How to Make 50 Dollars Fast

17 Legit Ways to Make $50 Fast (Within a Day!)

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Need to make $50 fast but feel a little stuck? Maybe you need to make a purchase, pay a bill, or get rid of debt as soon as possible. Whatever the expense is, getting it covered doesn’t have to be stressful.

There are many moneymaking ideas to choose from. You can quickly find one that aligns with your interests and make a quick 50 bucks. It’s possible to build a reliable income stream after being at it for a while.

Now, let’s explore how to make 50 dollars fast online and on the side.

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How to Make $50 a Day Fast

The following are ways to make $50 a day from home quickly. You may even make the amount in an hour or a few with some of them.

1. Take surveys for money

If you want to make $50 fast online on PayPal, taking surveys is one way to do it. As a survey taker, survey companies reward you for giving your opinion on various questions.

These survey companies usually get paid by brands and share the amount with survey takers. This way, the brands will know how to make their products and services better.

Many popular survey sites are legit and give you points for completing their paid surveys. These points are usually redeemable for PayPal cash or gift cards from various retailers. Your earnings will vary depending on factors like survey length.

Here are some of the best survey sites that actually pay their users:

  • Swagbucks: Get rewarded with SB points for completing surveys, using Swagbucks for searches, and watching videos. You’ll receive a $5 sign-up bonus if you become a member and complete offers.
  • InboxDollars: Earn rewards when you take surveys, watch videos, and play games. You get a $5 registration bonus.
  • Survey Junkie: Get paid for survey jobs and several easy tasks for new users.

It helps to complete more tasks to maximize your earnings from these survey companies. Most of them only take a few minutes. You may also want to join multiple platforms to access more survey jobs.

2. Earn cashback on your purchases

This is a guaranteed way to make a quick $50 without a lot of effort. All you need to do is shop like normal through a cashback app or site and get rewarded. It works with groceries, apparel, gas, and other everyday purchases.

You just have to find offers of the items you need on a cashback platform and buy them. The good thing is that many popular stores work with various cashback apps.

If you shop in-store, you may be required to upload your receipt to prove your purchase. But when shopping online, your purchases can be tracked automatically. The app will then reward you with a portion of what they get for sending you to a specific store.

These are the best cashback apps to earn rewards for shopping:

  • Upromise: Earn rewards for online and in-store shopping and dining. A $30 registration bonus is up for grabs for new shoppers who sign up and link their checking, savings, or 529 accounts.
  • MyPoints: Get rewarded for shopping online from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. There’s a $10 Amazon gift card for your first purchase. Other earning opportunities include taking surveys.
  • BeFrugal: Get automatic cashback from over 5,000 stores online with no minimum payouts. You receive $10 for free when you sign up and earn $10 in cashback rewards.

Always shopping using cashback apps is great for earning extra bucks and saving money on your purchases. As long as you only buy things you need, you’re good to go.

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3. Find freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing to make $50 fast

Freelance writing can be a perfect source of extra income if you have writing skills. Many site owners hire freelancers to write various types of web content. And there’s a demand for freelance writers as more blogs and other sites come up.

It’s always good to focus on one or a few related subjects. You’re likely to appear more reputable. But you can also work as a general freelance writer on different topics.

As a freelancer, it’s not uncommon to make 50 dollars with one or two projects a day. As you become more experienced, it’s possible to make the same amount or more in an hour.

You can begin your freelance writing journey on platforms like Fiverr. A lot of clients trust such freelance marketplaces for finding writers. But the downside is that there’s high competition.

Another idea is to go on social media. For instance, you may find clients on Facebook groups covering specific topics. You can also set up a professional profile on LinkedIn and market your freelance writing services.

Regardless of the platform you use, it’s essential to offer good work. This is the only way you’ll access more jobs and recommendations to boost your writing side hustle or career.

