Neighbor Review - Should You List Your Storage Space for Extra Cash

Neighbor Review: Should You List Your Storage Space for Extra Cash?

So, you have some storage space you’re looking to list online to earn extra money. Or, you may even be wondering how it works for people looking for space owners. With this Neighbor review, you’re going to discover whether the app suits renters and owners.

It could be that you’ve ever worked with another company and are wondering if the Neighbor app is better. Or, you’re new to renting storage space and want a smooth entry into the business.

By the end of this article, you’ll discover how to become a Neighbor host, how the app works for renters, and ways to make more money on Read on to find out more!

What Is Neighbor? is a self-storage company where renters can connect with space owners. It offers an online platform for peer-to-peer storage space renting.

Previously named Neiybor, the company was founded in 2017 and currently operates in the US. Neighbor has been called the “Airbnb of storage” for its efforts in facilitating the storage of things.

How Does Neighbor Storage App Work?

A Neighbor host, a space owner using the app, lists their space for renters to find. Some of the details included are the location, size, and some photos of the storage space.

Interested renters can reserve the space for storing their items. It’s a good alternative to storage units, which can get costly or even insecure in some areas. Using the Neighbor storage app, a renter can find a host with a safe and convenient unused storage space nearby.

If you have any unused space, Neighbor is a great place to get paid to store things. You never know how many people would use a place for storing stuff in your neighborhood.

Become a host and start earning on Neighbor today!

What’s Required to Become a Host on Neighbor?

Becoming a Neighbor host doesn’t require anything special. No skills or experience are needed to store items for people. You just need an unused space that you’re willing to offer someone else.

But you may need to work on customer service to please your renter and get more coming. Some of the things to focus on when working with renters are as follows:

  • Communication: Useful for getting better deals and giving your renters a nice experience.
  • Problem-solving: If your renter has a problem, especially with your storage, you need to offer quick solutions. This way, you get better reviews and some word out.
  • Patience: You need this because Neighbor isn’t a way to get rich quickly. But it’s possible to make good money and build a profitable business in the long run.

Neighbor works to ensure that renters store their stuff safely and conveniently. And so, the company also requires hosts to verify their personal details and identity.

How to Become a Neighbor Host

Now, let’s explore how you can become a host on Neighbor and make extra money on the side. Here’s the process of signing up:

  • Fill out your information on this host registration page to create a new account.
  • Select that you want to rent out your unused space.
  • Add your payment details. You’re required to connect your account with Stripe.
  • Add your space. You’ll have to put in the state, city, street, and zip code. However, renters can’t see the address until you’ve agreed to store for them.
  • Get a request from a renter about a reservation.
  • Communicate with them to agree on details like payment.
  • Approve the reservation. The renter will receive an email with the address of your storage space. They bring in their stuff on the specified date.
  • Get paid for storing things!

As you can see, the whole thing is quite simple. As long as you’re sure about renting out your storage space through Neighbor, you’re good to go.

Become a Neighbor host

How to Make Money on Neighbor

Listing your unused space on Neighbor can be a great boost to your income. You make money as a Neighbor host by simply keeping other people’s items safe. Anyone who likes your unreserved space can reserve it, make the payment, and it goes to you.

If you want to increase your Neighbor earnings, joining their referral program is the way to go. Maybe you have several friends with storage spaces they don’t use. You could invite them and earn commissions when they successfully join and start storing.

All you need to do is get your unique link after signing up, share it, and track the progress. At the moment, Neighbor gives you and your friend $50 when their listed space gets rented.

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How Neighbor Makes Money

Neighbor connects renter with space owners. For their effort, they need to be rewarded too. This way, they can keep the platform in operation through marketing, customer service. and other strategies.

And so, Neighbor renters pay a service fee for getting a space. This fee is 15 percent on top of the listing price. Currently, Neighbor doesn’t charge hosts for creating listings on the platform.

How Much Can a Neighbor Host Make?

Being new to the platform, you may be eager to know how much you can earn on Neighbor. As a host, various factors can influence your earnings. They include the type, size, and location of your space and how many of them you have.

Depending on such factors, you can make $50 to $150 per month for a single space. Many hosts who’ve listed their space on Neighbor make amounts in the same range. So, it’s possible to make several hundred dollars monthly as a Neighbor host.


How Neighbor Pay Works

Neighbor charges the renter on a monthly basis. The charge occurs automatically via credit card on the renewal date.

While the renter pays at the beginning of the rental period, you’ll receive your payout at the end of the 30 days. This way, the renter can store their items without problems resulting from a host getting paid upfront.

You can track when you’ll get your earnings by checking the payouts history page. Neighbor directly deposits the money to your bank account through Stripe and you’ll get it in two to three days.

You’ll keep on receiving money as long as it got charged from the renter for storage. That’s until they cancel the rental agreement.

Why You Should List Your Space on Neighbor

Here are some reasons why listing your space on Neighbor is a good idea:

  • List any space: Neighbor allows you to list a variety of storage spaces. It can be a shed, garage, basement, or spare room, among others.
  • Communicate with potential renters: It can be quite hard to find someone in need of a space like yours online if you don’t know where to go. Neighbor allows you to interact with potential renters and even build your customer service skills.
  • Earn extra income: As a Neighbor host, you generate passive income. If you have an unused space or can free up some, listing it on Neighbor is essential for getting renters easily. You get paid without creating expensive ads for your storage to be seen by potential renters.

If you list your space today, you may be making money tomorrow!

Tips to Make More Money as a Neighbor Host

Maybe you want to make a quick $500 or $1000 from Neighbor. Here are some ways to boost your earnings:

  • List more spaces: If you have more than one space, listing them too can maximize what you earn from Neighbor. You could try freeing up more space to fit more items and make more money.
  • Treat your renters right: Because the customer is always right, treating renters well is a great way to stay in business. You may even get recommended.
  • Have the right prices: While your prices should be affordable to renters, they shouldn’t be too little for your needs. Look at what similar hosts are charging plus the economic trends in your location.
  • Invite your friends: The Neighbor referral program is another income booster. Share your link with friends and you’ll both earn bonuses if their space gets a renter.

If you have various spaces, you’re free to list some of them with other companies and compare the experiences.

Pros and Cons of Neighbor

Here are some things I like and those I don’t like about Neighbor for hosts and in general.

Pros of Neighbor storage

There are several good things to be said about Neighbor. Here are some of them:

  • Flexibility: Hosts can list various types of storage for renters to consider renting.
  • Listing a space is free: You don’t have to pay upfront to add your unused space as a host.
  • Hosts can interact with renters: You won’t have to worry about what someone needs to store and other things. Neighbor allows both types of users to chat and reach an agreement. You could even meet with each other in person.

Cons of Neighbor storage

Complaints about Neighbor, mostly from the renter’s side, exist. They are as follows:

  • Inefficient payment system: Some renters have reported having been charged after canceling.
  • Poor customer support: A number of users with various issues, including charges and earnings, find it challenging to reach the Neighbor team.


Is Neighbor a good app?

Yes, Neighbor storage app is good for listing and finding storage space.

Is Neighbor Storage app safe?

The Neighbor app is safe for all users, both renters and space owners.

Is Neighbor profitable?

Neighbor can be a profitable income stream for space owners. You just need to list your space and wait for a reservation request.

Wrapping It up

Neighbor is a platform that has made it easier for renters to get storage and space owners to earn passive income. Becoming a host on Neighbor suits you if you have any free space. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shed or basement, or whether it’s big or small.

Not yet a host? Become one here and get a chance to make extra money from your storage pace.

Feel free to share your experiences with Neighbor in the comment section!

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