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12 Best Cashback Apps Like Fetch Rewards (2024)

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Looking for other apps like Fetch Rewards to earn cashback on your everyday purchases? If so, you’ll love the apps on this list!

As you may know, Fetch Rewards is an app that gives you points for buying things. You simply submit receipts of the bought items. You can redeem your rewards as gift cards.

Now, I’ve gathered the 12 best cashback apps online that are similar to Fetch Rewards to help you save money on your purchases. No more missed opportunities!

These apps offer great cash rewards for shopping at your favorite stores, and they are all easy to use. You’ll get an overview of each app to quickly decide which one is right for you. And, you only need your phone to get started.


What Are Some Apps Like Fetch Rewards?

Below are the top apps that pay you for shopping and submitting receipts.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is a free app that works the same way as Fetch Rewards. It gives you up to 30 percent cash back for buying groceries and other items from any of the thousands of available retailers. Besides groceries, they have a wide variety of offers on things like food from restaurants, drinks, and home decor.

You can also find offers for specific stores like Walmart and Target as well as services like And if you shop online, you can use Ibotta’s browser extension to get cash back on your purchases.

To redeem your rewards, you can choose from many different gift cards or transfer the money to your PayPal account. You can also withdraw earnings to your bank account.

To top it all up, Ibotta has a refer-a-friend program where you can earn $20 for each friend who joins and redeems an offer. It’s great for boosting your earnings from the platform.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a rewards app that gives you money when you shop online. It has been around since 2000 and has paid out over $80 million to its users in cash.

InboxDollars works with companies like Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Groupon to reward members who buy stuff through the app. The platform shares with you the commission they get for sending you to these online retailers. You’ll also enjoy discounts on various products that you usually purchase every day.

Besides shopping, InboxDollars is a popular survey platform that pays $0.50 to $5 per survey. Most surveys go for only 3 to 25 minutes.

Members can also watch video adverts for money, read emails, and do more to get paid. You no longer have to leave your apartment when you need to earn quick bucks.

3. Swagbucks

Another app and site similar to Fetch Rewards is Swagbucks. Swagbucks shopping is a program that allows Swagbucks users to earn points when they shop. Thousands of stores are available on Swagbucks, meaning you can quickly find the one you like to use and even discover new ones.

Swagbucks will pay you to take surveys online and give your opinion on various products and services too. It also happens to be an app to earn real money for playing games, browsing the Web, and watching videos.

Users can redeem SB points in the form of PayPal cash, Payoneer, or gift cards to stores like Amazon. It can be 500, 1,000, 2,000, or more SB for a specific reward. 1 SB is equal to $0.01.

4. MyPoints

MyPoints is a shopping cashback app that helps you earn points when you shop at your favorite store. It’s been on starting from 1996 and has been rewarding users ever since. This platform works with thousands of stores including Amazon, eBay, and Apple.

MyPoints Score is a browser extension that alerts you of point-earning opportunities and coupon codes while using the Internet. You can install it if you also use your computer when shopping online.

The MyPoints app also allows you to take surveys, watch videos, play games, and more to make money. You’ll get rewarded with points for your purchases that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity if you want.

5. Drop

Drop is a cashback app that gives you rewards for the stuff you already buy. It connects to your credit and debit cards to track your shopping behavior and give you points based on it.

Drop has partnerships with brands like Apple, Sephora, and Uber. At the moment, you can enjoy over 500 partnering brands. There’s cashback on food, travel, entertainment, and more categories.

What you do is get the app, become a member, and link your cards. Adding your cards is essential for accessing Premium offers and getting more point-earning offers.

On top of shopping rewards, you can play popular mobile games, answer surveys, and invest in crypto. To redeem your points, you can choose from many different gift cards including Amazon.

6. Tada

Tada is a newer cashback app that is quickly becoming popular for its good payout rates. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to earn rewards quickly and easily. Tada offers up to 20 percent cashback on items from brands and stores in a variety of industries.

