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8 Best Delivery App Jobs That Pay the Most

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Working with delivery services is a great way to make money on the side as a driver. Many people prefer ordering food and other items online nowadays.  And so, there is a good number of delivery app jobs up for grabs.

It always helps to know how much money you can make delivering stuff with a particular company. Some food and grocery delivery apps pay better than others.

Now, you’re about to discover the best-paying delivery services to work for and boost your income. Read on to find out more.

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Best Food and Grocery Delivery Apps That Pay Well

Deliver services are great for working on your own schedule. You can work as little or as much as it suits your financial goals.

Ready to start exploring? Here are 8 of the best delivery app jobs to earn extra cash each week.

1. DoorDash

DoorDash is the largest food delivery service in the US. The company operates in over 4,000 cities across the US, Canada, and Australia. It’s mostly known for delivering food from local restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Because of its popularity, the company is always looking for new drivers, known as Dashers, to join the platform. A Dasher’s job is to pick up and deliver customer orders. You only need to accept the orders you prefer and follow in-app instructions on how to go about picking and delivering them.

While a car is convenient for delivery, you can Dash using your bike or scooter in some cities. This makes DoorDash a flexible delivery app to work for.

DoorDash Driver Requirements

Here’s what you need to start Dashing with DoorDash:

  • 18 years of age or more.
  • A smartphone.
  • A car, bike, or scooter.
  • A driver’s license.
  • A Social Security number for persons working in the US.
  • A background check.

DoorDash Driver Pay

DoorDash Dashers get paid at least $2 per delivery. But the amount can go beyond $10 depending on the type of delivery. You earn more from customer orders that involve more distance and effort.

Working more hours, especially during peak times, is essential for making good money with DoorDash. You also get a chance to receive more customer tips. And you keep the whole amount earned from tips.

Besides doing deliveries, referring friends and family is another way to generate more DoorDash earnings. Once they complete a delivery requirement, you receive a commission. However, you’re required to have completed 40 work hours in the past 6 months of Dashing to enjoy the referral program.

DoorDash pays Dashers on a weekly basis through direct deposit. But with the Fast Pay option, eligible DoorDash drivers in the US can cash out daily at a small fee.

Become a Dasher here and start earning

DoorDash Pros and Cons


  • No car requirements: You don’t need a particular car model and can use your bike or scooter in select cities.
  • Choose your work hours and location: You’re the one to decide when and where you’ll be working a Dasher.
  • Daily pay: DoorDash is one delivery app job that pays daily. But not all drivers are eligible. US Dashers who meet certain requirements can cash out any day at a small fee.


  • No hourly pay: Dashers are paid for each completed delivery and not per the hours one works.
  • No automatic tax deductions: You need to file taxes on what you earn from delivering with DoorDash.

For more information (like how to make $1,000 a week with DoorDash), check out this DoorDash review.

2. Instacart

Instacart is the largest online platform when it comes to grocery delivery. The company serves in over 5,500 cities in the US and Canada. Users can shop for groceries online from over 40,000 stores.

You can work as a delivery person on Instacart as a full-service shopper. You simply shop for items as requested by a customer and then deliver them.

There’s also the option to become an in-store shopper where you aren’t required to deliver. That means that, unlike a full-service shopper, this role doesn’t require a car.

Instacart Shopper Requirements

Here are the requirements to become an Instacart shopper:

  • 18 years of age or more.
  • Being able to work in the US or Canada.
  • A smartphone with Android 5.0 or iOS 9 at least.
  • Being able to lift 30 pounds at least.
  • Being ready to abide by Instacart’s food safety policies.

Instacart Shopper Pay

Instacart shoppers make $14 per hour on average. The hourly rate can go higher to amounts like $25, making Instacart one of the best-paying grocery delivery services.

The number of completed orders, type of grocery, effort, and distance determine how much you can earn on Instacart. Customer tips, which you keep entirely, are there to boost your earnings. Instacart’s referral program is great for earning bonuses.

Instacart pays shoppers each week through direct deposit. But shoppers from specific cities can cash out instantly.

Join Instacart here to shop, deliver, and get paid

Instacart Pros and Cons


  • Choose your work hours and days: As an Instacart shopper, you get a chance to pick the days and hours that work for you.
  • Enhance your customer service skills and experience: Instacart allows you to communicate with your customers during shopping and delivery.
  • Instant cashouts: Shoppers in select cities can request to receive their earnings any day and time.


  • No tax withholding: Because Instacart doesn’t automatically withhold taxes, you need to report your income as required.
  • Gas and maintenance costs: Instacart doesn’t pay for gas or maintenance of your car.

Here is a comparison article on Instacart vs DoorDash to know which of the two best suits you.

3. Grubhub

Wondering what other food delivery app is among the best ones to work for? Grubhub is a delivery service where users can order food from local restaurants. The company works with over 300,000 restaurants in more than 4,000 cities in the US.

You can become a Grubhub driver and make extra money on the side. There’s no experience needed to work with the Grubhub food delivery service. You just need your car or bike in select cities.

