How to make an extra $1,000 a month

How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month (21 Real Ways)

Looking for new ideas on how to make an extra $1,000 a month that really work? For some people, it might not seem that much when first thinking about it. But a thousand dollars in extra money each month can help you achieve a good number of things.

You get a chance to pay your bills on time, eliminate or pay down debt, save for emergencies, and have a little fun. Whether you have another job or not, you’ll find these ideas easy to implement and boost your monthly income.

Of course, you need to be persistent with it. You shouldn’t back off at the first sign of failure. It’s possible to hit and even go way past the $1,000 a month mark if you don’t give up early.

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Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month

If you’re eager to generate an extra income of 1,000 dollars or more monthly, it’s time to explore some profitable ideas. Most of them just require your time and dedication. You don’t need any special qualifications.

Here are 21 ways to make an extra $1,000 a month.

1. Work as a freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money writing with no educational requirements. Frankly, it’s a moneymaking idea I’ve benefited from in the past. You only need some writing skills and know how to find clients.

Freelance writers can either do general writing jobs or specialize in a specific area or topic. As a general freelance writer, you’re free to do various types of writing on different topics. Specializing means that you pick on or a few related subjects and work on becoming an expert at writing about them.

The advantage of finding your specialty in freelance writing is that you gain the trust of more clients. Many high-paying jobs require someone who is really good at the subject. If you perfect your knowledge and your writing about a particular area, landing such jobs won’t be hard.

Keep in mind that having a portfolio of your previous work is essential. If you’re starting out, you could find an online platform and publish some of your work there. This way, you’ll have something to show when looking for your first gig.

Freelance marketplaces and social networks like Fiverr and LinkedIn are great for finding clients. Another idea is to set up your own website offering freelance writing services. You’ll need to promote it well to get potential clients to check it out.

2. Find proofreading jobs online

This is another great way to make an extra $1,000 a month if you can spot errors in writing. These include grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

You need language skills like reading comprehension and writing to become a great proofreader. While not necessary, an English degree is an advantage.

Just like writing, freelance sites and social media work well when it comes to finding online proofreading jobs. Also, some proofreading websites, those offering editing and proofreading services, hire new proofreaders from time to time.

If you’re a total newbie, getting some training can help you start on the right path. You can learn the basics through online tutorials. But you need to find updated resources that work in this day and age.

I recommend this free proofreading workshop to learn how proofreading can give you your dream life, ways to land clients, and more.

3. Transcribe audios and videos

Transcribing is simply converting audio and videos into text. You just listen to a specific file and type what’s being said into a document.

You’ll find that some online transcription tools can help convert files into their textual format. But still, human work comes in handy to ensure that everything is accurate. So, many clients opt to hire transcribers.

As long as you can comprehend a variety of accents and have some grammar skills, transcription can suit you. You can either work as a general transcriber or specialize in a field such as law or medicine.

Some places to get transcribing jobs are freelance platforms, job boards, or transcription sites. You may have to take and pass a transcription test to access paid opportunities.

As someone who’s just starting out, getting some training can help you become a successful transcriptionist. It’s a way to learn how to appeal to clients and get well-paying gigs.

Check out this transcription mini-course to answer some of your other transcription questions and learn the foundations of it.

4. Offer freelance services online

There are lots of services to offer as a freelancer for an extra 1,000 dollars every month at home. You just need to identify your skills and find a freelance service that you can best offer.

Also, it’s possible to learn new skills depending on what you want to do as a freelancer online. It just needs to be an in-demand skill. Besides writing-related work, some other examples of freelance services are web design, graphic design, and digital marketing.

What you earn depends on the type of freelance work you do. Offering two or a few more related ones can help you reach your monthly income goals faster.

It’s possible to make $1,000 a month offering services at an hourly rate of $35 working around 30 hours monthly. You’re free to raise your rates if you become more experienced. This way, you’ll earn good money even if you work less.

5. Build a Profitable Blog

Blogging is another moneymaking idea that can be a great boost to your income. It’s possible to blog about almost anything. But you need to consider the profitable side of a blog topic.

