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How to Become a Pinterest Manager (Guide)

Interested in becoming a Pinterest manager? You’re in the right place!

Offering Pinterest management services is one of the best ways to make money on Pinterest. That’s because many people use Pinterest to discover new products, services, and inspirational content. And so, more businesses are turning to Pinterest marketing to find their targeted audience.

As a Pinterest manager, you get a chance to work from anywhere and set your own hours. And you can even make more money than you would while working a boring 9-5 grind.

Ready to know what Pinterest management is all about? Let’s get started!

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What Is a Pinterest Manager?

A Pinterest manager is someone hired to work on the Pinterest presence of a business. They’re like social media managers but with a focus on Pinterest.

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What Does a Pinterest Manager Do? (Pinterest Manager Job Description)

The work of a Pinterest manager involves monitoring and improving a Pinterest account. They engage in Pinterest marketing to help a business get noticed and profit from Pinterest traffic.

When more users know about a specific business, it becomes easy for the business to get more customers for their products and services or readers for their blog content.

Why Do People Hire Pinterest Managers?

There are several reasons why an individual or company might hire a Pinterest manager. Here are some of them:

1. Have a Pinterest strategy

Many people post content on social media platforms without giving much thought to their audience’s needs. So, they may see little to no results.

Without a proper strategy, it can be quite challenging to enjoy the benefits of Pinterest for business. Only a few people see your pins and that leads to getting little to no traffic to your landing pages.

That’s why clients would hire someone with knowledge of how Pinterest works to manage accounts for them. If the person is skilled in Pinterest management, they can get more users to click on pins and perform actions like reading a post or buying a product.

2. Increase brand awareness

Having an online presence is one of the best ways to enhance brand awareness. That’s even if a business operates in-person and not through the Internet.

Consumers can quickly learn about the brand and engage with it easily. They won’t have to put a lot of effort into knowing what a brand offers. It’s possible for them to trust most businesses that have enough information online.

Because various people prefer using different social media platforms, setting up pages on a good number of them is essential for reaching more of one’s target audience. So, brands are willing to hire Pinterest managers to help spread the word about their products, services, or content on Pinterest.

3. Find new customers or readers

As already mentioned, many people use Pinterest to discover new stuff. Setting up a Pinterest business account and promoting it well can result in lots of new customers and blog readers.

Businesses that are new to Pinterest need someone else to help them get Pinterest traffic and convert it into profit. They pay a Pinterest manager to accelerate their progress on Pinterest and get them the results they want faster.

4. Track progress on Pinterest

Pinterest has analytics that shows how a business account is performing. They include impressions, engagement, and clicks.

It happens that not everyone knows how to analyze such stats. That’s where a Pinterest manager comes in. They help businesses know what’s working and what needs improvement.

5. Save time

Most business owners are busy people. They have a lot on their plate and would use some help in other areas of their business.

If a business owner wears all the hats, it can be quite challenging to focus on more important things. Seeking the help of Pinterest managers ensures that they don’t miss out on other opportunities to grow their business.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Pinterest Manager?

Several skills, besides Pinterest-related ones, come in handy if you want to succeed as a Pinterest manager. They include the following:

  • Organizational skills: You need to manage your time and energy properly to finish any tasks clients entrusted to you.
  • Communication skills: You’ll need to communicate effectively when trying to land clients and also when updating them on your progress.
  • Proactivity: Many times, you’ll be required to take action in advance or solve problems without having to get approval from your client. It’s especially useful when the client doesn’t know much about Pinterest marketing.
  • Willingness to learn new knowledge and skills: Pinterest algorithm changes from time to time. You need to keep an open mind to learning new stuff. This way, you can adopt new ideas and tweak your strategy if needed.
  • Research skills: You need to be knowledgeable of trends on Pinterest and any changes in Pinterest marketing. It’s only possible to achieve that if you set aside time for research.


What Management Services Do Pinterest Managers Offer?

Pinterest managers can offer the following services:

1. Setting up a Pinterest account

If you become a Pinterest manager, you’re likely to meet clients who are totally new to Pinterest. This means that they may not have an account on Pinterest yet. Or, they could have a personal account instead of a business one.

So, it will be your job to set it up for them. The steps to create a Pinterest business account are simple:

  • Visit and click on Create Account.
  • Fill out the necessary information like business name, email address, and password.
  • Connect other accounts like Instagram, YouTube, or Etsy.
  • Upload a profile picture of the brand and add an About.
  • Claim the business’s website on Pinterest.

