Proofreading jobs online for beginners no experience

36 Best Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners (Get Paid $50/Hr)

Can you spot grammar mistakes in a text? If that’s you, working as a proofreader online is one of the best ways to make extra money.

Many pieces of writing are produced every day. The writers may miss something that needs correction in the content. And so, they need someone else to go through it before it’s published.

Find out how to get paid by doing online proofreading jobs for beginners without experience!

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading involves checking a piece of written content for errors before being published. These can be spelling, punctuation, grammar, or formatting mistakes.

For any writing to be high-quality, it requires proofreading. This way, it becomes easier for the reader to understand and trust the information in the text.

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Proofreading vs. Copy Editing

Some people use the two terms interchangeably. But there’s a difference between proofreading and copy editing.

A copy editor ensures that the content is good in quality before it’s passed on to a proofreader. This means that editing involves correcting any errors from the author on a larger scale. Although it might take a significant amount of time and effort, some people edit their own work.

After editing, a proofreader goes through the document to check if any mistakes have been left out. It could also be the mistakes introduced during the editing process.

In a few words, the copy editor fixes the author’s writing while the proofreader polishes up the editor’s work.

Is There a Demand for Proofreaders?

Absolutely! There’s a significant demand for proofreaders and the Internet is perfect for getting clients. That’s because more content is written as the days go by.

Many writers continue to come up. And more businesses require proofreading services for their text-based content. Proofreaders are needed in any area that involves writing.

You can find proofreading jobs online if you know where to look. Luckily, you’re going to learn everything you need to know here.

Do You Need a Qualification to Be a Proofreader?

A degree in English, journalism, or related fields is an advantage when applying for work as a proofreader. This mostly applies to traditional proofreading jobs.

As an online proofreader, you don’t need a degree to get hired. Most clients only require you to pass a proofreading test before they can give you a task.

So, it’s good to work on your skills and gain some experience if you have no specific qualifications.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Proofreader?

A few skills come in handy if you need to become a professional proofreader. Here are some of them:

  • Reading comprehension: You’re required to be someone who can read and understand the words and sentences in a document. It becomes easier to find any errors if you have a keen eye for detail.
  • Writing: You need to have a good understanding of the English language. The same goes for any other language you’re proofreading in. This means being able to express your ideas without any difficulties and also knowing various writing styles.
  • Multitasking: On several occasions, you may need to tackle several projects in one go. It’s good to be ready to do numerous remote proofreading jobs per day without compromising on quality.
  • Communication: Being able to share your thoughts with other people helps in proofreading. Your client will most likely need regular updates. And you also need to use a proper strategy when asking for more jobs and recommendations.
  • Research: It’s possible to find new words or pieces of information when going through a document. You might have to do some searches online or use other reference materials to ensure you don’t ignore anything.
  • Computer skills: This one is obvious. You need to know how to use various software tools that assist you in proofreading. For instance, it helps if you’re familiar with the keyboard shortcuts of various word processors.

On top of it all, being patient when looking for small details between lines and paragraphs goes a long way.

How Do I Become a Proofreader with No Experience?

There’s always a first time for everything. It’s possible to get paid to proofread as a beginner if you can demonstrate your skills.

Online proofreading jobs for beginners are available on various freelance sites and job boards. They may not pay a lot but they’re good for starting out. Once you’ve been in the game for a while, your chances of landing higher-paying gigs go up.

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How Much Do Proofreaders Earn?

According to PayScale, the average proofreader’s pay per hour is around $18. This means that the annual salary of a proofreader is around $46k on average.

The amount you earn depends on your location and years in the field. A proofreader with more skills and experience can get paid more. There are freelance proofreaders online earning $50 an hour.

Also, the ability to work faster than others can increase your earnings. As long as the quality of your work is consistently high, clients will be willing to dig a little deeper in their pockets to motivate you.

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The Pros and Cons of Starting a Proofreading Business

If they can help you make a better decision, here are the pros and cons of becoming a proofreader:


  • Low startup costs: A few pieces of equipment for your home office, some software or online subscriptions, and several resources such as books and courses are enough to start your business.
  • A storefront isn’t required: You don’t need any other space if you’re doing proofreading jobs from home. And we all know that homes can be comfortable places to get work done.
  • No need for special qualifications: While you might not have an English degree or other qualifications, it’s possible to make money as a proofreader. Your skills matter more.
  • Many opportunities are available: Lots of industries require different types of writing. It could be a blog post, newsletter, resume, and more. All these texts require proofreading before being shared with the target audience.


