3 Simple Steps to Achieve Any Goal in 2022

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Last Updated on December 28, 2021

Have you ever wondered how you can turn your dreams into reality? Our dreams exist so that we can realize them in the course of our lifetime. Going from dreaming to having may seem like an impossible leap. But the history of successful people speaks a conflicting tone. Take a look at the motivational quotes from a few prominent figures, and you’ll notice the similarity in their words – they once had a dream.

If you find it challenging to achieve your life goals, you are doing something wrong.  The biggest barrier between dreaming and having is a negative belief. You can believe in anything you want, whether it’s real or not. Developing some proven habits can pull you closer to your goals significantly.

Here are 3 powerful things you should do to achieve your goals faster:

1. Write down your goals.

Writing things down makes them happen. Yes, you read it right. There are numerous studies, including Harvard’s, that back the psychology of writing down goals. The Harvard Business study revealed that only 3 percent of people have a plan in mind and paper. It went on to reveal that you are 3 times more likely to reach your goals by having them in writing than only relying on your mind.

A written goal is powerful because it enhances your commitment and focus. It gives you clarity about what you want and keeps you in pursuit of success. With each sight of the writing, you trigger your brain to remain active in your journey towards a particular dream. Also, it becomes easier to generate new ideas out of your written goals. You can complete tasks faster by listing them down and crossing off each that you have completed.

It is essential to describe your goals using the clearest details possible. Instead of writing, “I need a luxury SUV car by the end of this year,” go into specifics such as the car model and color. A good way to put the previous example is, “It’s the end of 2022, and I have a white Audi Q7.”

Consistency is another factor that you should apply in putting down your goals. The more you write, the more you understand your goals. Commit to writing about your ideal life for the better part of each week. Do the writing even if you don’t feel like it. Let inspiration find you on your path to achievement.

2. Visualize your goals.

More successful people than ever before are citing visualization with helping them achieve their dreams. After establishing your goal, the next thing to do is imagine that you have already achieved it. Because “seeing is believing,” creating a mental picture of your goals stimulates the subconscious mind to align with the things you want.

Visualization takes you from the physical world into a spiritual dimension where you can picture your desired future. Many visualization exercises exist. The aim of them all is to enable you to manifest your mind’s desires into your real life.

One basic visualization technique involves sitting comfortably at some quiet place, closing your eyes, and then picturing yourself as though you have achieved a dream. Here, the more detailed the mental picture, the easier it is to stay hooked to the exercise. It becomes more addictive when you incorporate your senses in the visualization exercise. Do this by seeing, smelling, hearing, and touching various components of the virtual surrounding.

If you envision your success regularly, things will start working for you. Don’t think it’s some voodoo when resources seem to find their way into your life. Each day you visualize, you go closer to your visions.

We’ve created a guide on how to create a vision board to help you visualize better!

3. Practice positive affirmations.

Affirmations are known to bring positive thoughts while rooting out negativity. They range from popular quotes to self-made mantra that makes you feel good about yourself or what you do. These affirmations are phrases that you say to yourself to describe the desired outcome. Aside from eliminating negative thoughts, saying such words boost your mental health in ways that allow for dreams to happen.

Use quotes from notable people like Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet, and Elvis Presley as your positive affirmations. Books are another good source of life-changing phrases for use as affirmations. If you resonate with any words, repeating them each time you feel doubtful can strengthen your focus.

How to create positive affirmations

Tips for creating powerful positive affirmations include the following:

  • Begin with the words “I am” in your affirmations.
  • Use the present tense.
  • Keep the phrases in their positive state. It should be what you want, not what you don’t want.
  • Make it brief but specific.
  • Include an emotional word.

Here are some examples:

“I am so happy that I now have a brand-new white Audi Q7.”

“I am filled with joy because I am making 10,000 dollars every day.”

“I am so glad to be joining Harvard University for my degree in Business Administration.”

While the affirmations above are short, they are still specific in stating the achievements. Less powerful versions of them would be:

“I am so happy that I have a luxury SUV car.”

“I am filled with joy because I make a lot of money every day.”

“I am so glad to be joining a top-ranking university for a business degree.”

When it comes to positive affirmations, belief is the key to being successful. Saying something that you don’t believe in reduces your chances of making your dreams come true. Be sure to only declare to yourself the things that are within your zone of belief.

Your mind influences your ability to reach the goals that you set for your life. The unreal events and experiences in your mind can come to life when positive thinking becomes a routine to you. By writing, visualizing, and affirming your goals, you can be the great person you have always dreamed of being.


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