2. Creating Pinterest pins

Another service to offer is designing and uploading pins to the Pinterest account. It’s a crucial part of Pinterest marketing because pins are what users click on to learn more about a product, service, or blog content.

All pins should be of high quality to attract Pinners. More people are likely to save or comment on such pins.

So, it helps to use an effective tool like Canva to create pin designs for both new and older blog content. You could also find free pin templates online or buy them to make your work easier.

Try Canva today

3. Creating and joining boards

Pinterest account management also involves creating boards to which pins can be added and applying to join group boards. So, you have to find relevant boards others have created and request to join by tapping the Join button, sending an email/message, or filling out a form (if required).

Both personal and group boards are great for building a Pinterest presence. Group boards can be useful for reaching a wider audience.

4. Researching keywords on Pinterest

This is another important part of Pinterest marketing. Few users will find pins that have unpopular or irrelevant keywords.

It’s the Pinterest manager’s work to find the widely-used keywords on Pinterest that work for a specific client’s niche. Including those popular words and phrases in titles and descriptions makes it easier for the targeted user to find the content.

5. Scheduling pins

Scheduling pins is a perfect way to boost your activity on Pinterest. You won’t have to go to Pinterest several times a time or week to create new pins.

As you may know, being consistent is necessary if you want to see results on Pinterest (and any other platforms). That’s why you need a scheduling tool like Tailwind to pin on Pinterest frequently and automatically.

Use Tailwind for scheduling

6. Creating Pinterest ads

Some businesses may need more than regular Pinterest marketing. They may want to create ads to reach more people. This way, they get more traffic and conversions like signups, sales, and subscriptions.

A Pinterest manager can simply turn organic pins into ads in a few steps. They then monitor the performance and make tweaks to better the results.

Note: You’re free to offer specific services like pin design or all of them in one package. It’s upon you to decide what works for you.

How Much Does a Pinterest Manager Make? (Pinterest Manager Salary)

It depends on what you’ll charge when you become a Pinterest manager. It can start from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month.

If you’re just starting out, you could make $10-20 per hour. When you’ve established your Pinterest management business, you can charge $50 or more per hour.

But it helps to charge your clients per service or for a specific period. Charging a client $1,000 per month would mean that you’ll earn $12,000 in a year. If you get like 9 clients, challenging as it might be, you’ll make 6 figures a year!

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How Can I Train to Become a Pinterest Manager?

You can find many free tips and resources on various web pages and even YouTube. But sometimes, learning from an expert is the best way to get started faster.

You’ll know the exact strategies the Pinterest manager used to be successful. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for information or trying out a bunch of strategies.

One recommended Pinterest manager course is Pinterest VA. It’s all about how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant and earn income online.

The founder of the course, someone who’s made a fortune from offering Pinterest management services, is Kristin Larsen. In fact, she’s the one who popularized the term “Pinterest Virtual Assistant.” It means the same thing as a Pinterest manager.

Her course covers the following:

  • How to successfully launch and run your VA business in general
  • Where to look for and how to land VA clients for your business
  • How to price your management services
  • More services to offer and how much to charge for each
  • Bonuses on becoming a Pinterest manager!

At the moment, Kristin’s Pinterest VA course costs $899 for the self-study program and $1,599 for the self-study plus community program (coupon codes available on the checkout page). You also have the option to pay in two installments.

Pinterest VA

Check out this workshop for free to learn more about becoming a VA on Pinterest and the course.

7 Steps to Become a Pinterest Manager

It’s time to explore the actual steps you need to follow to become a Pinterest manager.

1. Gather knowledge in Pinterest marketing

In case you’re already good at Pinterest marketing, feel free to skip this step. But if you’ve never used Pinterest for business before, it’s best to gain some knowledge first. The good thing is that you don’t need a degree.

You may have been using Pinterest for a while as a regular user. Or maybe you’re new to it but want to become a Pinterest manager.

There are many online resources to use for free. They include blog posts (like this one), YouTube videos, and free e-books plus e-courses. They’re good for learning the basics of Pinterest for business.

If you want to save time and learn a strategy straight from an expert, it’s good to invest in some resources. This approach helps you get started quickly as you’ll be implementing tips from someone you’ve chosen to trust. Again, I recommend the Pinterest VA workshop and training to learn more about how to start a Pinterest VA business.

Note: This guide covers what you need to become successful in Pinterest management as well as Pinterest marketing. Additional resources are useful if you require more details.

2. Set up your own Pinterest account and grow it

This is the best way to convince potential clients that you know what you’re doing. If they can see some of your work, they’ll be more interested in hiring you.

