How to make money with a truck

How to Make Money with a Truck or Pickup Truck (2024 Guide)

If you’re a truck owner, you don’t want it sitting around for a long time. Luckily, there are numerous ways you can use your truck or pickup truck to make money.

Besides the truck, you just need your smartphone if you’re looking to generate income online. No one needs to mention that you need a valid driver’s license and social security number.

In case you’re someone that wants to buy a truck and make money, this post suits you too. You’ll discover whether it’s good to invest in a truck in this day and age.

Let’s go ahead and explore how to make money with a truck on a part-time or full-time basis.

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Best Apps to Make Money with a Truck or Pickup Truck

We’ll start with the best online platforms to join as a truck owner and get paid.

1. Do deliveries on DoorDash

DoorDash is among the most popular online food ordering and delivery companies. The online platform has attracted millions of consumers who use it daily to order food from restaurants and stores and get it delivered to their doorstep. The high number of users is why DoorDash allows new drivers into their community.

You can use your truck to deliver on DoorDash as there are no car requirements. Besides cars, Dashers can also use bicycles and scooters to do deliveries in select cities.

The process to start dashing on DoorDash is simple. You just need to apply for a driver account, get the Dasher app, and start taking jobs. You can choose the time that works best for you, dash anywhere, and be your own boss.

DoorDash pays you per delivery. The amount ranges from $2 to over $10 based on the type of delivery.

Here’s a DoorDash review with more details on how good a side hustle it is.

2. Find delivery jobs on Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a delivery service by Amazon, the giant e-commerce platform used worldwide. You can become a delivery driver and earn on Amazon Flex if you live in a city where it operates. You just need a truck or a larger vehicle like an SUV or a van.

Getting started occurs in easy steps. Download the Amazon Flex app and set up a new account.

You’ll then access nearby delivery opportunities. Each offer shows you how much you’ll earn and the time your delivery block can take to complete.

When it comes to doing deliveries, you simply need to go to the designated Amazon location to pick up a package. The app will help you navigate to the delivery location. You get paid through direct deposit twice a week.

3. Take tasks on TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is perfect for making money your way using a truck. You can find lots of jobs in your area by becoming a Tasker on TaskRabbit. It’s a chance to market yourself and connect with nearby clients quickly.

You only have to register and pick the services you can provide plus the location. Some services to offer on the platform as a truck owner include help in moving, deliveries and running errands. If you like, you can also take on related jobs like heavy lifting, packing, and unpacking.

You’re free to select your available time to work per week. You can also adjust rates as you see fit. TaskRabbit pays you via direct deposit.

4. List your truck for sharing on Turo

Turo is a carsharing online platform that enables users to book and rent out vehicles. It’s a great place to build a car-sharing business. Among the types of vehicles you can list on Turo are trucks and pickup trucks.

You’re free to use the truck you own or buy one for renting out. Turo even allows you to share multiple cars and scale up your business as you want. Working with Turo offers you flexibility as you can commit the amount of time you wish.

If you use Turo, you get a chance to enjoy the best tools and features that make things easy for you as a host. That includes insurance, safety, and support. You can choose to cash out or reinvest your earnings from Turo.

5. Rent out your truck on Getaround

This is yet another great platform online for peer-to-peer car sharing. Getaround connects car owners with people in need of booking cars, vans, and trucks.

It works well for any truck owner looking to start a rental business or who is already managing one. Getaround can either be a side hustle or a full-time business for you. You gain access to the technology and resources to be successful.

The barrier to entry is quite low. You can start with a down payment on one vehicle or by listing the truck you already own.

You’re in total control of your calendar and vehicle availability. Choose the best time to maintain your truck, drive repeat business, and track your performance. Getaround allows you to reinvest what you’ve earned.

6. Become a mover on Thumbtack

If you want to make money with a truck by helping people move, Thumbtack is among the best apps to use. Many homeowners use Thumbtack to find service providers.

You need to set up a Thumbtack profile to get started. You’ll have better chances of getting hired if you add reviews from your previous customers. You can also include featured projects and prices.

