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17 Legit Apps to Make Money Online (Fast & Guaranteed)

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You may be wondering if there are any apps that can really make money. Maybe you need extra cash quickly for expenses like daily purchases or debt payoff.

Because we always have our phones, using them to make money sounds like a great idea. But knowing where to start can be quite challenging.

Are There Legit Apps to Make Money?

Yes, there’s a good number of trustworthy money earning apps to use. It depends on the type of work you want to do online. You’ll find that different apps pay you for completing a variety of tasks.

In the article, you’re going to discover 17 of the most legit money making apps. Most of them have both Android and iPhone versions. You get paid via PayPal, bank transfer, check, or gift card.

Read on to find out more details.

Apps to Make Money Doing Online Tasks

Online task earning apps

First, we’re going to first explore the apps that really pay you money for completing simple tasks online.

1. Swagbucks

When it comes to legit money making apps, Swagbucks is among my favorite ones. This app gives you SB points for doing various daily tasks.

Here are some tasks to do on Swagbucks:

  • Completing online surveys.
  • Using Swagbucks for searching.
  • Taking part in polls.
  • Watching videos.
  • Online shopping.

The points you get depend on the task and how much time it takes. For instance, longer surveys usually pay more than shorter ones on Swagbucks. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore short surveys.

It helps to do as many tasks as you can when free each day. This way, you can accumulate more points and redeem them for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Join Swagbucks here

2. InboxDollars

Next on the list of legit apps to make money is InboxDollars. You get paid to do simple things on your phone.

The following are some of InboxDollar’s tasks to earn:

  • Taking surveys.
  • Watching videos.
  • Shopping on the Internet.
  • Playing mobile games.
  • Reading promotional emails.

You can earn several cents or dollars depending on the task. If you’re an active user on InboxDollars, you’ll access more earning opportunities to supplement your daily or weekly income.

The advantage of InboxDollars is that you get real cash for many of the activities you do on it. If you need another way to get paid, there’s an option to get a gift card to any of your favorite retailers.

Join InboxDollars here

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3. MyPoints

MyPoints is a rewards app that gives you points for taking on simple tasks online. The app has millions of active members already earning.

Some ways to earn on MyPoints are:

  • Using MyPoints to shop at your favorite stores.
  • Sharing your opinion by completing surveys.
  • Watching short videos.
  • Playing games on your phone.
  • Reading emails with promotional material.

As long as you’ve filled out your profile details, MyPoints will match you with relevant tasks. Because your earnings depend on how many tasks you do, it helps to take advantage of any earning opportunity.

Your points on the app are redeemable for gift cards to various popular brands. There are also PayPal rewards that you can get soon after linking your PayPal account.

Join MyPoints here

4. Survey Junkie

If you need to share your opinion and get paid, Survey Junkie is the money making app you need. You receive rewards for letting out your perspective on various products and services you use. Brands use the survey results to serve their consumers better.

All you need to get started is to create your account and fill out your profile. The details you provide help Survey Junkie offer you survey opportunities that matter.

One of the best things is that you’re allowed to skip surveys you don’t want to take. However, any survey you start without finishing results in no points.

If you don’t mind sharing your Internet behavior with Survey Junkie, that’s yet another way to boost your earnings. Keep in mind that the information is protected and only used for market research. Survey Junkie points are redeemable for eGift cards, PayPal cash, or direct transfer to your bank account.

Join Survey Junkie here

5. LifePoints

LifePoints guarantees you an easy way to earn money from your opinion by answering surveys. All you do as a member is to provide your thoughts about specific brands. Your responses help in the making of better products and services for you and many others.

LifePoints is a simple app to join. Register an account for free, verify your email address, enter your profile information, and you’re good to go. It’s important to give accurate details so that the app matches you with appropriate surveys.

If you want to participate in more surveys and increase your earnings, check your LifePoints account and emails frequently. Accept the survey invitations, give honest responses, and keep those points rolling in. You’re free to redeem your LP points for eGift cards or PayPal credit.

