Low-effort jobs for lazy people

17 Best Jobs for Lazy People That Pay Well

Looking for jobs for lazy people that pay well? Maybe you’re not really lazy but need a job or side gig that doesn’t require a lot of effort (like rising early). If that’s the case, you have quite a number of options to choose from.

While there are several low-effort jobs anyone can do, working hard comes with more benefits. It’s through hard work that many great people have achieved their dreams. So, you don’t have to be all lazy at work even if the job requires minimal effort.

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Lazy Jobs to Make Money Online and on the Side

Now, let’s explore some well-paying jobs for lazy people.

1. Survey taker

Survey takers simply get paid to participate in online surveys. They respond to questions and earn rewards for that.

While some people question the authenticity of paid surveys, there are many survey companies that actually pay users. If you’re wondering where the money comes from, it’s a portion of what brands pay for market research. This way, they can understand their customers better and offer high-quality products.

You can either earn points or money after completing surveys and other tasks available on reward sites. In the case of points, they can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

If you’re eager to know the best survey sites, here are some of them:

  • Swagbucks: Earn SB points for taking surveys, watching videos, and browsing using their search engine.
  • InboxDollars: Get paid to complete surveys, watch videos, and from cash offers. There’s a $5 bonus for joining.
  • Survey Junkie: Make money from surveys plus other simple tasks that give you free points.

Going for two or more survey sites can give you access to more survey opportunities. You also maximize your earnings by taking every single survey you qualify for and finishing the daily tasks.

2. Online shopper

Well, this might not be an actual job. But if you like shopping online, you can get rewarded for it. And that’s possible with the help of cash back apps.

Cash back apps give you a percentage of your money back when you shop through them. It usually applies to daily purchases like groceries or services like booking a hotel. If these are some things you spend money on frequently, you can benefit from cash back apps.

You only need to find and claim offers of the items on your shopping list on a cash back app, buy them from a listed retailer and claim your reward. You’ll need to upload a photo of your receipt to prove you bought an item.

Some great cash back apps to try are MyPoints, Tada, and Ibotta. So, the next time you’re buying groceries, do it through one or two of the apps and earn extra bucks.

3. Web tester

Ever thought about how you could make money by browsing sites? Becoming a web tester is a simple way to generate income without a lot of effort.

All you need to do is visit a site as you would on a normal occasion and evaluate its performance. You consider factors like design and usability and then report your experiences. As a result, the developer can make improvements to satisfy their consumers.

Usually, you’re required to provide a written response as well as a screen-recorded video with your voice as you use the site. Having a microphone might be necessary to ensure that your feedback is clear and satisfying.

An example of a site to get web testing jobs is UserTesting. Besides websites, you can find opportunities to test apps on mobile or PC.

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4. Pet sitter

If you like pets, whether cats, dogs, or any other, this may be a perfect part-time job if you consider yourself lazy. While pet sitting mostly doesn’t require a lot of effort, different pets have different needs. You might have to be more involved in taking care of specific pets than others.

Becoming a pet sitter doesn’t require formal education. Having experience in caring for a particular type of pet or going through some on-the-job training helps a lot. This way, pet owners can trust that their pets are in good hands when they’re away.

As a pet sitter, you can either have the pets at your place or look after them at the owner’s home. It’s not difficult to find such opportunities if you live in an area with dog owners, cat owners, or other pet owners.

Online platforms make it easier to get pet-sitting jobs. For instance, becoming a sitter on Rover enables you to connect with pet owners nearby and get paid for your services. You simply have to set up your profile, select which pet you can sit and your available time, and complete any gig you get.

5. House sitter

House sitting is a lazy job that can be quite lucrative. As a house sitter, you only need to stay and care for someone’s place.

House-sitting opportunities may be hard to come by. But some people with luxury houses require professional house sitters so as not to leave their houses empty when away. Maybe they need someone to collect mail or take care of their property and have no relatives nearby to do the job.

In some cases, house sitting can involve caring for pets too if the owner has them. It can be a chance to make more money if you offer each service separately.