Grubhub Driver Requirements

Here are the requirements to join Grubhub delivery:

  • 18 years of age (or 21 in Las Vegas) and above.
  • A smartphone with Android 5.0 or iOS 11 and higher.
  • A car or bicycle.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Auto insurance.

Grubhub Driver Pay

Grubhub drivers make $12 an hour on average. You get paid depending on the distance traveled and time spent to deliver.

So, the amount you earn can be higher in some cases and specific areas. There may also be bonuses and customer tips of which you keep 100 percent.

Grubhub is one of the best delivery app jobs that pay daily because it offers instant cash out. You can receive up to $500 a day of your earnings through Grubhub’s Instant Cash Out feature. There are no cash-out fees for Chase Bank users and a $0.50 fee for other banks.

Payments are also automatically sent each week via direct deposit into your bank account.

Grubhub Pros and Cons


  • Quick application process: You don’t need a resume or any paperwork to start out as a Grubhub driver.
  • Get paid per delivery and mile: Your pay is calculated based on factors like miles you drive or ride and the time you spend on the road.
  • Contact-free delivery: This type of delivery enables drivers to leave customer orders at the door or other place as per their requests.
  • Earn money on your terms: You set your hours of work depending on your daily schedule.


  • Your income also includes expenses: You need to cover expenses like insurance and car maintenance as you’re an independent contractor.
  • You file your own taxes: You’re the one to file taxes on the income you earn as a Grubhub driver.
  • Penalties to drivers: If you miss or drop a customer order that you’re responsible for, Grubhub penalizes you.

4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery platform owned by Uber. It’s available to users in over 6,000 cities across the world. People can order takeout and groceries from their favorite restaurants and stores nearby through the delivery service.

Uber Eats welcomes new delivery drivers to join the platform. It’s a great way to supplement your income using your car, bicycle, scooter, or even on foot.

Uber Eats Delivery Driver Requirements

Here’s what you need to become a delivery driver with Uber Eats:

  • Having met the minimum age to drive in your city.
  • A car with 2 or 4 doors, a motorized scooter under 50cc, or a bicycle in some cities.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A Social Security number for a background check.

Uber Eats Delivery Driver Pay

Uber Eats drivers make $15 an hour on average. Factors like location determine how much you’ll earn.

As an Uber Eat delivery driver, you can receive your payment in three ways. One of them is direct deposit into your bank account every week.

The two-day cash-out feature allows you to receive payments within two business days. It’s applicable when you cash out through the app before 1400 hours from Monday to Friday. With this option, you can cash out any time once a day.

The instant cash-out option enables you to get what you’ve earned any time. You’re allowed to cash out up to five times a day. Keep in mind that it comes with a small fee.

Uber Eats Pros and Cons


  • Various modes of transportation allowed: Besides a car, you deliver with Uber Eats using your scooter, bicycle, or by foot in select locations.
  • Pick your days and hours of work: You’re free to work any time, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Instant pay: The Instant Pay option allows you to cash out up to 5 times per day.


  • Gas and car maintenance costs: You’re responsible for taking care of your car.
  • Parking: It may be challenging to find parking space in a delivery location. You might have to pay for it.

5. Shipt

As if the mentioned delivery app jobs aren’t enough, Shipt is another great company to work with. The delivery service that delivers in over 5,000 cities in the US. Shipt partners with various retailers and grocery stores to deliver groceries, essentials, and other items.

Shipt shoppers shop and deliver ordered items to customers. You simply need to become a shopper, pick an order in your area, and follow instructions on delivery.

Shipt Shopper Requirements

Here are the requirements to become a shopper with Shipt and get paid:

  • 18 years of age or higher.
  • A smartphone with Android 5.1 or iOS 10 and above.
  • A good working vehicle.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Car insurance.
  • Being able to lift at least 40 pounds.
  • Passing a background check.

Shipt Shopper Pay

According to Shipt, shoppers can make up to $22 per hour. However, your earnings are based on deliveries and not hours. So, you get paid per order.

Shipt considers factors such as traffic and time taken to deliver in its pay model. This means that deliveries that take more effort get the most rewards.

As a Shipt shopper, you get paid weekly through direct deposit into your bank account.

Shipt Pros and Cons


  • Flexibility: You choose the time you want to work.
  • Quick sign-up process: You don’t need a lot of paperwork to get started. Just your driver and car documents.


  • Non-transparent pay model: Your pay varies depending on various factors.
  • No instant cash out: At the moment, you have to wait for weekly deposits.

6. Amazon Flex

Amazon is a popular e-commerce company with millions of customers around the world. With Amazon Flex, users can order groceries and get deliveries.

Joining Amazon Flex as a driver is perfect for earning extra income on the side. All you have to do is choose a nearby offer, shop for the items at the store, and deliver them. You get all the instructions through Amazon’s Seller and Flex apps.

Amazon Flex Grocery Delivery Driver Requirements

This is what you need to start working as a delivery driver on Amazon Flex:

  • Being 21 or older.
  • An Android or iOS smartphone.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A Social Security number.
  • A 4-door mid-size car or larger vehicle.