4. Work as a proofreader online

Maybe you have a keen eye and can spot mistakes in written content. Working as a proofreader would be a great way for you to make $50 a day.

All you need to do is correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in documents. It could be unpublished blog posts, books, and other writings.

If you have a degree in English or related subjects, that’s an advantage. But it’s possible to get proofreading work online based on your language skills. Many jobs simply require you to take a test to prove your abilities.

Freelance marketplaces, proofreading websites, and social media platforms are perfect for finding proofreading jobs. You could also set up a website and promote it online to potential clients.

Similar to freelance writing, getting good reviews is essential. You can even start with a slightly lower rate to get your first client and a positive review. Being reputable means more chances of getting hired.

Need more details on where to start with proofreading? Check out this workshop to learn more about it.

5. Become a transcriber online

Transcribing files is all about converting them into text. You simply listen to an audio or video and type what is said following a format. While there are applications online that can do the job, many clients trust humans to offer more accurate and reliable work.

If you can comprehend various accents, you won’t have problems doing the majority of transcription jobs. Your grammar skills also matter as writing is part of the work.

There are two common types of professional transcription jobs: law and medical transcription. But you can become a general transcriber and convert files like YouTube videos to text.

Freelance websites, job search platforms, and transcription sites work well when it comes to finding transcription jobs. You may need to go through a test before accessing paid transcribing gigs on a particular platform.

In case you need more information to get started with transcription, check out this training for free.

6. Apply for social media manager jobs

Like spending a lot of time online? You may as well make $50 a day as a social media manager.

Your work involves posting content, interacting with users, and building good brand relationships. You may have to do other relevant tasks depending on the client’s needs.

Having social media marketing skills is useful if you want to succeed. This is because many clients expect you to not only manage but also grow their pages. If you’re totally new, there are many resources online on creating a social media strategy to use.

Of course, the best place to find such jobs is on social media sites themselves. Apply for any posted gigs, pitch your services, or gain the attention of brands your way.

You can be a social media manager on a specific platform or several of them. Some popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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7. Pet sit

Pet sitting to make $50 fast

Pet sitting can be your money-making hobby if you like having pets around. Many pet owners hire a sitter to take care of their cat, dog, or other pets when they aren’t home. It could be that they’re at work or on vacation.

You may find a local pet-sitting job if you ask around. But an easier option is to look for pet-sitting opportunities online.

Becoming a Rover sitter is one simple way to start offering pet-sitting services online. The platform brings you closer to pet owners hiring a sitter nearby.

Experience with handling a specific type of pet makes your work easier. That’s why Rover allows you to select your preferred pets when setting up an account. You also get to pick the days and hours you’ll be working.

With Rover, your job can be to check in on a pet, have them overnight with you, or house sit at the owner’s place. What you earn depends on things like pet type, the care you’re required to offer, and how long the job takes.

8. Get paid to shop for groceries

Like going to the grocery stores? If that’s so, you can make $50 fast by shopping and delivering customer orders. Working as an Instacart shopper is an opportunity to generate income on the side doing exactly that.

It’s simple how Instacart works. An Instacart customer makes an order and the work is assigned to a shopper. Shoppers have two roles to choose from.

The full-service shopper role requires you to shop and deliver items. And so, you need a car and a driver’s license to start working.

The other role is an in-store shopper. This position only requires you to shop for items and not do deliveries. You work in one store for specified hours and days. You won’t need a vehicle.

Your Instacart earnings depend on the type of customer order. That includes the items, effort, and distance involved. Working more hours is a great way to complete more orders and increase your shopper pay.

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9. Deliver food and other items to customers

Another way to earn fast cash is to deliver with DoorDash. This app pays you to simply pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to a customer.

You need a car to work as a DoorDash Dasher. But in some cities, DoorDash allows you to do deliveries using a scooter or bike. If you meet the requirements, all you need to do is get the app, set up your account, and start accepting orders.

