How to Make 30 Dollars Fast

How to Make 30 Dollars Fast (in a day or less)

Eager to know how to make 30 dollars fast? Well, that’s nothing unusual. We all have expenses to take care of and not knowing where to start can be frustrating.

Luckily, there are numerous things one can do to make a quick 30 bucks. You’ll find that some money-making ideas can earn you upwards of $30 in a day if executed well. And you’ll continue generating income day after day.

Now, let’s get into it.


15 Ways to Make $30 Fast Online

Here are the top ways to make $30 in a day or even an hour.

1. Take surveys on Swagbucks

Among the easiest ways to make 30 dollars online instantly is taking surveys. As a survey taker, you get paid for responding to simple questions.

Answering such questions helps brands make better products. That’s why they pay survey companies to get user feedback. What you earn is a portion of what brands pay.

Swagbucks is one of the most legit and well-paying survey sites online. Most of the surveys just take a few minutes to complete. You then get rewarded with points that are redeemable for PayPal cash and gift cards.

And that’s not all. Swagbucks has various other tasks you can do to maximize your earnings. They include using Swagbucks to browse, shopping online, and more. Taking on these easy tasks each day is a sure way to earn more.

Start earning with Swagbucks

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2. Watch videos on InboxDollars

If you like watching videos for entertainment, it’s time to do it for a quick extra $30. You simply need to watch a video for the required time and get paid. Most of them take several minutes.

Watching videos is one of the tasks to do InboxDollars. Besides that, you can also take surveys, do some shopping, and play games to receive rewards.

Each offer is worth a few cents to several dollars. Being active on the platform is one strategy to access more earning opportunities. The good thing with InboxDollars is that it gives you cash and not points for completing the tasks.

Start earning with InboxDollars ($5 sign-up bonus)

3. Earn cashback with MyPoints

Like shopping? You might as well make some money while shopping for groceries, essentials, and more. If you use a cashback app, you earn a portion of what they get for sending you to a store.

That’s how MyPoints works when it comes to cashback. The app has offers on various products from a variety of stores. It won’t be challenging to find a brand you like shopping with through MyPoints.

You just need to buy the stuff you need and upload your receipt for verification. You get awarded a specific number of points depending on the items you purchased.

MyPoints is also known for its survey opportunities. This is another way to get more earnings from the app. Your rewards are redeemable for gift cards and PayPal cash.

Start earning with MyPoints ($10 Amazon gift card for joining)

4. Test apps and websites on UserTesting

It’s possible to make 30 dollars fast online as an app and web tester. The task involves using the app or site as usual but testing the usability in this case.

You’re required to provide feedback based on your experiences while doing the test. It includes a written response and a screen-recorded video with your voice when testing. This way, the developer will know what works and what needs improvement.

UserTesting is one of the top sites to get app and web testing opportunities. It partners with big brands which need people to give opinions on their applications and websites. You simply need to pass a test to get paying testing gigs.

According to UserTesting, you earn $10 for a 20-minute test. This means that you need three tests to get $30. Plus, there are live interviews that pay higher amounts.

5. Do freelance writing online

Working as a freelance writer suits you if you can write well. Whether that’s blog posts, e-books, or copies for marketing. Many business owners need such services as they’re too occupied to do it themselves.

You could offer your writing services on freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr. But it’s worth mentioning that many freelancers use them too. So, you have to find a way to stand out.

Or, you can simply use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to get hired. You just need to pitch your services to potential clients. If you set up your profile well, some clients may even reach out to you.

As a freelance, it’s not uncommon to make $30 a day or in as little as an hour. If you keep offering great work, you receive more opportunities, some of which may pay much higher.

6. Become a slogan writer

This is yet another easy way to make $30 online if you’re witty with words. That’s because crafting one or a few clever sentences can just take minutes.

Many brands prefer hiring someone for a new slogan or an upgrade to their old one. You just need to understand what message they want to pass across.

You can either offer slogan writing alone or with another writing service on freelance sites. Also, a quick search on any freelancing platform will show you some relevant listed jobs.

Another way to fin slogan writing jobs is social media. Some companies may post the opportunity on their social media pages. It could even be a contest where the perfect slogan wins.

7. Work as a proofreader online

Maybe you’re good at grammar and can identify mistakes in documents. The earning idea that’s suitable for you is working as an online proofreader.

Some online platforms to get online proofreading jobs are freelance sites. You can even offer this service alongside freelance writing.

While starting out as a freelance proofreader, try getting positive reviews for every job you get. Even if it pays a little low, a positive review a client leaves brings you closer to more opportunities.

Some proofreading sites also hire new proofreaders to help them with checking documents for clients. You’re likely to do a quick test before being allowed to access paid proofreading gigs.

The other option is to create your own proofreading site. Here, you’ll list your services, previous work, and more to get people hiring you. Remember to promote the site on relevant social networks to reach more clients.

Here’s a proofreading workshop for free if you want to learn more.