It’s easier to get relevant opportunities if you tell Thumbtack the kind of jobs you can do. Besides moving, Thumbtack is also great for offering handyman services, home maintenance, repairs, and more.

Keep in mind that you pay for leads you get on Thumbtack. But payment is only after a customer contacts you. The customer will then pay when you complete the job.

7. Help people move on Dolly

Dolly gives you a chance to connect with users in need of moving help and build a delivery business online. Aside from a pickup truck, a box truck, or a trailer, movers with a cargo van can join the platform.

It can take 5 to 10 days for your account to get approval. As a Dolly Helper, your job involves lifting, loading, and transporting things for customers.

You work on your own schedule and only take the jobs that suit you. Dolly can even match you with other Helpers and movers that assist Helpers, called Hands.

Dolly comes with high payouts as Helpers can make $35 or more an hour. If you receive customer tips, Dolly lets you keep 100 percent of them.

8. Offer moving services on Handy

Another online platform to get paid as a truck owner for moving stuff is Handy. You can access hundreds of local jobs as a professional on Handy.

Simply fill out your details on the sign-up page and wait to get approved. Dolly allows you to set your schedule and how much you can work. You can have a full schedule or just take a couple of jobs here and there.

Handy allows professionals to offer a wide variety of other jobs. These include handyman service, installing equipment, and hanging pictures and shelves. They can be great income boosters if you’re good at doing them.

Handy pays professionals starting from $22 an hour. The highest-paid pros make over $60 per hour or job. Payments go directly to your bank account.

Business Ideas for Truck Owners

Here are more pickup truck business ideas to make money.

9. Haul stuff for money

Need another moneymaking idea for truck owners that requires little time investment? That will be hauling stuff for other people.

Trucks are powerful and can pull heavy things. Most people won’t buy a truck for hauling stuff. But they’ll need the services anytime they have a wide load to move that a car can’t.

You can price your hauling services depending on factors like the time and effort a single job takes. For instance, a larger volume of load that you need to haul over a longer distance would mean higher payments.

Some places to find hauling jobs include online service marketplaces like Thumbtack and social media. Feel free to set up social media pages and gather reviews from anyone you work with.

10. Tow vehicles with your truck

Towing is among the best businesses to start with a truck. People are always buying new cars, renting them, and experiencing car breakdowns. That’s why they would call a tow truck to help.

As a towing service provider, your work is to take the vehicles to their destinations or auto repair shops. Your truck just needs to be one with enough power and space. You can acquire a trailer to make the job easy and safe.

You charge customers a specific amount per tow based on your needs and the rates in your area. The amount may include a flat fee and mileage charges. If you establish a towing company, you could also charge a daily storage fee.

You can get towing jobs on social networking sites as well as online marketplaces for such services. Another idea is to create a website, list your towing services, and promote the site.

11. Plow snow

If your truck can plow snow, this is a business idea that might interest you. Plowing snow suits you if you live in a snow area.

The good thing is that you can choose which snow removal jobs to do depending on your truck. It can be smaller tasks like removing snow from personal and small commercial driveways and parking lots. Or, you can do it all day long with a heavy-duty truck.

The basic expenses include purchasing a snowplow blade for your vehicle type. You can price your snow plowing services depending on the job.

The rates can be per hour, event, or push, among other pricing formulas. You can find snow plowing jobs by looking around in your area or going online on job search sites.

12. Create a trucking blog

Owning a truck means that you have knowledge about them too. You could start blogging about trucks and earn passive income from home. Chances are that many new and experienced truckers and other enthusiasts will find your blog informative and entertaining.

Starting a blog requires a domain name and hosting. Bluehost is a great web host for new blogs with affordable plans, free WordPress web builder installation, and other features.

The next thing is to research some titles to write about. You can use free Google keyword tools or buy premium software. You then need to publish your blog posts and promote them.

Lastly, monetize your blog once it gets significant traffic. You can promote truck-related products and services as an affiliate, earn ad revenue, or get paid through sponsored posts.

Here’s a full guide to starting a blog that makes money for more information.

13. Advertise on your truck

Advertising on your truck is an easy way to make money trucking. Many brands use vehicles to put their name in front of more people. The advertisement includes things like the brand logo and contact information.