Join LifePoints here

Apps That Pay You for Shopping

Apps That Pay You to Shop

Now, we move on to real apps to make money by shopping for groceries and other items.

6. Ibotta

Ibotta is another popular shopping rewards app to earn real cash. You can get cashback on various everyday purchases like groceries, wear, and even trips.

The process to get rewards on Ibotta isn’t complicated. You just need to download the app and find offers for what you need. The next thing is to buy the actual items and then upload your receipt after the purchase. Ibotta has to verify your purchase before giving you a cashback reward.

The more you use Ibotta for shopping, the higher your total rewards will be. Just remember not to shop for anything you won’t use because it has a huge reward.

Your Ibotta earnings are withdrawable to PayPal or Venmo. There’s an option to transfer your earnings into gift cards if that’s your preference.

Join Ibotta here

7. Rakuten

Need an app that pays you real money for shopping? That’s how Rakuten works. You get paid for your daily purchases using brands you like.

Rakuten partners with popular stores like Walmart to give you deals for the items you frequently use. Whether you need clothing, pet supplies, or a vacation, you only have to find a store on Rakuten to earn rewards. If you use the app, you’ll discover exclusive offers that allow members to get more cashback and save money.

Your Rakuten rewards are sent via PayPal or check. But Rakuten only sends payouts after every 3 months. Rakuten also allows you to buy gift cards to the store of your choice using your earnings.

Join Rakuten here

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8. Tada

If what you need is an earning app with the latest deals and promo codes, Tada might interest you. You get rewards when you shop for groceries and other items. It works with big brands like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Tada also gives you cashback for uploading your grocery and shopping receipts. The “Any Receipt” offer works for in-store and online shopping at various participating stores and restaurants. The receipt needs to be less than 10 days old.

You just need to create a free Tada account and start earning a portion of what brands pay Tada new customers. If you use a browser, there’s a Tada extension for discovering deals and offers. You can get your cashback as an Amazon gift card, PayPal money, or check.

Join Tada here

9. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is one of the apps that really pay you for your receipts. You just need to scan it on the app to get cashback on your purchases.

Fetch Rewards works with all popular stores and restaurants. This means that you can submit any receipt or eReceipt for a reward. If you have that one brand or two that you always go to, you don’t have to worry.

Shopping in-app is the best way to go because you can find various exclusive daily offers. Anytime you need groceries, food, a drink, or any other items, just remember to use the app for deals.

You can redeem your points on Fetch Rewards for gift cards to a particular store or restaurant. It could be Amazon gift cards, Target gift cards, or any other.

10. Shopkick

Does walking into a store, scanning barcodes, and making purchases for rewards sound exciting to you? If that’s the case, Shopkick is the app you need to make some extra money.

You only need to have the Shopkick app and Bluetooth on to get rewards for going to stores. Other than that, you can shop online using the app. There are over 80 online stores to choose from for buying

Shopkick rewards you in points called kicks for shopping. Other ways to earn kicks include watching videos and browsing content on the Shopkick app.

Once your kicks add up, you’re free to redeem them for a free gift card to stores like Amazon. You can also use your kicks on a PayPal cash credit.

Side Hustle and Passive Income Apps to Earn Extra Cash

Side Hustle Apps

If you like side hustling and earning passive income, here are the legit money making apps to use:

11. Rover

If pet sitting is a service that you’re glad to offer, Rover suits you. It makes it easier to find pet sitting jobs in your city. Many pet owners use the app when looking for experienced sitters for their pets.

You just need to create an account and fill out your profile to show your experience. Rover allows you to choose the pets you prefer and when to work. You can work only when free or for longer if you don’t have another job.

As a pet sitter, you can offer various services at once. A particular job may involve drop-ins, overnight stays, or house sitting. The longer a job takes, the higher pay you’ll get.

Rover pays you 2 days after completing a gig. You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal or check.