Aside from picking a topic that you’re knowledgeable about, it needs to be something people search about online. The more searches a topic has on search engines like Google, the higher the chances of making money blogging about it. But this may mean more competition as many bloggers are writing the same.

Here’s how to start a blog in a nutshell:

  • Choose a domain name and web hosting: Picking one of Bluehost’s web hosting plans is good for new bloggers. The basic plan is all you need to start.
  • Set up WordPress: WordPress is the recommended website builder for blogging. Through Bluehost, WordPress installation automatically occurs once you finish a few easy steps.
  • Publish blog content: Here, you create and publish your blog pages and a few posts.
  • Promote your blog: Create social media pages for your new blog and promote your posts. They include Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

The best time to actually monetize your blog is when you’re getting significant traffic. During the early stages, it helps to focus on growing your blog and getting site visitors.

For more details, read this blogging guide for beginners. You’ll discover how to choose a blogging niche and domain name, set up blog pages, write posts people will read, and more.

6. Create videos on YouTube

If you like or don’t mind creating videos, becoming a YouTuber might suit you. You only have to make videos on a topic that YouTube allows. And they’re many!

If you don’t have ideas, consider something you like doing or have knowledge about. Go to YouTube and find what videos people are making about the topic. Check comments on a specific video and find ways to create an improved version of it.

You don’t need expensive equipment while starting out. You could start with the camera on your phone if it’s of good quality.

But investing in video creation equipment helps. You mostly need a high-resolution camera, lighting equipment, and an audio recorder.

Also, you can make tutorials and other informational YouTube videos without showing your face (or your body for what it’s worth). In such a case, you don’t need video shooting equipment. You just need a good microphone, video editing software, and a screen recorder in some cases.

Ad revenue is a popular YouTube monetization method. But you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months. Other ways to make money on YouTube include promoting products and getting brand sponsorships and deals.

7. Launch an online course

Maybe you know about something people are struggling with. Launching an online course might be how you start making an extra $1,000 a month from home in passive income. That’s if you don’t mind sharing the information!

It helps to identify your ideal buyer and learn a bit about them. Know which questions they have on the matter.

Go to relevant social media platforms and start discussions to learn about their pain points. Another idea is to create surveys and invite your targeted audience to take them. You then work to give comprehensive answers and solutions in the online course.

You may want to set up a landing page where people sign up for your upcoming course before you actually create it. In this case, you only start structuring the course when you’ve seen there’s potential.

Check out Teachable if you need a great platform to create and sell an online course without tech skills.

8. Tutor students

This is yet another way to teach people a specific subject and get paid. It works well for college students, teachers, and other professionals.

Fluency in English or any applicable language and great listening skills are some basic requirements for tutors. If done online, you need to know how to use the required video communication technology.

Many entry-level tutoring jobs only require a high school diploma or equivalent. You could get tutoring training to enhance your skills. A degree is a usual requirement to tutor advanced subjects.

Job search websites are great for finding online tutoring opportunities. Joining a tutoring company like as a tutor is another perfect way to make money tutoring students.

You’re free to start your own tutoring service and offer it on an online platform or your site. You just need to find the best technology to use, a strategy to get students, and a payment processing method.

9. Become a social media manager

Many people can’t manage their social media pages effectively. It could be because they don’t know how or have no time as their focus is on something else. It’s mostly the case with businesses and that’s why they’re ideal clients

Social media management is among the top ways to make money on Pinterest. Other social networks to manage pages for businesses are Facebook and Instagram.

As a social media manager, you post content, reply to queries, and establish good relationships with other businesses. You may have more tasks to do tasks depending on your client’s needs.

Given the type of work involved, you need good communication and customer service skills. Having a social media strategy for the platform you’ll use is also essential. If you know little to nothing about social media marketing, it helps to take a course and get certified.

You can find gigs by checking out the social media pages of businesses you’re targeting. If you spot a business page with a poor social media strategy, pitch your services to them. You could get hired if they like your plan.

10. Get paid as an influencer

Looking to get paid on Instagram? Becoming an influencer is a great way to make an extra $1,000 a month.