You just need to come to an agreement with a company you like. They’re likely to pay you decently if your truck moves for long distances and covers several locations.

One way to find such advertisers is by using an online platform that connects you with businesses looking for car wrap advertising services. An example is Wrapify. And you get paid a commission for driving as you normally would every day.

Also, you can advertise your own business on a truck. The ad can be about renting, moving help, towing, or any other related business you do.

14. Start landscaping or lawn care as a business

A landscaping business can suit you and your truck if you like maintaining yards. Lots of homeowners find it hard or time-consuming to mow, weed, and take care of their lawns.

Your truck can be useful in a landscaping business in that you use it to carry the needed tools and equipment. It also comes in handy for carrying away unwanted remains after lawn care.

Some tools and machines a landscaper needs are shovels, wheelbarrows, and lawnmowers. You can either rent these tools or buy them while starting out.

As a lawn care operator, you can make around $30 to $50 per hour. It all depends on the variety of services you offer.

15. Flip trucks

Maybe you have access to multiple trucks. You can start a truck-flipping business to make money on the side. The business involves acquiring a truck and selling it for a higher price.

You don’t need to flip hundreds of trucks a year to earn a living. It’s possible to get huge profits per vehicle.

You can do this by, for instance, buying an undervalued truck, adding value to it, and then selling it. It could be a used truck that requires repairs and modifications to function well again.

Keep in mind that this side hustle or business can require some time and effort when searching for vehicles. Knowing the basics of truck maintenance and repairs also goes a long way. There’s no need to say that negotiation skills are a must-have.

How to Make Money with a Box Truck

A box truck has walls and a roof. This means that you can make money from it in numerous ways, including:

  • Deliveries: You can deliver a variety of items to customers using online platforms for drivers like Amazon Flex.
  • Help in moving: Load and transport stuff for people when they’re relocating using sites like Dolly.
  • Renting it out: Many people may need a box truck to carry things. Listing your box truck on a vehicle rental platform like Turo is a great idea.

How to Make Money with a Flatbed Truck

A flatbed truck doesn’t have an enclosed cargo area but rather a flat surface. It can be profitable in several ways:

  • Hauling: A flatbed truck is suitable for hauling heavy loads like airplane parts and wind turbine blades.
  • Towing: You can use your flatbed truck to transport other vehicles easily and effectively.
  • Landscaping: The truck’s flat surface works well when it comes to transporting larger trees and carrying landscaping tools.

Can I Make Money If I Buy a Truck? Is a Truck a Good Investment?

Yes, it’s possible to make money if you buy a truck. A truck is a good investment if you have a good plan on how you’ll earn income from it.

The amount of time it can take you to make profits depends on the strategies you use. If you want to build a profitable business with a truck, you need to know how to find jobs, what to charge, and ways to offer great services.

Luckily, there are many online platforms and tools that can make your truck business succeed within a short time. Just find one that works for you and put in the effort.

How Much Can You Make with a Truck?

The earnings from owning a truck depend on various factors. They include your location, the services you offer, and your skills.

Expect to earn around $20 or more per hour from offering services involving trucks. The amount of money you make a day, week, or month depends on how many hours you work. Assuming that you work 8 hours a day for a week, that comes to $800.

How to Make Money $1,000 a Week with a Pickup Truck

Yes, you can make $1,000 a week with a pickup truck. You can achieve this by, for instance, offering a particular service at $25 an hour and working 40 hours a week.

You’re free to charge a higher amount depending on factors like your expertise. This would mean working fewer hours and still achieving your daily, weekly, or monthly income goals using your truck.

Wrapping It up

Making money from a truck doesn’t have to be difficult. As you’ve seen, there are many ways to make a living as a truck owner using the powerful motor vehicle you already have or want to buy.

If one idea doesn’t work for you or the service isn’t in much demand in your location, try the next one. You can combine a couple of pickup truck business ideas if you like.

Remember, the Internet is a perfect place to find all sorts of jobs. Don’t hesitate to fully use it to land gigs that require trucks.

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