  • Training might be necessary: Maybe you don’t know where to find jobs, how to approach clients or ways to price your services. Taking a short course or any other training could be necessary to ensure you start out the right way.
  • Tight deadlines: You may have to work day and night to finish multiple projects within a short period. Not doing so can result in losing your earnings and negative reviews.
  • Building your business can take time: Being a freelance proofreader means that you have to engage in activities like networking and online marketing. Establishing yourself takes a lot of effort. You might see results sooner if you have proper strategies for everything.

It’s best to set goals for your proofreading business and work towards achieving them. This way, you know where and when to dedicate your time and energy for big things to happen.

How Do I Train to Be a Proofreader?

The Internet is full of resources to help you get paid to do proofreading jobs at home. However, finding the right information online can be challenging.

Many web pages are outdated. It’s a good idea to use a strategy from a trusted source.

The proofreading training I recommend is Caitlin’s Proofread Anywhere. It’s perfect for beginners and pros that want to make money proofreading. You learn how to get ideal clients and establish your online business.

Proofread Anywhere workshop

Check the free training here

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The Best Tools for Proofreading

Proofreading jobs online are easier to do when you have the right tools. If you can finish your projects faster, you get a chance to maximize your earnings.

Here are a few proofreading tools to use:

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the basic tools to use in online proofreading jobs. It enables you to edit a document from another user remotely.

All they have to do is enter your email address to share the document with you. You get a link to view and make changes to it. And everything is automatically saved when typing.

Similar to MS Word, Google Docs has features to format and style the text as you need. There are different fonts and shapes available to use for free. The word processor also has templates to easily create a variety of documents.

You can access any shared documents from anywhere through your mobile device or computer.


Grammarly is one of the best writing assistants online. It checks written content for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Aside from these English mistakes, it can also detect plagiarism.

One way to use Grammarly is by visiting the site and then uploading or pasting the text there. But with its free browser extension, you can review any content when typing online. This function works well with Google Docs.

The free version of Grammarly can show you corrections to simple writing mistakes. If you need tone, style, and clarity features that enhance the text’s quality, it’s best to get a premium Grammarly account.

Click here to start using Grammarly


An alternative to Grammarly is ProWritingAid. It enables you to easily correct any grammar and style issues in a document.

Besides grammar and spelling, a free ProWritingAid account gives reports on overused words, repeated phrases, and cliches. There’s even a summary that shows the scores for each aspect of the writing in one place.

ProWritingAid also has premium versions with features like unlimited word count, a library of resources, and some add-ins.

Get ProWritingAid

37 Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners to Make Money at Home

While starting out as a proofreader online, it can be challenging to find a job. That’s because you have little to no experience in both proofreading and getting clients.

For that reason, I created a list of online platforms where you can look for remote proofreading jobs at home.

Are you ready to explore?

Here are the best proofreading sites (that actually pay) for freelance proofreaders to get hired:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr proofreading and editing jobs

Fiverr is a popular freelance marketplace with millions of active buyers. Proofreading is one of the services that users buy and sell on the online platform.

The first step to becoming a proofreader on Fiverr is to sign up using Facebook, Google, or your email address. Choose the option to become a seller.

Next, you need to complete your profile. Use your real name and a professional profile picture that shows your face. Your description should state your area of expertise.

Add your languages, occupation, skills, and education. You can attract more clients if you include your certifications and portfolio website. The last step is to “create a new gig” and offer packages for your services.

You’re free to upload relevant samples to help buyers confirm your work’s quality.

2. Upwork

Upwork proofreading jobs

This is a great platform to find individuals and businesses that need proofreading services. You can become a remote proofreader on Upwork and sell your skills to users at any location.

You only need to sign up, add your details, and choose the option to work as a freelancer. On Upwork, you get jobs by submitting proposals for job listings or when a client finds your profile under the service you sell.