You can find house-sitting jobs in your area if you know a person who spends most of their time away from home. But it’s much easier to get such opportunities online through house-sitting websites.

If you’re not using such sites, most of which do background checks, you’ll need to gain the trust of homeowners your own way. This may mean getting references from past clients or employers from previous jobs and being interviewed.

6. Plant sitter

Plant sitting is all about taking care of plants for someone else. It could be that they’re too busy and can’t find time to look after their newly gotten plant.

As a plant sitter, your job involves watering, trimming, and other types of plant care. It depends on the kind of plant. And so, you need to have some prior experience with the plants if they’re tough ones to keep alive.

Keep in mind that plant sitting is a service you can offer on top of house sitting, pet sitting, or both. That’s because a purely plant-sitting gig may be a bit challenging to get as not everyone keeps houseplants.

7. Professional cuddler

Here is yet another lazy way to make money. Some people pay others just to cuddle with them. If you don’t mind cuddling with strangers, this is a nice idea to make extra money.

In many cases, it’s male clients who need such services. And so, lots of professional cuddlers are women. But if you’re a guy, you’re free to offer professional cuddling services where it applies.

This type of job doesn’t require any special skills. But it’s worth mentioning that you need to be a caring and understanding person.

Good hygiene is essential too. That’s why you’re required to clean up before any cuddling session.

Finding clients can be challenging. And so, it helps to use cuddling companies like Cuddlist for finding gigs. This particular site offers training (which you pay for) and resources for working as a cuddler.

8. Rented friend

This is another low-effort and surprising way to make money on the side. If you didn’t know, it’s possible to get paid for being a friend to someone for a specified period.

Some people don’t have the best of luck when it comes to making friends. Maybe they’re too busy or lack social skills. For that reason, they resort to hiring a friend online and experiencing something with them.

Rent a Friend is one online platform where users can “buy and sell friendship.” You get a chance to find people looking to pay for a quick friendship.

You only need to register as a friend available for rent and set up your profile for renters to see. Members can browse through your profile and contact you if they’re interested.

In the conversation, you both agree on the date, location, and activity to take part in. As a friend, your charges per hour are up to you. It can range from a few tens of dollars to around one hundred dollars.

9. Slogan writer

If spinning words is your thing, you could become a slogan writer and make money without a lot of effort. Many brands need slogans that help them appeal to their customers. It could be a new company or one that’s looking to replace its old slogan with a new catchy one.

Many businesses list slogan writing jobs on freelance marketplaces and employment sites. Some of the top freelance sites with lots of jobs are Upwork and Fiverr. You simply need to create a great profile showing your slogan-writing services.

It also helps to upload or link to some of your projects to help potential clients quickly decide about hiring you. You’re likely to get positive reviews and good ratings if you offer high-quality work.

Clients can offer you more jobs or recommend you if they like your work. You’re free to ask for such favors too.

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10. Foot model

Foot models simply make money by having pictures of their feet taken. This job can involve wearing various footwear to promote a specific product. For instance, a seller offering shoes can hire a foot model to market the product online better.

Many foot models are women. But guys can work as foot models too.

While foot modeling has no special skills or qualifications, you need to meet some requirements. These include having clear skin with no scars. In other words, you need lovely feet that are well cared for to become a successful foot model.

Another easier alternative to making money from your feet would be to directly sell feet pics. It’s an effortless way of generating extra income where you receive payments for simply sending pictures of your feet. Your clients can be random people or businesses looking for such pictures for marketing purposes.

11. Videogamer

Like playing video games? It doesn’t have to be just a pastime. Video gaming can be a money-making hobby.

A popular way to make money playing video games is to become a streamer. You can stream video games on online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch and make money.

If you’re all about video games, you may have seen people doing it online. In case you’re a total newbie, you just need to master one or two video games and then build an audience of viewers online.

As a streamer, there are numerous ways to generate income as long as you create a presence on a specific streaming platform. For instance, you can become a YouTube or Facebook gaming streamer and earn from ads.

Other monetization strategies for streamers include promoting your own or affiliate gaming products, getting sponsored by brands in the gaming industry, fan subscriptions, and donations. If you manage to attract a considerable audience, making money won’t be a problem.