Tada has a simple sign-up process and you can start earning rewards immediately. The good thing is that you’re free to add Tada to Chrome to enjoy more offers. The extension notifies you whether the app you use has shopping rewards.

You’ll get points for every purchase that you make which can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards from Amazon and other stores. Over 80 gift card options are available on the Tada app.

7. Upside

The Upside app offers cashback on gas and food. This means that you can get some of your money back when you visit a gas station, grocery store, or restaurant nearby.

Upside partners with over 25,000 gas stations in the US, including Shell, Valero, and Mobil. It also works with over 17,000 restaurants, cafes, and fast food joints.

Upside has no limits when it comes to earning. You can claim as many offers as you need. Just be sure not to buy anything you don’t need.

You can use Upside with other loyalty programs, coupons, and discounts. When you shop, you simply need to Check In to log your purchase or upload a receipt photo. You can get payouts via PayPal, directly to your bank account, or through e-gift cards.

8. Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

Rakuten is an app that pays you cash back on your online shopping. It’s one of the oldest and most popular apps like Fetch Rewards. They have a wide variety of offers from more than 3,500 stores, including many major retailers.

You can discover various Rakuten deals and offers for travel, restaurants, and more. And if you use their browser extension, you’ll get a notification whenever you’re shopping on a site that offers cash back.

Rakuten pays out every quarter (every three months) by check or PayPal. You can also choose to receive a gift card instead.

9. Shopkick

Shopkick is an app that gives you points (called “kicks”) for doing things like walking into stores, scanning items, and making purchases. You can redeem your kicks for gift cards or cash rewards.

To start earning, all you need to do is download the app and set up your account. Then, whenever you shop at one of their partner stores, you’ll earn kicks.

There are over 80 online stores to shop from and get kicks directly on the app. Shopkick has partnerships with many popular retailers, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

As if that’s not enough, Shopkick also pays you for watching videos and browsing in-app content. So, you can also earn from your couch while relaxing at home.

10. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app like Fetch Rewards that pays you for submitting your receipts. You can earn points (called “coins”) for every eligible receipt that you submit. The more receipts you submit, the more coins you’ll earn.

To get started, all you need to do is download the app and create an account. Then, start turning your receipts into money and never let them go to waste. You simply snap a picture and upload it on the app.

You can redeem your coins for cash rewards or gift cards. And, if you’re lucky, you may even win one of their sweepstakes drawings where they give away prizes like Amazon gift cards.

11. Checkout51

Checkout51 is a cashback app that gives you rebates on your grocery shopping, gas purchases, and more. They work with over 5,000 gas stations. Other brands include Nestle, L’Oreal, and Unilever.

New offers appear every week on the app. To start earning cash back, all you need to do is download the app and create an account in minutes.

Then, browse their offers and see which ones are available at the stores of your choice. When you go shopping, just remember to scan your receipt with the app afterward.

You can redeem your earnings for cash that will be deposited into your PayPal account. Also, you can choose to receive a check in the mail or get an electronic gift card. Either way, it’s easy to get your money back from Checkout51.

12. Dosh

Dosh is an automatic cashback app like Fetch Rewards that gives you money back when you dine, shop, or book hotels. They have partnerships with thousands of restaurants, hotels, and stores, including Wendy’s, Walgreens, and Domino’s.

To start receiving cashback rewards from Dosh, you just need to download the app and link your cards. You can also find Dosh through payment methods like Venmo and Jelli.

With Dosh, you don’t even need to scan receipts. All you do is swipe your linked credit or debit card and Dosh will automatically deposit any earned cashback into your wallet.

When you hit $25, you can cash out to your bank, PayPal, or Venmo. You’re also free to make a charitable donation.

Wrapping It up

Now, there you have the best cashback apps like Fetch Rewards that you can use for free. With any of these apps, you can start earning cash back on your everyday purchases with little to no effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Get one or a few of these apps today and start claiming rewards for doing something you already do.

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