The good thing with DoorDash is that you’re the one to choose when and where to work. It could be a few hours or the whole day in your hometown or a place you’re visiting.

You get paid per delivery. You’re able to see how much you’ll earn with an order before accepting it. The amount depends on factors like how simple the order is and the driving distance.

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10. Sell used stuff

If you have things you no longer use, selling them for a quick 50 bucks might interest you. One way to get customers for your various used stuff is to have a garage sale. If holding a garage sale sounds like too much work, another option is to sell your used items online.

Many e-commerce marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay, allow users to sell their old and unwanted items. They just have to be in usable condition.

Selling on Decluttr is another easy option to get cash for your items on your phone. The app allows you to sell old DVDs, video games, mobile devices, and books.

You just need to scan the item’s barcode with your phone camera to get a valuation. For tech items, you’re required to provide details on things like the model and condition. You then box the item, put on it the shipping label Decluttr will send you, and take the package to a shipping location to complete an order.

11. Sell custom t-shirts and other products

If you can create art to use on various plain products, this idea suits you. The art can be some text, images, or both. Usually, your designs will be targeting a specific type of people or profession.

Besides t-shirts and apparel in general, some other products to sell with your designs are mugs, phone covers, and pillowcases. You just need to find a print-on-demand platform that allows new sellers. Some examples are Teespring, Spreadshirt, and Red Bubble.

You then upload your designs on the products you want to sell and list them on your new store. When you generate a sale, you receive your earnings. The amount is the profit on top of the product and printing service costs.

Want to start selling custom products but don’t have graphic designing skills? Placeit has templates you can modify, download, and use on items.

12. Rent out storage

Maybe you have a garage, shed, or basement you don’t use. Renting it out is the moneymaking idea you need. It can be a great income booster that doesn’t require you to do anything.

Listing unused storage space on is one simple way to go about it. The platform connects storage owners with renters.

You’re allowed to communicate and meet with the renter before the agreement. This way, you’re sure of what you’re storing for someone.

The renter will pay for a storage period of 30 days. You get paid at the end of this period.

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13. Test websites for money

If you didn’t know that you can make money by testing websites, now you do. It’s nothing complicated.

You first sign up for an account with a company that provides this service, such as UserTesting. Once you’re approved, you’ll start getting various testing jobs. Each job will have specific instructions, but generally, you’ll be asked to perform tasks on the site, such as navigating through the different pages and providing feedback on your experience.

For each test that you complete, you will be paid an agreed-upon amount. For UserTesting, it’s $10 for a 20-minute test. So, if you complete five such tests, you could make a quick $50.

It’s important to note that not every test will require the same amount of time or effort. Some may only take a few minutes while others could take a bit longer. That’s why it’s important to read the instructions carefully before starting each test.

14. Post sponsored content on Instagram

It might be that you have quite a number of followers on Instagram. You can make money by posting sponsored content about a specific company on the platform.

Many brands are always looking to expand their reach and find a new audience. That’s why they pay Instagrammers to help spread the word.

You can simply tag brands you like to work with in relevant posts. Remember to mention that you’re open to doing promos on your Instagram page and include your contact info.

Another way that doesn’t involve waiting for brands to find you is to reach out to them with your pitch. If you have the audience they need, they may accept to work with you.

15. Make money creating videos on TikTok

Tiktoking to make $50 fast

Another great place to get paid for your followers and content is TikTok. It’s a huge market that lots of businesses are still exploring. This means that the online platform is perfect for monetization.

All you need to do is advertise a product to your followers and get paid by the company behind it. Of course, you need to reach an agreement with them first.

You don’t need to be famous to make $50 fast per day or less on TikTok. But it helps if you grow your follower count and views to tens or hundreds of thousands. This way, more brands will be willing to sponsor you.

An interesting profile also goes a long way toward getting paid TikTok sponsorships. Don’t forget to highlight your contact details as well as links to your other social media accounts.