12. Tour guide

Unless taking people around tourist destinations sounds like too much work, becoming a tour guide might suit you. It can just be an attraction in your area that you know a lot about. Or, you could get a real job of being a tour guide at a park or some other place.

It helps if you’re a person who can communicate well (making people laugh would be a bonus, for tips). You also need customer service skills as you’ll be showing around people of all kinds.

Besides tourist attractions, most colleges also require tour guides to show new people around. If you’re still studying, becoming a campus tour guide is a great way to make money in college. Such opportunities are usually available on the campus job board.

13. Book reviewer

Book reviewers can be paid to give their opinions about books. You simply read a book, write about what you liked or didn’t, and give your ratings. Of course, it’s not just any book but one you’ve been tasked with writing a review of.

While there aren’t many requirements, having a literature degree or related is an advantage. But you mostly need writing skills and be someone who likes reading.

Some paid book reviewing opportunities are available on freelance and job sites. Book review platforms are also great for finding related jobs. A simple search online can give you some ideas on where to apply for gigs.

Also, you’re free to set up your own site where you offer book reviewing services. Establishing yourself as a professional by writing relevant blog posts or publishing some of your work helps.

14. Online dating ghostwriter

Do you have some matchmaking skills and need a lazy way to make money? Online dating ghostwriting might be how you need to generate income on the side.

This job requires you to write online dating content like dating profiles. The number of people in need of a dating profile writer may surprise you.

If you can write great profiles that can boost someone’s chances on a dating platform, these gigs suit you. You just need to know where to find clients and how to convince them about your skills.

Freelance marketplaces are great places to start. Many users, including those in need of catchy profiles, use such sites to find trustworthy freelancers.

Another idea is to create a website and offer such services. Specializing in dating or relationships can get more people to trust you. For instance, you could blog about those topics and mention your services where relevant.

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15. Food taster

Food tasters are people who test foods to ensure they’re of the required quality. Some aspects to consider are a specific food’s appearance, smell, and taste.

You just need to take a tiny bite of a particular type of food and assess how it tastes. After that, you spit it out, use water to get rid of the flavor in your mouth, and test the next food.

Many food manufacturing companies, restaurants, and other food outlets hire food tasters. In most cases, you need to be trained or experienced in food matters. That’s why a food handler’s license comes in handy.

Some high-paying jobs require a degree in Food Science. In this case, the food taster can also work as a food technician, food scientist, or product developer.

16. Line sitter

As if the mentioned jobs for lazy people aren’t enough, line sitting is another easy one. Being a line sitter, also called a line stander, means staying in a line on behalf of another person. It could be waiting for a release like a movie or holding space for someone during an event.

Some people don’t like waiting in line for long periods. Also, they don’t want to miss out on getting into something early. They’re willing to pay other people who don’t mind being in a line or experiencing whatever unpleasant stuff that can happen there.

Line standing and seat-holding jobs aren’t available often. But if you become a professional line sitter, it’s easier to make a considerable living from it. Craigslist and other employment sites are perfect for getting such gigs and listing this kind of service.

17. Bed tester

Professional bed testers and sleepers get paid to test sleeping products. This includes lying on a mattress and evaluating the experience with a manufacturing company during the development. As a result, the company can get a better idea of how to make their product more comfortable.

Also, hotels can hire bed testers to find out whether particular bedding is right for their guests. This way, they adjust or replace the mattresses, pillows, and quilts accordingly.

No specific education or skills are required. You just need to pay attention to adverts from bedclothes companies and hotels. Check their social media pages and websites from time to time to find out if bed testing opportunities are available.

You’re also free to inquire with relevant companies about such positions. Set up alerts from search engines and job search sites to be among the first to know and apply.

Wrapping It up

It’s time to make a choice. You should already know which lazy job to do. Pick one or a few lazy ways to make money and implement the tips.

The good thing is that you can do any of the work on a part-time basis. You won’t have to wake up before the sun (which has benefits, FYI) or work until it’s late!

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