Join Rover here

12. Instacart

Instacart is an app to get paid as a personal shopper. It’s a popular grocery delivery and pick-up company. People use the app to shop for groceries and your work will be to prepare the order for them.

Instacart has two roles that aspiring shoppers can choose between. You can either become an in-store shopper or a full-service shopper.

An in-store shopper works at a specific store for a specified period shopping for customers’ items. A full-service shopper both shops and deliver items to customers. If you can access a car, the second role can be the better option for you.

Various factors influence how much you can earn as an Instacart shopper. Some of them are the type of items and the number of orders you do. Tips are also something to consider.

If you work more hours and days, you’ll considerably boost your income. You receive payments via direct deposit.

Join Instacart here

13. DoorDash

Another app to make real money as a delivery person is DoorDash. You’re paid to deliver food from restaurants and stores in local areas. You only need a car, scooter, or bicycle depending on the city you’re in to get started.

Once you’re a DoorDash driver or Dasher, you simply need to open the Dasher app and look for nearby orders. Given that there are instructions on the app on how to pick and deliver the items, your work is just to be there on time.

As a Dasher, you get paid for each delivery. It could be several dollars or an amount over $10. The time and distance to collect and transport the order play a role in your earnings.

Customer tips can also be a boost to what you earn. DoorDash pays you through direct bank deposits.

Join DoorDash here

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14. Uber

If you’re looking for an app that really pays you to drive, Uber is among the best ones. Millions of people from locations across the globe use the app for rides. You can make good money as an Uber driver if you operate in such locations.

You just need a registered 4-door car and your driving license to get started. There may be additional requirements depending on where you want to work.

Uber gives you the freedom to be your own boss. You accept rides and decline others like, for instance, long trips.

You choose how long to work each day or week for extra cash. Of course, being available for more hours will boost your driver’s income.

If you prefer delivering, Uber Eats is the service you need to work for. Here, you pick up and deliver groceries and food from restaurants and stores to customers. Uber pays drivers via direct deposit.

15. Decluttr

Maybe you’ve been looking for a legit app to make money by selling your used items. Decluttr is what you need in that case. The app allows you to sell old CDs, games, gadgets, and other items quickly using your phone.

The good thing about it is that Decluttr gives you a valuation of your items. You only need to submit the barcode of an item. If it’s a device, you need to also provide details on the model and condition.

You then box an item and deliver it to a shipping location. Keep in mind that Decluttr will email you a shipping label to print and put on the box. You get paid via direct deposit or PayPal once Decluttr reviews your items.

Check out Decluttr here

16. Acorns

Acorns is among the most legit investment apps to use. It works well even if you don’t have a lot of investment knowledge.

One of the features of this app is being able to invest spare change. If you make a purchase using your card, Acorns rounds off the amount to the next higher dollar. The extra money goes aside and into your investment account once it hits $5, the minimum amount to invest.

If you use Acorns, you let your money grow without using a lot of effort and affordably. It’s great for people who aren’t good savers too.

The app reinvests dividends automatically for you. It’s a great strategy for growing your balance and having more passive income in the long run.

Join Acorns here

17. Neighbor

Another great passive income app that pays you money for real is Neighbor. It’s a storage platform where space owners can list their unused spaces for renters to book. If you have any spare room, basement, shed, or any other space for storage, Neighbor is what you need.

Potential renters can reserve your storage space if it’s convenient for them. You can have a chat with the renter to reach an agreement. It’s possible to even meet with them and know what they want to store first.

Your pricing depends on the size and even the quality of the space. It can be a few dollars to several hundred for one month. Neighbor pays you via direct deposit every month you store a renter’s items safely.

Join Neighbor here

Wrapping It up

You’ve just discovered the top Android and iPhone money earning apps that really pay you. The next thing to do is take action and start using some of these legit money making apps.

Using multiple phone apps to earn money is okay as long as it doesn’t affect your focus. This way, you won’t miss out on good opportunities on a specific app while trying many new others.

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