16. Do odd jobs

If you don’t mind doing work of domestic or manual nature, this may be how you make $50 fast. There are lots of odd jobs anyone can do without special skills or a lot of experience. They include home cleaning, heavy lifting, and equipment installation.

It’s possible to find odd jobs in your area by simply asking. But it can be quite simple to find these gigs online. Many customers rely on the Internet for finding reliable workers.

Odd job apps like TaskRabbit are great for offering various domestic services. You choose your work hours and can adjust the rates as you see fit.

Remember that some odd jobs require specific tools or machinery. Be sure that you know how to use them to be safe. If not, learn first before applying for such work.

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17. Find a content writing gig

You may have heard about writing before as a way to make money online quickly. The reason for its popularity is that web publishers need new content for their blogs. Most sites publish new posts daily, several times a week, or monthly.

The good thing is that there are websites that cover any topic you can think of. If you want to write about something specific, like parenting and relationships, or cryptocurrency and technology, you just need to target jobs related to such topics.

You can find jobs on sites like LinkedIn or freelance marketplaces such as Upwork. Most entry-level ones can pay around $20 to $30 per hour, meaning you may need just 2 hours to earn a quick $50 or more!

The trick is to polish your writing skills and offer quality content to clients in a timely manner. This is how you may get more gigs and recommendations.

FAQs on Making $50 Fast

How Can I Make $50 a Day Online?

Making $50 a day online is possible in many ways. They include the following:

  • Taking surveys: Join a survey site like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie to get paid for your response.
  • Working as a freelancer: Become a freelance writer, proofreader, or transcriber online on a freelance marketplace like Fiverr.
  • Selling a product or service online: Sell custom products on print-on-demand platforms, used stuff using an app like Decluttr, or services on TaskRabbit.

It’s worth mentioning that you can do more than one side hustle to ensure you hit your income goal. If you work on it, you’ll make money for sure.

How Can I Make 50 Dollars a Day for Free?

It’s possible to make $50 a day for free online and on the side. Here are some ideas:

  • Complete survey jobs: Register on a well-known survey site and wait for survey opportunities.
  • Become a freelancer online: Find writing, proofreading, or transcription jobs on freelance sites, job search sites, and social media.
  • Work as a social media manager: Find clients willing to pay you for managing and growing their Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest pages.

All the above ideas don’t require you to pay anything. But you may need to invest some money later on (like in ads or learning resources) to access more opportunities depending on what you’re doing.

How to Make $50 in 10 Minutes?

To be honest, making $50 in 10 minutes can be quite difficult. Still, it’s possible depending on how fast and efficient you are. It will also depend on the work you’re doing.

For instance, you can write a 1,000-word piece of content or sales copy within 10 minutes and get paid $50. Or, you could create a sponsored TikTok video in 10 minutes and earn 50 dollars. Other than that, you can take on a 10-minute odd job and get paid the same amount for your expertise.

How to Make $50 on Cash App?

You can get $50 on Cash App if you offer a product or service and request a Cash App payout. This will be an agreement between you and the buyer. Many companies don’t offer Cash App payouts yet, unlike PayPal which a good number of them use.

Check some ideas below to get paid through the Cash App platform:

  • Complete freelance gigs and get $50 via Cash App
  • Sell used stuff and get $50 via Cash App
  • Do odd jobs and get $50 via Cash App

How Can I Make $50 on the Same Day?

One of the best ways to make $50 on the same day is to find and complete tasks. Whether that’s taking surveys, writing a blog post for a client, or helping a customer mount their TV. You’re free to combine a few earning ideas to maximize your income.

Wrapping up on Ways to Make $50

As you can see, there are quite a number of options on how to make $50 fast online and on the side. You just need to decide which ideas suit you and put in the required effort.

Most of them are free to start. You only need the necessary tools for it. However, investing in resources to help you achieve your financial goals faster helps.

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