7 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Lose Weight in 2024

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Wondering if you can get paid to lose weight? Weight loss is a journey that many people find challenging.

Many factors influence how quickly you can see results, including physical activity and diet. Safe to say, these two components are crucial when it comes to slimming down. Sadly, they’re also where most people fail.

But with a little cash motivation, you could easily work out more and stick to the right diet. That’s why this article explores some of the best ideas to earn money for losing weight.

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Apps That Pay You To Lose Weight

Let’s start with the best “get paid to lose weight apps” you can use online.

1. HealthyWage


When we speak of apps that pay you for losing weight, HealthyWage tops the list. The reason is that the platform is all about cash-based weight-loss challenges.

HealthyWage came up with the aim to help users avoid procrastination when trying to get rid of some pounds. The company figured that giving cash prizes to its users when they achieve their weight loss goal is a good motivation.

Sure enough, numerous members, whose stories appear on the HealthyWage site, have persevered and pocketed the rewards. They also enjoy their new weight!

But, what’s the catch with HealthyWage? How HealthyWage works is quite simple. If you decide to use it, you’re essentially placing a bet that you’ll reach your desired weight within a specific period.

Here’s how HealthyWage works:

  • Visit the HealthyWage platform.
  • Choose the pounds you need to cut.
  • Select the period you’ve given yourself to lose weight.
  • Fill in a bet amount for HealthyWage to determine your possible cash prize.
  • Fill out more information about yourself, like your weight, height, and gender.
  • Work hard to get your goal to get paid!

Now, is HealthyWage legit? HealthyWage will actually pay you once it confirms you did put in the effort and lost weight. You can win up to $10,000. So, the platform can be trusted by anyone that lacks the motivation to start or continue their quest to get in shape.

Get started with HealthyWage now

2. DietBet


DietBet is quite similar to HealthyWage. You simply bet on yourself about losing weight.

Here’s how it works:

  • Answer some questions about your weight loss journey.
  • Select your current height and weight.
  • Enter your desired weight.
  • Submit some personal information.

DietBet will show you a prediction of how long it can take to hit your goal. The platform has several games to make weight loss a bit more fun rather than a challenging process.

According to the company, their weight reduction games have helped over 750K people see good results and win money for it. So, you’ll be able to take part in various challenges depending on your current and desired weight. While DietBet lists a variety of upcoming games, you could start your own with others.

When you begin any challenge, you need to submit your starting weight in photos. You’ll share your progress as you continue for a chance to win some cash.

3. Evidation


Evidation was formerly called Achievement and it’s a health-tracking platform and an app where you can get paid for losing weight. It helps users achieve their health goals.

Evidation members can contribute to health research. This can happen through the steps you make in a day and how much you sleep. If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are that you’re also walking, jogging, or running several times a week and trying to get good sleep. So, you’re a fit to participate!

You can also find survey questions to answer. Evidation rewards users for all these activities. You earn points that you can quickly redeem for money or donate to charities. It’s $10 for every 10K points and you could request payouts via PayPal, pre-paid Visa card, or gift cards.

Other Ways to Make Money Losing Weight

When it comes to weight loss, every little effort makes a difference rather. You can get paid while losing weight indirectly too. It can happen in any of the following ways.

Become a dog walker

Walking dogs is a great side hustle to make $500 fast in less than a month. As you walk dogs, you’ll be exercising too. And so, the more you do it, the more you get fit!

You can find dog-walking gigs quickly online on Rover. This platform allows you to set up a profile as a dog walker while working at whatever time you need. You can do it on weekends or in between weekdays when you aren’t much busy.

Working more hours on Rover would mean more earnings as well as fitness. You could even try offering additional services to dog owners to maximize what you earn from the website.

Deliver food and groceries

Another way to earn some extra cash while getting the exercise you need to lose weight is doing deliveries. Now, it’s essential to forget that you have a car in case you do.

You need to work as a delivery rider. This means peddling your bicycle from grocery stores to people’s homes in your area. In some cases, even walking can be a means to deliver something to someone.

Apps like DoorDash allow you to join as a delivery worker using your bike. You pick the work hours and can work in any location where DoorDash operates.

Run errands

You can also get paid to lose weight by running errands for people. There are various errands in our day-to-day lives. A few that involve some form of movement are:

  • Delivering a package
  • Picking up an item
  • Shopping for someone

You can find errands by simply asking people you know or using a site like TaskRabbit. If you join as a Tasker on TaskRabbit, you can offer errand-running services to homeowners and businesses in your location.

Bet with friends

Now, you can always bet with friends on whether or not you’ll reach your weight loss dream within a month, a few months, or a year. It’s highly likely that they won’t believe you if you tell them about your goal to cut some pounds.

Of course, this has been done and people have had success with it. Here’s a story of a man who achieved a 186-pound weight loss in a little more than a year after betting with friends.

Can you guess how? It was all through exercise and diet! So, go ahead and try the idea and you may be surprised.

Wrapping It up

As you’ve seen, you can actually get paid for losing weight in several ways. You can choose to make a bet online or with friends or use a platform for gigs that aid in weight loss.

You could try a combination of methods to get your results sooner. Remember, every simple thing you do about your weight at the moment is a great step toward your desired weight in the long run.

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