Both options need a high-quality profile that clearly mentions your expertise. It’s best to fully complete your profile to attract more clients.

3. PeoplePerHour

Here’s another good option for freelance proofreading if you need an extensive network of potential clients. PeoplePerHour allows you to choose your rates and get paid per hour or project.

You only need to complete an online application and get approved to become a certified freelancer on the site. Your profile plays a significant role when it comes to being hired. It’s best to describe your expertise as much as you can and even share your story.

It can be challenging to find gigs when you have no ratings yet. One way to get responses is to personalize your proposals. You could even lower your prices and then adjust them later.

Once you start getting reviews, your cert level increases. And more buyers trust our services.

4. is a freelance website with millions of project listings. While writing jobs are more popular, you can get paid as a proofreader on the site.

This platform allows you to search and browse the available jobs by category before signing up. Once you join, you get a chance to write a bid for the listed jobs. The client can choose you if they trust your services.

You may only get a few high-paying jobs on as a beginner proofreader. But it’s good for building your portfolio. More clients can consider your services in the future if they see some of your past work.

5. Guru

If you need a cost-effective platform to find proofreading jobs at home, Guru can suit you. Its low job fees enable you to keep more of what you earn.

Another good thing about Guru is that you can team up with others for a project using WorkRooms. This approach enables you to gather new ideas and gets work done faster.

All you have to do is register on the site for free and create an attractive profile. After that, submit detailed quotes for proofreading job listings and wait for replies. You’re free to follow up if the buyer doesn’t respond.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn job opportunities for proofreaders

LinkedIn is a business and employment website that enables you to build a professional identity online. You get a chance to connect with people and apply for jobs listed by recruiters.

You need a LinkedIn profile that stands out to get more connections. Your profile lets people know about your profession and interests.

That’s why it’s best to have a professional photo, a good headline, and an interesting summary. Include your skills, work experience, and education.

You can search for online proofreading jobs on LinkedIn and even set job notifications. Ask for recommendations from people you’ve worked with to attract more opportunities.

7. Indeed

Indeed is a website that prides itself on helping people get jobs. It allows you to do job searches and apply for the ones that match your expertise.

For instance, you can visit the site and type “proofreader” in the job search field, and add “remote” as the location. The results will display numerous proofreading jobs that can be done from home.

Once you find a suitable job, you either apply on Indeed or through the employer’s site. Fill out your information, add your resume and cover letter, and you’ll be good to go. As a registered user, Indeed sends you relevant job alerts.

8. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a job search engine to find jobs as a freelance proofreader. It shows listings from all around the web.

The site enables you to check out the salary data of various job titles. You can browse jobs depending on their minimum salary.

When it comes to applying for a role, you only need to enter your details and upload your resume. The employer may have additional questions for applicants.

Setting up an account on the platform is useful for getting job updates and also a quick application process.

9. Flexjobs

This online job search service is perfect for finding remote jobs that have undergone screening. It means that any online proofreading job you apply for through the site is legitimate.

Flexjobs charges users for membership. But they offer a better service than other sites because they review job opportunities for you.

Also, a paid membership gives you access to skill testing, job search tips, and a portfolio of your services. And you can end your subscription after landing one or two gigs.

10. ZipRecruiter

Here’s another job search engine that comes in handy when looking for proofreading jobs online. ZipRecruiter has millions of job postings from businesses looking for workers.

You’re free to browse jobs, set up alerts, and post your resume using ZipRecruiter. And all these can be done anytime and from anywhere you are.

The application process is quick. You only have to upload your resume and click to apply. You’re notified as soon as your application has been reviewed.

11. Craigslist

While Craigslist allows different types of advertisements, it has become a popular site for posting jobs.

Keep in mind that some employers create job listings anonymously. So, you have to be alert to avoid falling for scams.

Other than that, it’s possible to find legit proofreading jobs on Craigslist. You only need to select a city to view its job postings. And you can do searches based on keywords and the job category.

If you find the opportunity you like, you have the option to send an email. Adding a resume to your application goes a long way.

12. Mediabistro

Mediabistro is a career website and job board that can help you develop your skills and find opportunities. All you have to do is do some searches on the site and apply for jobs as a proofreader.