Amazon Flex Grocery Delivery Driver Pay

Amazon Flex is among the best paying grocery delivery services because delivery drivers can earn $18 to $25 an hour. Your earnings depend on factors like the location, the time it takes to complete a delivery, and the amount you get in tips.

Amazon Flex payouts occur on Tuesday and Friday. You get paid via direct deposit into your bank account.

Amazon Flex Pros and Cons


  • Easy to get started: The sign-up process is quick as there is no paperwork or interviews involved.
  • Biweekly pay: You can receive your earnings twice a week, which is better than some delivery apps offering weekly pay only.


  • Unsteady income stream: Some days and hours are better when it comes to the available delivery jobs.
  • Car expenses: You pay for gas and maintenance.

7. Caviar

Caviar is yet another delivery gig app to make money delivering. The company, which is currently owned by DoorDash, is available in various regions of the US.

Because Caviar is a part of DoorDash, you need to become a Dasher to access delivery jobs from both apps. This means more opportunities to make money and hit your income goals as a driver.

Caviar Courier Requirements

Here are the requirements to deliver with Caviar:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • A smartphone.
  • A car, scooter, or bicycle in some cities.
  • A driver’s license.
  • A Social Security number if in the US.
  • Going through a background check.

Caviar Courier Pay

Dashers make $2 to over $10 per order. Expect to earn up to $25 per hour delivering with Caviar.

Just like Door Dash, payouts occur weekly via direct deposit to your bank account. If you meet specific delivery requirements, you can request daily cashouts.

Caviar Pros and Cons


  • No car requirements: You’re free to use any car and even a scooter or bicycle in select cities.
  • Work at the hours and location of your choice: Choose to work when and where you want, depending on your income goals.
  • Get paid daily: The Fast Pay feature for Dashers allows you, if eligible, to cash out any day.


  • Less popular delivery service: You’ll have to do more jobs, including those on DoorDash, to generate higher earnings.
  • Car expenses: You need to pay for gas and maintenance to ensure your car is efficient.

8. Favor Delivery

Favor Delivery offers deliveries from various stores and restaurants. While the company started and mostly operates in Texas, it’s expanding to more cities across the US.

If you want to deliver with Favor, you need to become a Runner. “Runner” is just another name for delivery workers on Favor.

Favor Delivery Requirements

These are the things you need to become a Runner on Favor:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • An Android or iPhone smartphone.
  • Reliable transportation.
  • A clean record.

Favor Delivery Pay

As a Favor Runner, you get paid a part of the delivery fee plus any customer tips. The average earnings for Runners are $13 per hour.

Favor deposits your earnings into your checking account every week.  The Instant Pay option allows Runners to immediately transfer what they’ve earned at a small fee.

Favor Delivery Pros and Cons


  • No vehicle requirements: You can use your car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle in Favor’s bike zone.
  • Choose when to work: As a Runner, you can work as little or much as you want per day or week.
  • Instant pay: There’s an option to cash out daily at a small fee.


  • Less popular delivery service: Favor mostly operates in the Texas region.
  • Fewer areas of operations: You won’t be able to run with Favor from many locations outside Texas.

FAQs on Delivery App Jobs

Which food delivery app pays the most?

It can be quite challenging to know the exact earnings you’ll get from one specific app. Factors like location, driving distance, and effort determine how much you can earn.

You’ll find that some apps work better than others in specific areas. It’s good to try more than one delivery app to know which one pays you the best and maximize your earnings.

Can your work multiple delivery app jobs?

Working multiple delivery jobs is acceptable. In fact, most apps encourage drivers from other platforms to join their service.

It’s a great way to make more money delivering. That’s because you’ll have access to more delivery opportunities.

If you have no other job, joining multiple delivery services as a driver works well. But if you’re doing it as a side hustle, you’ll want to pick just one or two that you can manage.

How much do delivery drivers make?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly pay for delivery drivers is around $14 in the US. What you earn can be higher depending on the type of customer order and the effort it takes to deliver.

One way to boost your daily, weekly, or monthly delivery driver pay is to work more hours. You could complete more well-paying orders this way. Joining more than one delivery app is also great for accessing more gigs, especially if one doesn’t work for you.

Can you make good money being a delivery driver?

Yes, you can earn well as a delivery person. Making $500 a week with a delivery app job shouldn’t be a problem. Some drivers make upwards of $1,000 a week delivering customer orders.

But you need to put effort into it. This means taking more orders that pay well and working more hours each day.

What qualifications do delivery drivers have?

You don’t need special skills or education to make money delivering customer orders. Most apps need you to be of legal driving age, have a driver’s license, and have insurance.

However, some skills, which you can acquire along the way, can make the work much easier for you. Navigation, customer service, and time-management skills are a few of the skills you need to work successfully.

Wrapping It up

Many apps are available to find food and grocery delivery jobs. Most popular ones pay their delivery drivers well.

Feel free to join one or a few and see how things go. Just remember that you’ll be working as an independent contractor. So, you need to report the income you earn from delivery gigs for tax purposes and set aside money for car-related expenses.

Have experiences with any of the mentioned delivery driver apps? Feel free to comment about your experiences!

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