platforms like Shopify have made it easier to own a store online.

You’ll find a wide variety of themes to set up your new shop. You can customize how the store looks and modify settings like payments, shipping, and more.

Once the store is live, you just have to promote it online to potential buyers. This includes using search engine optimization tactics for free or paid ads on Facebook and Google.

Wrapping up on Online Student Jobs

As you can see, there are quite a number of online jobs for students to earn money. What you need to do next is pick a single idea or a few of them and get to work.

Remember, these are part-time student jobs that don’t require your full attention. Only do them when free to ensure you don’t affect your studies.

In the long run, you could build a new income stream for yourself and be independent financially.

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