One good feature of Mediabistro is that you can set it to only show remote jobs. You can then go to the application page and submit your information. This way, you get a chance to do proofreading from home or anywhere else you prefer.

The site also has resume creation services to make it easy for you to get hired.

13. Your Freelance Proofreader Website

Proofreading Website

Creating a website to sell your services saves you from the inconveniences of working with freelance sites and job boards. You avoid challenges like high fees, competition, and not being in control.

The first step is to choose a domain name. Using your real name is one great option. Go to a trusted site like Bluehost to buy a domain name plus hosting.

You can then install WordPress from your dashboard in a few steps. Download the Kadence website builder to design your site through drag and drop.

Also, there are many free and paid templates online to create an attractive site. Another option is to hire someone for the job.

14. Clickworker

Clickworker pays its users to do various tasks including proofreading. The company requires online proofreaders to check for errors in content such as product descriptions.

Once you register, you’re required to qualify as an author and create some texts. After that, you need to take the proofreader assessment test to prove your skills. Be sure to do your best because there’s no chance to retake it.

You can view any open jobs from your account. If you want the best-paying proofreading jobs on Clickworker, it’s good to consistently submit high-quality work.

15. Scribbr

Scribbr proofreading and editing jobs

Scribbr is an online proofreading and editing service that hires new people. They test your language skills using a quiz before considering you.

The next step in the application process is to edit and make proper changes to a student’s text. Their expert editors review your work and give you feedback.

If your work is good, you gain access to Scribbr’s training to learn their style. You’ll also need to take a few simulation orders. Once you complete all the steps successfully, you get hired to work with the company.

16. Proofreading Services

If you’re looking for part-time or full-time remote proofreading jobs, can be a fit for you. The site accepts applications from people living all around the world.

The site has a test you take when applying. Once approved, you get a chance to choose your work hours and start earning. Urgent work receives more payment than the rest.

17. Gramlee

Gramlee is another online service that hires skilled people to do proofreading jobs at home. If you like correcting grammar and other errors, you’re free to apply for work on the site.

However, submitting an application doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be hired. In case you aren’t considered, you can always go back to reapply. You only need to figure out what may have caused your application to be declined.

18. Scribendi

Scribendi proofreading and editing jobs

Scribendi offers editing and proofreading services to buyers from different parts of the world. Because of their customer base, Scribendi offers job opportunities to skilled proofreaders online.

When you apply to join them, they review your information and reach out if you fit their needs. Their requirements include having high-speed Internet access, an updated virus and word processing software, and the ability to edit 1000 words or more in an hour.

19. Scribe Media

If you’re looking to find your ideal part-time or full-time proofreading role, Scribe Media is a perfect platform to try.

The site shows available job openings for users to apply. Being a full-time Scribe Media Tribe member comes with various insurance and financial benefits. You also enjoy paid holidays and can work from anywhere.

In case you can’t find a suitable role at any particular time, feel free to sign up for Scribe Media’s notifications on new opportunities.

20. Wordvice

Wordvice is a site that offers academic editing and proofreading services. They have done thousands of orders for different institutions.

The online service has various listed jobs, including proofreading, that you can apply for. But you need an advanced degree to be hired.

It’s a great opportunity to work with scholars, researchers, and professionals to enhance the quality of their writings.

21. ProofreadingPal

When it comes to professional proofreading online, ProofreadingPal is a trusted service. The company offers jobs to proofreaders and editors to ease its workload. However, there are some qualifications needed.

If you are studying at or are employed by an accredited US college, you’re eligible to apply for ProofreadingPal’s positions. If not, you need to have been proofreading for at least five years and hold a degree.

22. EditFast

EditFast gives proofreaders online a chance to work on projects on a part-time basis. While there may be no guarantee that you’ll get a significant amount of work, you’re eligible to receive tasks if you get approved.

You get notifications on new projects from buyers or an EditFast admin. If a potential client chooses to work with you, you send an estimate and see whether both of you can reach an agreement.

23. WordsRU

You can apply for WordsRU jobs if you hold an advanced degree and have professional experience as a proofreader. The company edits and proofreads documents needed for individual, academic, or business purposes.

