Survey Junkie tips and hacks to make money

9 Tips & Hacks to Make Money on Survey Junkie

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It could be that you’re a member of Survey Junkie and are wondering how to make more money on the platform. Or maybe you aren’t a member yet and want to know if it’s possible to rely on Survey Junkie for income.

If you’re not registered yet, it would help to create a Survey Junkie account first. This way, you can implement the tips I’ll list in the article. In fact, you get free points for just signing up and verifying your email address!

In this Survey Junkie review, you can find more information about the company. That includes how it works, ways to earn, how to redeem points, and more. For now, let’s explore the Survey Junkie hacks to boost your earnings from the site.

Survey Junkie Tips and Hacks

1. Have realistic income goals

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you won’t get rich by taking surveys on Survey Junkie. However, it’s possible to make extra bucks enough to cover daily expenses. You could use the earnings to pay for groceries and subscriptions or settle other small bills.

Most earnings per survey range from several cents to a few dollars. Longer surveys that target a specific group of people may pay more. It’s possible to make $50 from a survey.

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2. Use accurate personal information

You need to provide a few details about yourself when signing up on Survey Junkie. The company uses the information to match you with relevant survey opportunities.

Some users tend to submit inaccurate information in the hopes of qualifying for more survey jobs. This may affect the survey jobs you get. You may find that they’re irrelevant and are about topics that don’t matter to you.

Answering them would mean that you’re not helping yourself as those are products and services you don’t use. You could also be disqualified for providing untrue personal details like age, occupation, and location. So, be sure to keep your information accurate and up to date to avoid possible disqualifications.

3. Set up a separate email account for surveys

Chances are that you’re already receiving tens or hundreds of emails every day from different sources. It could from be your friends, work, or companies to which you’ve subscribed.

It’s not uncommon to miss an email or two if you’re getting a lot of them on a daily basis. That’s why you shouldn’t use your personal or work email address for surveys.

Instead, create a new email account dedicated to survey jobs. It’s free and just takes a few minutes. This way, you won’t miss a survey notification sent to you by Survey Junkie or any other earning platform.

4. Check your emails often

Now that you’ve created a different email account for surveys, you need to check it frequently. If not a few times each day, you can just do it on a daily basis. You don’t want to be left out because you didn’t check a survey notification on time.

You may even notice that you always receive emails about surveys at a specific time. You just need to accept survey invitations as soon as you can and get rewarded for it.

5. Be honest with your survey responses

The reason a brand would create surveys for market research is to get real and useful feedback from users. They need your opinion to improve their products and services.

If you aren’t honest, you won’t be helping anyone. Inconsistency in survey responses can also lead to disqualifications from a researcher.

You’ll miss out on participating in surveys for the researcher and even more others for inaccurate responses. Always be honest and consistent to actually get rewarded for your time.

6. Complete surveys

Taking surveys on Survey Junkie is entirely optional. You can take the surveys you prefer and leave out the ones you don’t. You’re even allowed to opt out of a survey midway if you like.

But if you start any survey, it helps to finish responding to all the questions. Minimize the instances where you abandon a survey while halfway through it. The only way you’ll receive the reward a survey offers is by completing it.

7. Set aside time for surveys

Most surveys on Survey Junkie only take minutes. It can be anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes.

It’s rare that a survey will take more than half an hour. This means that you don’t even need a lot of time.

But it should be times when you’re not busy and free from interruptions. So, be sure to set aside time for taking surveys to ensure you have time to answer everything.

Your free time is always the best time for such activities. It could be before work or school, during breaks, or after your busy schedule.

8. Take advantage of other earning opportunities

While surveys are popular among Survey Junkie users, they aren’t the only tasks you can do on the online platform. There’s SJ Pulse, an opportunity to earn by sharing your browsing activities. The information includes what you search, the sites you click on, and the places you shop online.

Similar to surveys, taking part in SJ Pulse is optional. But it can be a great way to boost your Survey Junkie earnings and get a chance to cash out faster.

9. Participate in the Survey Junkie affiliate program

Survey Junkie, like many other rewards sites, encourages users to invite others to join the platform. If you know a significant number of people that could use the earning opportunities on Survey Junkie, it would be great to invite them and generate earnings from it.

You do this through the Survey Junkie affiliate program. It can be a perfect way to acquire huge earnings online. You can join the Survey Junkie affiliate program through ShareASale. You just need to find it in the “merchants” section and submit an application.

Keep in mind that affiliate marketing works best if you have a YouTube channel, a blog, a social media following, or an email list. It’s not too late to build a presence online and take part in more affiliate programs.

Wrapping It up

You now have the tips and hacks to boost your Survey Junkie earnings. Using them is a sure way to get the most benefits from the platform.

Also, it would help if you signed up on other survey sites. This way, you’ll generate more income from survey jobs and other daily tasks that pay well.

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