So, go and create your own Pinterest account, preferably a business one, if you haven’t yet. Assuming you don’t have a website, you could create idea pins that don’t require people to click. You’re also free to share other people’s pins.

3. Decide on the services you’ll offer

We’ve already covered some of the services a Pinterest manager offers to clients. So, it’s up to you to decide on which ones you can offer.

You need to be good at whatever services you choose to sell. If it’s pin design, you have to be good at designing high-quality pins that many Pinterest users will click on and repin.

Because you may meet clients who are new to Pinterest, you may be the one to set everything up. So, it’s best to learn about and be good at all the Pinterest management services and only offer specific ones to clients with specific needs.

4. Create your website

A website isn’t a must-have to become a Pinterest manager. You can still get clients and be paid for your services without it. But setting up one helps in several ways.

First, you’ll be able to promote your services on the site. Second, you’ll have a chance to create clickable pins linking to some pages on your site.

Having a website is an opportunity to post relevant content and get clients to trust you more. It can either be a blog or a portfolio website.

The steps are quite simple:

  • Choose a domain name and web hosting like Bluehost.
  • Set up WordPress (automatic installation occurs if you complete some easy steps on the Bluehost dashboard).
  • Add web content like pages and posts. A Hire me, Work with me, or Services page is useful for letting people know about your Pinterest management services.

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5. Find clients for your business

While starting out, your business won’t be that exposed. So, you need to find clients to offer your management services. Clients include bloggers, small businesses, and brands.

An easy option is to look online. And several platforms come in handy. Here are some ideas to get clients online:

  • Go to freelance websites: You can become a freelance Pinterest manager by selling your services through freelance sites and job boards. An example of such a site is PeoplePerHour. All you need to do is register, list your services, and show samples of your work if available.
  • Join Facebook groups: Many Facebook groups with bloggers and business owners exist. You could just search those titles or something related on Facebook and join the ones you like. Be active in them by posting useful content, comments, and replies, and pitch your services to people who might need Pinterest help.
  • Check out other social media platforms: You may find potential clients on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and more. You just need to establish yourself as an expert in what you do by sharing relevant content while looking out for opportunities.
  • Do cold pitching: If you spot a business that you think might be interested, find their email address and send a pitch. You can also get their contact number and do the good old cold-calling.

Another idea is to find clients the traditional way. Go to businesses in your area and convince anyone you can that they’ll benefit from having a Pinterest presence.

If, for whatever reason, you find it challenging to land clients, offer one or two services for free first. When they see what you can do, they’ll be willing to pay to get more. You could also build your portfolio this way.

6. Learn from others

No need to invent anything because that can take some time. Learning from others is one of the best ways to be successful in anything.

This means that you need to search for Pinterest managers and other Pinners who’ve had success and implement what they’re doing. Go through their Pinterest pages and see how they’ve set it up, what type of pins they create, and which boards they’re pinning on.

Do the same for your account and see how it works for you. If the results are good, implement the same on your clients.

7. Promote your Pinterest management services

Even after you’ve landed some clients, it’s essential to promote your services online and even in person. It’s how you get more of them and make your business successful.

If they become too many, there’s no need to worry. Just outsource specific services to other Pinterest managers and freelancers (and tell your success story to the world!)

Tips to Manage Pinterest Accounts Successfully (and Ace It at Pinterest Marketing)

Now that you know how to become a Pinterest manager, here are more tips for you:

  • Create high-quality pins: All pins must be eye-catching and have Pinterest-friendly descriptions. This way, Pinterest will understand your pins and recommend them to more relevant users.
  • Choose the keywords well: Keywords are the words and phrases you’ll be inserting in your pin titles and descriptions as well as the boards you create. They depend on what business you’re working with. Using Pinterest keyword suggestions when searching for various types of content is helpful.
  • Check out Pinterest marketing tools: Use Canva for pin creation and Tailwind for scheduling pins. Such tools make your work easier.
  • Use the analytics: Pinterest analytics will help you know where you need to improve. Pay attention to them to create better pins on Pinterest and satisfy your clients.
  • Offer good work: The best way to get more work and recommendations is to provide great services. People who haven’t tried your services will want to when they catch wind of your good work.

Wrapping up on How to Become a Pinterest Manager

You now have the tips and resources to start offering Pinterest management services. All you need to do is implement what you’ve just learned.

Taking the first step might be intimidating. But once you’ve done it for a while, you become more relaxed and proud of what you’re building.

Always be open to learning new stuff. This way, you’ll figure out how things work and develop some personal techniques for any moment or situation. For now, happy starting and building!

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