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11 Ways to Get Paid to Read Emails (Earn Free Cash)

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Looking for quick cash and wondering whether you can get paid for reading emails? Maybe you’ve tried some online platforms for paid emails and ended up wasting your precious time.
The truth is that it’s possible to make money by reading emails. There are numerous legit companies that actually pay you for it.
Remember, this is a task that requires little effort. And so, you won’t get rich from it. But you get a chance to earn extra bucks from something you do online daily.
In case you need to make even more extra money using your phone, here are some apps that pay real money. For now, let’s look at how to get paid to read emails and have some cash for your daily needs.

Can You Make Money Reading Emails?

Yes, you can make money by reading emails. It’s an ideal way to use your free time. All you need is a trustworthy paid emails site to get started.
You’re always free to check how legit a site is from its reviews and ratings online. This way, you won’t waste the time you would have spent doing other things.

How Can I Get Paid to Read Emails?

It’s time to explore some of the best sites and apps that pay you to read emails. You don’t need to make any investment. You just need your device as well as a working PayPal account to receive payouts from most of these platforms.

1. InboxDollars

Get paid to read emails on InboxDollars
InboxDollars is among the best sites to get paid emails and other earning opportunities. You simply need to become an InboxDollars member ($5 bonus for activating your account) to access email reading jobs. You can do it from your smartphone as well as your computer.
The emails can be news and other promotional messages from various brands that partner with InboxDollars. InboxDollars uses your details to ensure that you only receive relevant emails. As you read more of them, you receive virtual scratch-off cards to unlock prizes.
One advantage of InboxDollars is that you get paid in cash. InboxDollars also has opportunities to take paid surveys, get cashback on purchases, make money playing games, and more.
Payment method: PayPal, gift cards

2. Swagbucks

Get paid to read emails and other tasks on Swagbucks
Another well-established online platform to earn from opening emails is Swagbucks. The company rewards its members every day for completing such simple tasks. It has already paid out hundreds of millions of dollars.
All you need to do is create a Swagbucks account using your information. After that, go to your dashboard to find paid emails. You simply have to click on them to start earning.
Swagbucks gives you redeemable points for participating. Besides emails, you can get paid to search, answer surveys, and shop, among other activities online on Swagbucks.
Payment method: PayPal, gift cards

3. MyPoints

Get paid to read emails and other tasks on MyPoints
MyPoints is another site and app that pays you to read emails from anywhere. The company is among the earliest ones that have been rewarding users for a long time.
Getting started with MyPoints is a quick process. You simply need to sign up with your details to gain access to the available email reading jobs.
MyPoints rewards you in points. The number of points you get varies per task. Aside from opening emails, MyPoints is perfect for completing paid surveys, watching ads for cash, getting shopping rewards, and more.
Payment method: Gift cards, PayPal, Visa, travel miles

4. Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is a rewards site that has opportunities such as reading emails for money. You just need to set up an account, log in, and access any offers available on your dashboard.
The good thing is that reading emails isn’t the only way to earn on Fusion Cash. You can also take surveys and watch videos to boost your earnings.
Another great idea is to have your friends join Fusion Cash too. The platform rewards you $1 for every new user you bring that registers and activates their account.
Payment method: PayPal, direct deposit, check

5. Unique Rewards

Need another site that gives you free PayPal money for opening emails? If that’s so, Unique Rewards may interest you.
Unique Rewards sends you around 1 to 3 emails with special offers daily. The platform rewards you for every email you open and click on.
You get redirected to the advertiser’s website as soon as you click. Once it’s confirmed that you read the email, you earn $0.01.
The reward for taking an action is higher. You can earn from 25 cents to $50 for completing offers from an advertiser.
Other ways to earn on Unique Rewards include taking surveys, shopping, playing games, and watching videos. If you want to increase what you earn, doing these additional tasks would be helpful.
Payment method: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, check

6. InboxPays

InboxPays pays you to read emails and complete other daily tasks. If you want to start using the site, you just need to sign up for free. There are a few questions you answer about yourself to get relevant earning opportunities from InboxPays.
Keep in mind that InboxPays isn’t as popular as other sites like InboxDollars. So, opportunities to earn might be fewer. This means that it can take more time to reach the minimum payout.
But still, you can maximize your earnings on InboxPays by taking on surveys. InboxPays gives you survey jobs based on the information you share. You can either browse what’s listed on your account or opt to get emails about new surveys.
Payment method: PayPal

7. UniqPaid

Want to get paid for reading emails via PayPal without minimum payouts? If that’s the case, UniqPaid is worth checking out.
UniqPaid enables you to earn money by reading paid emails and participating in new offers. It’s an international program with members from various locations in the world.
One advantage of UniqPaid is that you get real money for completing tasks. Besides reading emails, you get paid for visiting websites, answering surveys, and online shopping on UniqPaid.
UniqPaid sends payments to members on a monthly basis. While PayPal has no minimum payout, the other ways to receive payments do.
Payment method: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, check