8. Find a pet sitting job on Rover

Wondering how to make 30 dollars fast if you love pets? Finding a pet sitting job is what you need to do.

Most pet owners rely on pet sitters when they’re not around. Maybe they are at work or on a trip and the best they can do is monitor their pets virtually. So, they need someone to feed and offer other types of care to their cat or dog.

Rover is among the best online platforms for both sitters and owners. Sitters have an easy way to access gigs and owners get to choose the most qualified person for the job.

All you need to do is create a profile with information like your experience with pets. Rover allows you to choose the size, age, and other details of the pets you prefer.

You also pick when to work. Sitters can offer more than one service at once and get paid after the job.

Start earning with Rover

9. Shop for groceries on Instacart

Eager to know how to make an instant $30 shopping for groceries? Well, the idea is not to buy the items for your own use but on behalf of someone else.

That’s what shoppers on Instacart do. A customer orders items and you shop it for them to earn quick cash depending on the order.

You can either become an in-store shopper or a full-service shopper on Instacart. In-store shoppers simply organize groceries at a particular store and make them ready for pickup.

Full-service shoppers are involved in both shopping and delivering. So, you need a car to apply for the role.

Instacart allows you to pick when to work. You can do it only when you’re free or work more hours and make more money. Another thing is that you keep all the customer tips you get.

Start earning with Instacart

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10. Invest your spare change with Acorns

If you make good investments, you won’t have to worry about how to make 30 dollars fast. That’s because you’ll be enjoying passive income.

Acorns is one of the best investment apps for beginners. The app can automatically invest your spare change when making purchases using cards. It rounds off your purchase to the next higher dollar and set aside the difference for investment.

The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of money to invest with Acorns. When the total amount of round-ups hits $5, the money goes into your investment account. Your money starts growing right away and you don’t need any advanced investment knowledge.

Start earning with Acorns

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11. Sell used stuff on Decluttr

Most of us have old stuff we no longer use. It could be DVDs, books, or even a tablet. If you have any of these items, there are many people online who can pay to get them.

As long as the items are usable, you won’t have any problems making your buyers happy. The last thing you want is people giving negative reviews about your items. You’ll have problems selling more in the future.

Decluttr is one online marketplace for media and tech items. All you need to do is enter or scan an item’s barcode on the app using your phone to get a valuation. You’re required to provide details like the model and condition for tech items like iPhones.

Next, you put the item in a box, attach a shipping label you’ll get via email, and take it to your chosen shipping location. With that, you’ll have completed the order. You receive your payment when the Decluttr team checks your item.

Start earning with Decluttr

12. Sell photos and footage

Have some photography skills you haven’t fully explored yet? If that’s so, you’re missing out on getting paid for your photos and footage.

Stock photography marketplaces like Shutterstock are great for selling such media. As a seller, you earn when someone downloads your content for use.

Keep in mind that adding more photos and footage makes it easier for people to discover you. You could even upload some which users can download for free online to get some exposure.

You’re free to start your own website for selling photos and photography services. You could even create a blog on photography to get search engine traffic which is likely to include potential clients. Remember, promoting your website online is the key to succeeding.

13. Cut your bills with Trim

There might be a chance that your expenses are taking a considerable portion of your money. Cutting them would mean getting an extra $30 or more instantly.

One approach is to start with unnecessary spending. Maybe you always dine out or order takeout food. If you starting making your own meals, you’ll reduce your food budget.

Or, you may be subscribed for several services that you never or rarely use. Many of them automatically take payments. If you opt out, you may free up significant cash for other things.

Now, Trim can do all the work for you. Whether that’s negotiating bills, canceling old subscriptions, and more. The financial manager monitors your finances and takes action on any saving opportunity.

Start using Trim

14. Make $30 fast with odd jobs on TaskRabbit

Odd jobs are those of domestic or manual nature. If you don’t mind such work, it may be what you need to make 30 dollars fast. Most of them involve offering home services. That could be cleaning, removing snow, or packing and unpacking things.

TaskRabbit is one popular platform for offering various services. Taskers get connected with homeowners in need of making their homes better.

You choose your work hours and become your own boss. You can adjust your rates as you see fit and keep all customer tips.

Many services don’t require a lot of skills. But some of them need some experience. So, ensure you only take jobs you can handle as some involve machines.

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15. Get paid $30 for your blood plasma

If you want to save lives, donating your blood plasma is one way of doing so. Some private organizations can compensate you for your blood donation.

All you need is good health and weight. In some cases, you need to be of legal age or get parental consent if not. And of course, you need to be unfearful of needles.

If you visit a site like, you’ll see which plasma donation centers are nearby. You just need to check whether there’s compensation to blood donors.

Your location, blood type, and frequency of donation determine how much you’ll earn as a blood donor. The amount can be $30 or more depending on such factors, plus bonuses. High demand usually also means more pay.

Wrapping It up

Hope you’ve already figured out how to make 30 dollars fast from the list. The next step is to implement that one, two, or a few ideas you like and start making some money. If you put in the extra effort, it’s possible to make way more than $30.

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