Influencers make money by posting sponsored content on their social media pages. As an influencer, you make agreements with brands to promote their name or products on your Instagram or other social media accounts.

Keep in mind that having a significant number of followers and engagement rates matters. So, you may want to focus on increasing those two metrics if they’re low. This way, brands will be more interested in working with you.

Besides posting sponsored content, you can do affiliate marketing. It’s a way to earn commissions when people sign up or make a purchase using your links or code. Some great affiliate networks to join are the Amazon affiliate program and ShareASale.

Remember to keep whatever you promote relevant to your audience. They’re more likely to take action if the product or service solves their problem.

11. Apply for virtual assistant jobs

Virtual assistants offer a variety of admin services to clients from remote locations. They schedule meetings, manage emails, and take on other responsibilities depending on a client’s needs.

Some of the basic requirements to become a successful VA are being able to use relevant computer software, write, and communicate well. While a college degree isn’t necessary, having one related to this type of job can be a boost to your career. A good alternative is to get some training on how to work as a VA.

VAs work with bloggers, online coaches, consultants, and other businesses with a presence online. It’s easier to have clients reach out to you if you establish yourself online. Create social media pages and post your services. You can also pitch your services to relevant online businesses and see whether they need a VA.

12. Sell on Amazon

You can make money on Amazon as a seller through FBA. It’s an opportunity to reach millions of users using the popular e-commerce site for online shopping.

If you want to become an Amazon seller, you first need to pick one of their two selling plans, Individual and Professional plans. It’s essential to decide whether you want to be a reseller of existing products or create and sell a product as a brand owner.

After that, create an Amazon seller account by simply filling out your contact, legal, and payment details. You then add products that people can buy.

The products to sell on Amazon fall into the categories of new physical products, digital products, and used items. While you can sell a variety of products on Amazon, some items require a Professional plan, and others can’t be sold by third parties.

Keep in mind that there’s a lot of competition on Amazon and any other popular e-commerce marketplace. Your focus should be on selling better products at more affordable prices and offering a great customer experience.

13. Pet sit

If you like pets, pet sitting can be a suitable way for you to make extra money. While many pet lovers are either cat people or dog people, it’s possible to find jobs involving pets like birds.

Pet owners aren’t always available to care for or check on their pets. It could be because of work or them going on a vacation. That’s why they hire someone else to take care of their pets.

Pet sitting can involve various kinds of pet care. Some of them are feeding, cuddling, training, and walking the pets. And so, it helps to be a pet sitter to pets you’ve ever owned or have experience looking after.

Most times, you go to the owner’s place to take care of the pet. In some cases, the owner may prefer to bring their pet to you.

When it comes to finding pet-sitting jobs, asking around in your area might help. But social media and other online platforms make things easier as many people post jobs online.

Becoming a sitter on Rover is a perfect chance to offer your pet sitting services to owners nearby. You simply create your new profile, select the pets you prefer, and set your available dates and hours. You get paid after completing a service.

14. Get paid shopping for groceries

How can you make an extra $1,000 a month shopping for groceries? Well, the idea is to shop for other people and do a delivery. That’s because many people have grown to like the convenience of not going to the stores themselves.

As an Instacart shopper, your job is to pick items people have ordered from the grocery store and deliver them. You’re connected with customers who need a personal shopper for groceries from their favorite stores.

The requirements to become a shopper are a driver’s license and going through a quick background check. You then get access to jobs and work during the days and hours you choose.

15. Rent out your place

If you have a spare room at your place, you’re sitting on a potential source of income. You could rent it out to people and make money while sleeping, $1,000 or more each month. It’s also possible to rent out your entire apartment or house when you’re away.

Becoming an Airbnb host is one way to monetize your home this way. You earn money by simply having travelers stay at your place for some time.

This option is great for people who don’t like a full-time roommate. Airbnb hosts have an option to block off specific dates and decide on how long guests stay.

You’ll have your whole place to yourself and only rent it out when you feel like doing so. But setting more available days and increasing the nights a guest can stay means more moneymaking opportunities.