8. Quick Pay Survey

Quick Pay Survey offers paid emails as one of the ways members can earn. You can join for free and get paid to read emails without investing anything. According to Quick Pay Survey, you earn up to $0.05 for every paid email.
But because Quick Pay Survey isn’t that popular, you may find fewer available tasks compared to established rewards sites. However, other ways to earn on Quick Pay Survey exist. These include taking surveys, completing offers, and inviting your friends.
Payment method: PayPal

Additional Ways to Get Paid for Reading Emails

Reading emails and clicking on links to advertisers isn’t the only way to get paid. You can also make money by opening emails with other earning opportunities.
In this case, you’re not directly paid for reading an email but for doing another activity. You just need to allow email notifications to avoid missing out on a task.

9. Completing surveys

Completing surveys online is an easy way to make money online. You just respond to questions and get paid.
Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites to make money.  What you need to do is confirm your email address after registering on the site.
This way, you’ll get email notifications about any new surveys you qualify for. You only need to open the email and click to be redirected to the survey page.

10. Shopping online

There are various sites and apps that reward you for shopping online. Whether you need groceries, clothing, or even a vacation, it’s possible to get some of your cash back. If you allow email notifications from a cashback platform, you won’t miss any deals on the items you frequently buy.
An example is MyPoints, a platform that rewards you for making purchases on stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Groupon. You get points that you can redeem for free Amazon gift cards or other gift cards to more well-known stores.

11. Working as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants offer remote administrative services to clients. Managing emails is one of the services a VA can offer.
Many VA clients like established bloggers and online business owners don’t have time to always check their emails. So, they need someone to read and write emails for them.
You can find VA jobs on social media as well as job search platforms online. Having an online presence like social media pages and a website is helpful. You need to appear like a professional to increase the chances of people hiring you.

Tips to Get Paid to Read Emails

Here are some things to keep in mind to get more out of the companies that pay you to read emails.

Set up a different email account

If you use your personal or work email address, you may miss some of the paid email opportunities sent to you. The reason is that most of us get lots of emails every day and can’t check them all.
It helps to have a different email address for receiving paid emails from companies. This approach makes it easier to see all of them in one place and take action one by one.

Complete other daily tasks

From the list, you can see that most of the sites that pay to open emails also have other ways to earn. It’s essential to complete all tasks you qualify for as long as you’re free.
One reason to do so is that you’ll make more money from a single platform. It becomes easier to meet the minimum amount to cash out if there’s such a requirement.

Use multiple earning platforms

You’re free to use as many online platforms as you like to make money by reading emails. So, why not do that? As long as they’re not too many for you to handle, you’re good to go.
You’ll access more opportunities and get paid for taking on each of them. This means that you’ll generate more earnings online every day or week.

Invite your friends

Know someone that would be interested in doing simple daily tasks like reading emails? If that’s so, you can invite them to an earning platform and get referral bonuses.
Some sites pay you for each friend that signs up and activates their account. Others give you a portion of the earnings the person you invite earns. There are sites that offer both types of referral bonuses.
Here are some of the best sites to get referral bonuses:

  • InboxDollars: $1 per referral for up to 5 referrals and 30 percent of their earnings
  • Swagbucks: 10 percent of your referral’s earnings as long as they’re active with no maximum limit
  • Fusion Cash: $1 for referring a friend, $2 when they complete a “paid to sign up” offer, and $5 when approved to cash out, for life

Check reviews and ratings

It could be that you came across a rewards platform that claims to pay you for emails. If you don’t have previous knowledge about the site, it helps to check its reviews online.
Learn about the experiences of other people before proceeding with your registration. If most users have positive things to say, it’s worth trying out the site yourself.
As for the listed sites, they’ve been tested and proven to actually pay users. Feel free to check them first before going to others not mentioned.

Why Do Companies Pay You for Reading Emails?

A rewards platform pays you to read emails with information from other brands promoting their products and services. These brands give the rewards platform a commission for having you click on such promotional emails.
In other words, the rewards platform shares the commission with anyone that participated in a paid email opportunity. If you were wondering where the money you earn comes from, now you have an answer.

How Much Money Can You Make Reading Emails?

As mentioned earlier, you won’t get rich by simply reading emails from companies. But you can get a few cents to several dollars each day from email reading jobs.
Usually, you get paid more if you take some action mentioned in the email. Doing other activities like answering surveys, watching videos, and playing games on a rewards site is essential for earning more.
Now, a job like managing emails as a VA can pay well. But in this case, you’re not just reading emails. You check what emails say on behalf of your client, respond to them, and do other tasks according to the client’s needs.

Wrapping It up

Reading emails is a great way to make extra bucks during your free time. As seen from the list, there’s quite a good number of sites and apps that really pay you.
While you won’t be making much from each email, you can get more rewards by completing various offers. The good thing is that you don’t need to put in a lot of effort to earn extra bucks from rewards platforms.

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