If you feel you’re fit for one of their jobs, you only have to submit your resume and cover letter to them. It might take some time for them to review it. If they approve your application, you get a chance to proofread for money through their service.

24. Managed Editing

Managed Editing allows experienced proofreaders with a degree to apply for online proofreading jobs. You need to have specialized in a specific technical subject for which you may have to take a test.

If you’re skilled in more than one language, you have better chances of getting more gigs on Manage Editing.

You only need to fill out an application form, add your resume, and submit it. Be sure to complete all the required fields.

25. English Trackers

This proofreading website offers opportunities to work online perfecting people’s writings. You get paid to proofread and edit academic documents while working during the hours of your choice.

English Trackers prefer native English speakers with Ph.D. or experience they can verify. You’re free to go for it if you have these qualifications. You’ll mostly be handling writings from non-native English speakers.

26. Polished Paper

Polished Paper job application

Polished Paper is another editing and proofreading service that offers opportunities to freelancers. All you have to do is create an account and include your resume.

You’re required to take an editor test before you start getting work. The good thing is that you can use external resources to finish the test. These resources include MLA, APA, and Chicago formatting guides.

27. Writing Jobz

If you need proofreading jobs for freelancers, Writing Jobz is a perfect site to check out. You can find gigs that require you to proofread articles, books, or academic documents.

All you need to do is sign up on the site and get access to all types of gigs that involve writing. It’s possible to find entry-level proofreading jobs that don’t require much experience. Only submit good work and you could land more opportunities.

28. Writer’s Job Shop

Writer’s Job Shop is a great online platform for freelance proofreaders and editors. The site offers various types and genres of work that require editing and proofreading.

Once you apply for a specific role on the site, they review your details and give you feedback within seven working days. If approved, you only need to accept their terms to access the job board.

29. Reedsy

Reedsy is a site that connects authors to publishing professionals. If you’re good at book editing and proofreading, the platform can be great for finding work.

Once you join the Reedsy community, clients can send requests to buy your services. You’re allowed to set rates per hour, word, or project.

Reedsy is also perfect for showcasing your work and skills online.

30. Cactus Global

Cactus is another site where you can find freelance, contractual, or full-time job openings as an editor or proofreader.

Most of the work involves academics. It helps if you’ve specialized in a science subject.

While having previous freelance experience is helpful, you can still apply for their jobs when starting out.

31. Get Editing Jobs

Setting up a job seeker account on Get Editing Jobs can be useful for finding editing and proofreading jobs. You get notified of the latest jobs that suit your skills.

Other than that, you can search for open jobs by entering a keyword and location. You then go to an application page to submit your information.

32. Kibin

As a freelance proofreader, you can work with Kibin to assist students in writing. The site offers help to students who want to improve their essays.

There are tests you have to take before being hired. The first test is for proving your grammar and writing style. Once you pass the final test, you’re eligible to get paid doing editing and proofreading tasks.

33. ProofreadNOW

ProofreadNOW is a site that edits and proofreads documents for customers. They often post jobs on their employment page. You can also subscribe to receive their job emails.

If you’re confident that you can pass their editing tests, it might be a good opportunity for you to make money proofreading.

34. OneSpace

OneSpace gives freelancers a chance to find jobs that fit their skill set. The site shows various available positions that users can apply for.

In case you don’t find any proofreading job listed there, submit your application and you’ll be notified when a matching opportunity comes up.

35. Kirkus Media

While Kirkus Media mostly has book reviewing jobs, they sometimes post opportunities related to proofreading.

You can check it out once in a while to find out if there are any jobs that might suit you.

36. R3ciprocity

This proofreading and editing platform allows users to earn money by reviewing other people’s documents. You get credits that can be converted and deposited into your bank account.

While you may not make a fortune on R3ciprocity, it’s good for putting your skills to use. And you don’t need to go through a strict application process to proofread on the site.

Get Started with Proofreading Online

There are many proofreading jobs online that hire beginners. You can start with the ones that don’t have a lot of requirements. If your application on a site is declined, find out the reason if possible and make changes when applying the next time.

It becomes easier to find more clients when you’ve landed and successfully completed your first few jobs. So, always be sure to do your best and you could get more work and recommendations.

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