Because guests are required to follow any house rules, there are fewer chances of getting damage to your home. If someone doesn’t agree with your rules after booking, there’s no penalty to cancel the reservation.

16. Rent out your unused space

Besides living spaces, you can also rent out unoccupied storage areas. Because storage units can be quite expensive, some people opt to rent a personal space to keep their goods. This option is even more secure in some cases.

Using renting companies is an easy way to get opportunities to rent out unused spaces for extra cash. An online platform like makes it easier to connect with renters nearby in need of storage space.

You’re free to list your basement, garage, shed, or spare room. Renters simply contact you if interested. You can message them back, see what they want to be stored, and even meet them in person for further discussions.

With such options to screen potential renters, you’ll be more confident about offering your storage to them. And there’s the Neighbor’s Host Guarantee to protect you from personal liabilities.

17. Rent out your car

This is a perfect way to earn extra income using your car. If you have a car that you don’t frequently use, renting it out is an idea that can pay off.

Renting out a car through a car-sharing company helps. It’s because lots of car renters trust and find it easier to use such companies. A good example is Turo.

On Turo, you can list one or multiple cars for users to rent. Such a platform is great for establishing a profitable car-renting business without spending a fortune.

Once registered, people can request trips and you only need to accept them. You’re free to adjust prices according to your needs.

It’s possible to have a chat with guests while they’re on the trip. Plus, you’re covered by liability insurance.

18. Drive passengers

Working as a driver is another great way to make $1,000 a month from your car. There’s no need to worry if you don’t own a car yet. You could rent one from a reliable car-renting company and use it to make money as a driver.

Becoming an Uber or Lyft driver is a great option because many people use these companies to request rides. You just need to submit your driver application and wait for the approval. Some of the requirements are a driver’s license, background check, and vehicle paperwork.

Your vehicle has to be in good condition and able to work effectively. You may need to fix any issues if your car has them. Also, you need newer car models as some older ones aren’t allowed.

19. Deliver orders

This is yet another way to make money from your car. You simply pick an item a customer has purchased and deliver it to them.

Delivering with DoorDash is a reliable way to generate extra income as a delivery person. You can become a Dasher on DoorDash as long as you have a car, motorcycle, or bicycle. You just need to consent to a background check and a driver’s license if it’s a car.

You’re free to choose the time you’ll be working on orders. Also, you pick the location. This means that you can also make money with DoorDash in an area you’re just visiting for a while.

Once you’ve set it all up, you’ll be able to access orders and pick the ones you like. Keep in mind that DoorDash works in specific cities.

Bonus Ways to Make $1,000 a Month from Home

Maybe you need some easy ways to make extra money every month. The following ideas will help you get to your monthly income goal. Because they’re quite simple, you can do them in addition to the ones already listed.

20. Do survey jobs online

Survey jobs are great for earning extra cash on the side quickly. As a survey taker, you simply respond to simple questions on various life, work, and education questions.

The survey company rewards you with points after completing each survey. These points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. Some sites directly pay you cash for participating in surveys.

There are several legitimate survey sites that can actually pay their users. If you’re wondering where the money comes from, it’s a portion of what brands pay for market research. This way they can make high-quality products and serve their customers better.

These are the best survey sites to use are Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars. If you join all of them, you get a chance to access more survey opportunities.

Since taking surveys is a low-effort way to make money, it helps to complete every survey you qualify for. That’s how you’ll generate more survey earnings.

21. Complete simple tasks online

Besides surveys, many reward sites also pay you to complete other simple tasks. These tasks can be a boost to your earnings if you take advantage of them.

Aside from surveys, InboxDollars also pays you to watch videos, read emails, play games, and more. Swagbucks rewards users to search the web, watch videos, and shop online, among other tasks.

Wrapping It up

So, hope you’ve found new ways to make an extra $1,000 a month with and without a job. You just need to choose an idea and work on hitting your monthly income goal.

Better yet, combine a few ideas to reach there faster. You could even make 1000 dollars in a week or a few days as long as you put in the effort.

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